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ROBIN’S NEST / BELLA [VINEGAR SYNDROME DVD] - Classical Music Sex and 70's Synth Funk Friggin'

In this Peekarama double feature two very strange features meet up to throw your conception of marriage and familial ties in a tizzy. This could be described as an underlying theme this month with Pretty Peaches on the docket (that is one that has to be seen to be believed). Despite that fact that both movies deal with some taboo subject matter, Bella doing the brunt of the heavy lifting in that regard, each feels unique and satisfying making this a solid double feature.

The transfer on both movies is good preserving the peepshow feel of the movie. The prints are clean, somewhat damaged but completely watchable in line with the rest of the pictures in the Big 2 Unit Show series. Bella is actually an amazingly beautiful print for this VS series. The cover feature poster art for each movie in double feature display.


Robin's Nest is the last picture of Director Victor Bertini who had a few adult features in the last 60's but real got it together for this feature with Arcadia Lake and Eric Edwards playing off each other in a rather common thread in both porn and reality. The early years of marriage can be as blissful as they can be confusing. The sexual exploits of individuals once limited to one partner seems to have an insanity inducing effect on young couples who get the urge to fuck anyone but their spouse. This seems to be completely contradictory to the seven year itch concept which gives folks additional time to get bored of their significant other. In this case it sets the groundwork for a fuck fest.

Some of the intimate moments are predictable or formulaic but there's always a little something to keep the scene interesting. The wedding night set to some groovy 70's fuck tunes involves sex with a veil on. You go from something like that to a rather generic lesbian sequence with a divorcee which starts to force the negative image of marriage on the movie. A separate sequence later involves a gaggle of smoking women renouncing marriage. I only mention it because it felt remarkably forced to convey this strange underlying message of the movie... marriage is for suckers; fuck anything that will fuck you.

Add in a great 70's synth funk fuck fest with some "quiche Lorraine" (you'll see) and the movie really shows itself as the post-sexual revolutions answer to adult film subject matter . I mean c'mon, doesn't everyone have a fuck room?


Bella is the only work from Director Alexander Kubelka. Shot in 1980, a year after Robin's Nest, the picture seems to be very daring in the way it addresses mother and daughter who have the same sexual appetite in their partner ie they're fucking the same fella. This turns into a battle between the sheets that acts as the vehicle for the sex scenes in the picture.

The thing you'll immediately notice about Bella.... all the sex scenes seem to be set to classical music. I've seen this done before and it always seems to add a comedic element unless the movie is one of those artsy fartsy, Wakefield Poole pictures. In this case, get read for the laughs. The sex scenes will balance back and forth between the mother and the daughter taking on the same dude or one or the other masturbating when either one can't get her rocks off with the beau of her choosing.  The young daughter does not want to share her man with her mother (I guess the mother never taught her daughter about sharing).

Things to note along the way:

Watch out for folks fucking wearing brown boots.
Fucking at gunpoint can often turn into a lesbian affair.
Girls with awesome KISS posters on their walls may like to watch themselves masturbate while watching themselves in a mirror.

The natural ending here is what? You guessed it. Threesome set to firelight and... MORE CLASSICAL MUSIC!

You can order your copy of this Peekarama double feature from Vinegar Syndrome now:

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From Vinegar Syndrome:

Arcadia Lake and Eric Edwards were lovers in real life during their tenure in New York’s underground film scene. Here are two of their finest co-starring roles!

Robin (Arcadia Lake) and Alan’s (Eric Edwards) marriage isn’t what it was one year earlier when they first wed. As their sexual chemistry diminishes, they begin to loathe each other, only to seek sexual satisfaction with others. Can their wanton lust ultimately save their love?
Director: Victor Bertini / 80 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1

BELLA (1980)
A tale of a sordid family and their perversely erotic lifestyle, BELLA stars the beautiful Tracey Adams in one of her finest performances. Also featuring Eric Edwards, Arcadia Lake, and cinematography by acclaimed filmmaker Carter Stevens.
Director: Alexander Kubelka / 86 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1

Features Include:

+ Dual Layer DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Restored in 2k from 35mm negative
+ Original theatrical trailer for BELLA
+ Video interview with filmmaker Carter Stevens

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