Thursday, February 18, 2016

MY SCIENCE PROJECT (MILL CREEK BLU-RAY) - Dennis Hopper as Dennis Hopper with an Inter-Dimensional Warp

You don’t get the sex jokes when you’re a kid. You don’t realize everything that’s going on, but damn if there isn’t a whole lot of perfectly crafted 80’s comedic moments happening throughout the entirety of My Science Project. I had a blast rewatching this picture on Blu-ray courtesy of Mill Creek who has put out a nice looking transfer of this Sci-Fi Comedy. I used to rent it on VHS from Long Valley Video with great regularity as a kid. I loved the special effects. I loved the cast, and didn’t even really understand just how cool Dennis Hopper was yet. It stood out as being playful with enough action to keep an eight year old going.

This is a bare bones release. There are no extras which almost makes the simple menu unnecessary. I almost thought that with the star power in this one you might get a short interview or commentary on the disc. It’s not an exceptionally popular movie though it does have cult appeal. The cover artwork is updated every so slightly which is unfortunate. The original art was perfect and of course for me, the first contact I had with the release. The transfer itself is fine with no issues to report.

Things I want you to watch out for… 

· There are monsters from all ages. Aliens, Neanderthals, Dinos, Centurions. There’s something for everyone.
· Dennis Hopper plays a hippie, activist who is very engaged with spiritual enlightenment. In other words, Dennis Hopper isn’t acting; he’s playing himself (and yes you can smoke banana peels).
· John Stockwell and Fisher Stevens are two actors who I heavily associate with the 80’s. Stockwell from Christine and Fisher Stevens from Short Circuit and later Hackers. Enjoy their youthful presence here.

I highly recommend this to you and to be shared with your kids. Just remember that the more objectionable pieces of humor will go straight over your kids’ heads. You’ll have as much to laugh at as they do, and they’ll love the chaotic mash up of historical monsters while seeing how effects can look awesome without computers.

You can order My Science Project now:

From Mill Creek:

Michael Harlan (John Stockwell, Top Gun) has procrastinated on his science project until the last minute, and his teacher (Dennis Hopper, Speed) issues him an ultimatum; turn in a science project or flunk. So Mike scavenges a military base's junk pile for a suitable gizmo to pass off as his project. He finds one...and unwittingly unleashes the awesome power and energy of the unknown. Twisted dimensions and time warps collide to create a whirling vortex that takes the class on a startling adventure back in time and into the future.

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