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If there's one thing we've learned from the last year in the Vinegar Syndrome production schedule, it's that these guys know how to make movies that were previously distributed by Troma look damn good.  We've watched Troma struggle with their own Blu-rays of classic Troma titles, but each time VS gets their hands on a Troma title, the results is crowd pleasing. This continues with Luther the Geek that has a very strong Blu-ray introduction and brings all the blood and boobs to HD in true Vinegar Syndrome fashion.

The picture is beautiful. This comes from a very nice looking 35mm print with special care taken as to the restoration of the movie. The picture is clear and clear. Having been exposed to Luther the Geek at a young age on VHS, I can tell you that this movie benefits from this transfer due to the low light levels of some of the scenes. This means you get a clearer picture of fight sequences and kills that the older versions have muddied. The film grain is appropriate and black levels look good.

While this release includes the previous extras from the DVD release you'll get some new stuff as well. Director Carlton Albright does an introduction for the movie as well as a commentary track. There's also a new interview with actor Jerome Clark. Updated artwork is used for the cover.

Now what would you expect from a movie called Luther the Geek for you newbies out there? Well a geek is a fella who bites the heads off chickens. Yes, you get a whole bunch of that though I assure you that it isn't real. Beyond that there's just a ton of blood and gore and nudity everywhere which falls in line with the Troma lineup from which this movie hails originally. It doesn't stay in the carnival atmosphere for long, starting off in the side show and moving to the post-jail Luther losing it and trying to get his vengeance on people instead of chickens.

Most of the scenes of violence or nudity feel like they are just dragged out forever giving you maximum exposure to the "good stuff". It has some unintentionally funny moments, and never takes itself all that seriously. I suppose by the time Luther the Geek was being released, novelty was the name of the game in the slasher genre and folks needed a new angle on the maniac with a blood-tooth. Luther's main weapon is his teeth and ability to bite, but he also has a set of metal teeth that give him a grimy, metal face look that is quite effective.

It's easy to enjoy Luther the Geek if you like excess. It doesn't try to be an intellectual picture. It tries to be remembered for superficial Horror. It's that certainty in its identity that makes it memorable, having a rather substantial cult following.

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From Vinegar Syndrome:

One night, when Luther was a boy, he discovered that there was something different about him – he enjoyed the taste of blood. Following in the footsteps of others like him, Luther became a geek: a deranged man who bites the heads off of live chickens in exchange for booze or money. Now, decades later, Luther is about to be paroled from prison and is ready to return to his home town, fitted with a set of razor sharp, metal teeth, and an unquenchable thirst for human blood…

Directed by Carlton Albright (THE CHILDREN), LUTHER THE GEEK is a bloody and bleak rural slasher featuring gruesome gore courtesy of William Purcell (EXORCIST 3) and Mike Tristano (EVIL DEAD 2) in what Fangoria called “the most riveting splatter film since THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.”

Vinegar Syndrome presents this 80s horror classic newly restored from its original 35mm negative and in widescreen for the first time.

Director: Carlton Albright
1988 / 80min / English / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

+ Blu-ray/DVD Combo | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm camera negative
+ All extras on both Blu-ray and DVD
+ New audio commentary with Director Carlton Albright
+ New video interview with actor Jerome Clarke
+ New video introduction with Carlton Albright
+ All bonus features from previous releases included
+ Reversible cover artwork
+ Original theatrical trailer
+ English SDH Subtitles

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