Friday, January 8, 2016

Trailer Trauma (GarageHouse Pictures Blu-ray)

I’m a trailer junkie. Perhaps not as much as some. Some of my best friends have confessed that they’d rather leave during the actual movie during a repertory screening rather than miss the trailer reel in between. It’s a real treat when a screening includes a lengthy trailer reel either between movies or even as a lead up to the feature at a shorter screening. The masters of this are Exhumed Films who have a cavalcade of the craziest shit you’ll ever see in preview form in their library. Lucky for us the new label Garagehouse Pictures just happens to be the brainchild of an Exhumed Films member; that means you get to see in your home what Exhumed does in at the I-House in Philadelphia. The new Garagehouse Pictures release Trailer Trauma on Blu-ray features some of the wackiest, gratuitous trailers you’ll ever want to own.

Many of these haven’t been released on VHS or in any other digital capacity, but I find that even if you have a bunch of trailers that have seen the light of day for some time, a good trailer disc is like a good mixtape. It’s the order of the trailers. It’s the variety and selection that matter. In the case of Trailer Trauma, the variety ranges from straight Horror to Exploitation to Action/War movie to Camp classic. It’s a nice variety guaranteed to please fans of multiple genres. I don’t want to give up the full track list, but the disc includes 64 trailers and a very fitting intro. You can watch them as a continuous reel or select your favorites.

Personal favorite trailers: The Children, Don’t Open Till Christmas, Sunday in the Country and Goliathon. That’s just after one watch though. Subject to change.

The quality of the trailers is good. We’re talking grind quality with some damage, but clean and transferred beautiful with maximum effort to make the reel watchable. You won’t be seeing a bunch of pink, faded trailers and the dust is kept to a minimum. Fans of the grindhouse viewing experience with imperfect prints will be very pleased with the outcome. I had the chance to preview some of the selections from this disc at this past year’s 24 Hour Horror-thon, and was very excited to see them hold up on the small screen.

Take some time to appreciate Stephen Romano’s cover artwork. At first glance it’s a fun film based break in monsterfic reality, but there’s actually a lot going on, especially on the reverse cover art (which is a very nice touch). Ian Zapczynski did a great job on the menu music. This isn’t just a piecemeal, slapdash release. It’s a proper mix, thoughtful and intelligent (as well as off the wall, gonzo and completely messed up).

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