Monday, January 18, 2016

The Last Horror Film (Troma Blu-ray) - Spinell Spoofs with Munro to the Depeche Mode Waltz

I suppose the best way to take Troma’s The Last Horror Film is with the comedic Horror intent that represents a good 75% of their library. It’s campy, low budget, filled with continuity issues and questionable filmmaking decisions, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. While the ultimate goal in The Last Horror Film is to spoof slashers and to basically take Hollywood filmmaking and the festival circuit to task for their methods, the whole thing feels like one big slapdash sequence of watching Joe Spinell sweat while Caroline Munro looks hot. Of course in between the sweating and the hotness we get a full on dose of clever kills with low budget gore that make the whole ride worthwhile.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about The Last Horror Film was the decision to cast Frank Zito opposite Anna D'Antoni. You know what I’m talking about, right? Spinell and Munro costarred in Maniac just two years before, something that The Last Horror Film clearly tries to capitalize on and actually provides for some moderately funny moments. That’s not to compare Maniac to The Last Horror Film. These are two different movies, one that satirizes the cult classic for which I always associate Spinell.

Interesting enough I think David Winters put together something that hints at most of more modern Horror comedies and would play out perhaps to better comedic effect in movies like Student Bodies and the like. Important to note that David Winters also created Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare special and would late go on to direct the influential Thrashin’.

Troma has had a rough patch when it comes to their Blu-ray releases, and while this isn’t the worst of them all, it certainly isn’t up to the quality of some finer boutique labels like Vinegar Syndrome or 88 Films who have done well by Troma’s releases so far. The print is dusty and damaged and while it looks good and the generally crisp there has been minimal to no effort to actually preserve the film or provide restoration. Is it the best its looked since tape or inferior DVD? Yeah, it is and I would go for this release over a previous release, but make sure to set your expectation level appropriately.

As with most Troma releases you get some completely unrelated extras alongside a new Llloyd Kaufman intro. There’s an audio commentary and a short film featuring Spinell. It’s something even if it is for the most part unrelated.

Did we mention the Depeche Mode? I mean hey, it's no Maximum Overdrive with a soundtrack by AC/DC, but there's cult appeal hear. I'm sure it won't make the VH1 movies that rock.

You can order The Last Horror Film now:

From Troma:

Joe Spinnell (THE GODFATHER, MANIAC) plays Vinny, a cabbie with Hollywood aspirations. Determined to have Jenna Bates (Bond-girl Caroline Munro) star in his first film, Vinny follows Jenna to the Cannes Film Festival, where her entourage slowly and mysteriously begins to disappear. It's time for this Hollywood scream queen to learn what true fear and paranoia feels like.

Newly restored and featuring the music of Depeche Mode, The Last Horror Film pushes the boundaries of violence, suspense, and eroticism to new extremes. Who else will stand between Vinny and his star?

Special Features:
The return of one of Troma's most beloved characters, Dolphin-Man
New intro by Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger
Audio commentary
Highlights from the 2015 Tromadance Film Festival.
Mr. Robbie (A shortfilm by Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock) starring Joe Spinell)
A full episode of Troma's latest web-series Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner starring Paul Booth

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