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SENSUAL ENCOUNTERS OF EVERY KIND (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - This Means Something aka Dick Necklaces May Seem Strangely Sexy

Director Richard Kanter was no stranger to creating erotic tales into adult features. One of his first movies was The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood, but with Sensual Encounters of Every Kind, Kanter truly takes on more than a parody of a Sci-Fi film. There's ingenuity in his subject matter that follows an aphrodisiac necklace (a gold dick trinket) through it's strange power over whomever possesses it. Think of it as a chain letter, a cursed talisman that creates sexual awesome wherever it lands. Vinegar Syndrome has released one of the last works of this exciting director on DVD, and it means something. 

I think it's worth mentioning that there's no real connection to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The parody stops at name only. No hills of mashed potato or dirt (or whatever you might imagine the porn equivalent would be). No catchy five note musical cue. The necklace in question simply acts as a vehicle to tell some strange stories with no connection as if this was a true anthology adult feature. That means it may not necessary gel, but it provides plenty of scenarios for on screen antics. 

The opening origin story of the necklace follows with a roughie gang bang that has some truly inspired male performances filled with hilarious dialogue. What initially feels wrong to watch becomes quite fun. The lead "rougher" comes off like the lost Stillo brother from Last House on the Left. From there you get a rather ordinary two-guy-and-a-girl threesome with a "proper" lady. Nothing truly ingenious here, but the next vignette is a sex toy filled romp that features a vibrator that moves up and down with a man's head on the top.This has got to be seen to be believed. They don't make 'em like that anymore. From there John Leslie goes to the gym and fucks a couple of truly hot ladies at the gym on various pieces of equipment including weight benches and even in a sauna with a bathing cap and goggles.

Mild spoiler:  The whole thing finishes up with a nun finding the cursed necklace" with a big ol' To Be Continued... ending. 

I ask that you pay attention to Harold Lime. He is one of the credited writers on Sensual Encounters, but he has a long history of working on other adult features through the mid-90's. His work as a producer, writer and director of a volume of adult films should not go unnoticed as he presents this feature. 

This is a very nice looking DVD and even contains actor Jon Martin from the movie. You can order your copy now from Vinegar Syndrome complete with spaced out, sexy artwork that really doesn't play off the plot of the movie or the parody from which the name takes its origin.

From Vinegar Syndrome:

In ancient times, an alchemist developed a special talisman with the power to grant its owner an ultimate sexual fantasy. However, the owner may only use the magic amulet once and then must pass it on to someone new to keep the magic alive. Beginning with a young, wealthy housewife (Leslie Bovee) who explores her inner most passions with her lower class gardeners. Then, her wealthy aunt (Georgina Spelvin) uses the amulet’s charms to be seduced by her young students, who pass it on to a lustful politician and his mistress (Serena).

Directed by Richard Kanter (Desires Within Young Girls) and starring some of the top actors and actresses of 70s sexploitation cinema, Vinegar Syndrome brings SENSUAL ENCOUNTERS OF EVERY KIND to DVD newly restored in 2k from its original 35mm camera negative and in widescreen for the first time!

Director: Richard Kanter
1978 / 86min / English / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

+ DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm camera negative.
+ Biographical audio interview with actor Jon Martin.

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