Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Scares and The Scores - Exhumed Films Horrorthon Endless Playlist

Note: This was written for publishing in October. Unfortunately, due to health issues, I was unable to publish at that time. I still wanted to publish the column because I adore Exhumed Films, I love soundtracks and I wrote it... why waste it? The other benefit of posting now is that we've updated it with the 2015 selections!

It’s Exhumed Horrorthon season. If you do not know what this could possibly be, you’re most likely in good company due to the somewhat localized nature of their screenings. Exhumed Films is my favorite group of 35mm gurus. They are the fellas that got me going to shows from Hudson Horror Show in Poughkeepsie New York to Crystal Plumage Films in New Jersey to First Friday Fright Night in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Exhumed Films were the guys who got me good with my first 24 hour Horrothon about six years ago for their third annual screening at the International House in Philadelphia. The aforementioned season… the one you may know nothing about… is simply the time before the Horrorthon at the end of October where my imagination goes googly eyed and my brain drips hints of what films they could possibly be showing (their lineup goes unannounced).

Today we are going to celebrate the past features screening by Exhumed Films during all eight of their previous Horrorthons. We’ll start at the very beginning and when we get to the end, we’ll keep updating this playlist with each passing year. Hopefully the maintenance on such a playlist won’t be too hefty (Youtube often removes unlicensed or copyright violator content).  The inspiration for this particular playlist came from Exhumed friend and cohort in artistic crime, Haunt Love. Haunt Love created a mixtape to celebrate the screenings of Exhumed Films which included everything from Dream Warriors to Nightmare on My Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince with plenty of clever soundbytes worked into the mix. It remains one of my favorite mixtapes. I still listen to it when I work out, and I am perpetually trying to convince Haunt Love to create another one. and then... Haunt Love created a second one! Here it is folks!

You can pick up the digital mixtape here and take a listen:

Also support Haunt Love in his chosen profession of kick ass art print creator. His focus on exploitation, Horror and even some music events are perfect for your walls. Prices are reasonable. Quality is impeccable. Check out the selection at an Exhumed screening or here on the web:

Now enjoy the playlist of all the Exhumed Horrorthon features (trailers inserted when know music offering was available).

Also check out our recap of the previous Exhumed Films Horrorthons now and support Exhumed Films by attending their regular double features, drive-in offerings and all day marathon events:

Details on this column:

For those of you who listen to the HorrorSexy podcast or read this site, you know that I’m a bit of a soundtrack junkie. I collect soundtracks whether they are on vinyl, CD, even tape as well as digital files. I even love to create playlists on YouTube and Soundcloud and nothing excites me more than a mixtape from a talented MC. I wanted to start a regular column that picks a year or topic and then offers a look at my favorite scores from that year. These may not be the most popular soundtracks from that year or topic, but they could be. It’s a matter of taste.

I’ll be posting either the score/soundtrack or the trailer of a movie featuring the score or soundtrack in a playlist with a few notes about the year in general. Feel free to let me know which movies are your favorite from a given year or topic. I’ll be including about ten in the playlist, but I may on occasion do a runner up playlist. Some lists will be longer based on the topic especially if it is a comprehensive list of a particular topic.

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