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Vinegar Syndrome released Erotic Adventures of Candy and Candy Goes to Hollywood on a Peekarama DVD double feature some months back. It was a truly fun release that looked great, and apparently is the best performing disc in the Peekarama series. That earned it the right to receive the Blu-ray treatment. That means that you get to enjoy a brand new transfer for 2016 that looks great (see the note below about a recently discovered manufacturing issue). These two movies are gonzo fun with a star studded cast that helps some basic adult feature plot elements standout. 

I personally prefer Erotic Adventures of Candy over the sequel. The cover features the double feature artwork featured in the original DVD release.

Gail Palmer helmed the Candy movies, but also had a chance with a few other adult films in her short career in the industry. She worked with Seka, John Holmes, John Leslie and Wendy O Williams. Her first work, Hot Summer in the City, sounds fantastic featuring a gang of black militants kidnapping a white virgin and taking full sexual advantage of her (Source IMDB).


Synsopis from Vinegar Syndrome – Virginal candy is curious about sex, but no one will teach her, so, she sets out to learn from experience. Her lust filled adventure takes her from one hilarious encounter to the next.

Features Carol Connors as Candy opposite the great John Holmes (seems the Vinegar Syndrome has been finding quite a few of Holmes’ films in their hunt to preserve adult entertainment). The overall tone of the Erotic Adventures is funny. Gail Palmer creates a fun almost lovable (and not purely in s sexual fashion) character. You’re glad to see her lose her innocence but you might be just as happy to help her keep it if you didn’t just buy a movie called Erotic Adventures of Candy.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome – Buxom Candy arrives in Hollywood, searching for fame and fortune. After meeting lecherous agent Johnny Dooropener, young candy gets to know the ins and outs of Hollywood in the most carnal of ways!

Unlike the original, Candy Goes to Hollywood takes more risks with a far less innocent Candy, sending her into the spotlight opposite John Leslie this time. Carol Connors returns as Candy and while the humor continues and the production value is fairly good, the content is not quite as charming as the original picture. This is the story your parents warned you about when you went off to be a star of the silver screen. Agents with naughty ideas.

Of course this feature also has a special guest star, Wendy Williams aka Wendy O Williams of Reform School girls, Pucker Up and Bark Like A Dog and The Legend of Billie Jean (which we just reviewed).

Features Include:

+ Blu-ray (BD50) | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm camera negative
+ Original theatrical trailers for both films

I want to note in this review that there was a manufacturing glitch found in the original release. The title is temporarily out of stock and will be available again in Mid-March. Here's the note from VS:
"IMPORTANT: We discovered a manufacturing glitch with our first batch of CANDY blu-rays. This release is currently being re-pressed and will be available again for purchase in mid-March."
And on their Facebook page:
We just discovered that our recent blu-ray of The Erotic Adventures of Candy / Candy Goes to Hollywood has a manufacturing glitch.
Right before the credits roll on The Erotic Adventures of Candy, there is a single-frame digital glitch that was introduced during the manufacturing process.
We have already started re-pressing the disc.
Rest assured, anyone that wants a replacement disc will receive one free of charge.
If you purchased from, the replacement disc will be mailed out automatically when it's ready. There's no need to contact us.
If you purchased it from another site, please forward the receipt and your current shipping address to: contact[at] We will ship a replacement disc when they are ready, free of charge.
There's no need to return the defective disc. In fact, we encourage you to destroy it in creative ways.
You can order your copy on Blu-ray now from Vinegar Syndrome in Mid-March. I assure you the wait will be worth it as I enjoyed the release in-spite of the slight glitch that isn't really noticeable. We appreciate the VS attention to quality and customer service.

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