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STAR VIRGIN [VINEGAR SYNDROME DVD] - Space Robots Teach the Horizontal Mambo Beyond the Stars

Star Virgin comes to you courtesy of the same fella who made the notorious cult classic adult feature Flesh Gordon. While Flesh Gordon is seen as having a rather nice production value, Star Virgin doe snot. The picture you will witness had an exceptionally low budget, but it has all the fun of a great big space epic from a knock off space flick of a Hollywood big budget. There's plenty of truly memorable action sequences with some creative costume and ship design all the time with the focus on an underlying moral message. Innocence cannot be controlled by elite, ruling power nor can human nature. It's a common Sci-Fi, Fantasy theme. Vinegar Syndrome gives you the chance to see it on DVD in the same vain as the recent release of Starship Eros off a Peekarama double feature.

Let's talk about the quality of this release. The original print is somewhat damaged, but the transfer is strong. That means you're in for a grindhouse experience that focuses on making sure you have good color and black levels, but may not necessary focus in on the restoration of some of the scratches. To me this is the best way to watch a movie of Star Virgin's budget. It has a stiff start menu, but it actually contains a commentary with director Ziehm! The poster art is preserved on the cover which is perfectly iconic in the sex to space genre.

The movie is told in an anthology style with stories being told by the mentor robot who is goaded into retelling the tales of sexual life on Earth. This gives way to a great variety of stories, subgenres and sexual exploits.

My favorite tales has to be the classic Dracula inspired story involving the quintessential couple on a dark and stormy night who happen upon a vampire and his faithful assistant who happen to be sex crazed lunatics. We are talking about a Drac wearing a store bought Halloween costume while music from Swan Lake and Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor play in the background. There's plenty of slapstick and you'll even see a Nixon mask make an appearance. This is a full fledged sex comedy. Of course you'll get your hardcore action and anal debauchery. The best part (spoiler warning) the story ends with a stake through the heart, a cross and a, "you asshole. I was just about to cum".

This gives way to a fairly standard cheerleader tale. This turns into a double team. The hitch? The football player getting is knob bobbed is knocked the fuck out. He wakes up midway, but not before being, essentially, raped. He clearly does not mind.

From there there's a strip teach that turns into an orgy some filthy, hairy fellas. All the while our titular star virgin is trying to keep her hands off her goodies while the robot mentor begs her to be good or suffer consequences. That doesn't exactly stop her from masturabating with a "light sword" which helps her "ease the pain". The end song is perfect 70's porn gold and something you might expect out of a Tobalina picture.

Now I know what you're thinking. I said that this movie seemed to have actual Sci-Fi fantasy story telling that gave way to a reflective lesson. It's true. The narration at the end of this picture provides a portrait about the origins of man. This is truly intellectual porno folks.

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From Vinegar Syndrome:

In the not too distant future, the earth and all humanity have been destroyed. All that is left of the human race is Star Virgin, an innocent girl living out her life on a spaceship with her robot companion, Mentor. However, Star Virgin isn’t content remaining innocent her entire life and pesters Mentor into teaching her about the origins of life and sex. As Mentor reluctantly begins sharing his stories of lust, Star Virgin becomes less and less able to control her desires, leading to an outrageous finale!

Directed by Howard Ziehm (Flesh Gordon, Mona), Star Virgin is a clever and funny anthology of vignettes, ranging from Adam & Eve reimagined as 1950s high school students to Count Dracula and his Nixon mask-wearing assistant! Starring Hustler Honey, Kari Klark as Star Virgin, and featuring Hillary Summers, Mike Ranger and Tantala Ray, Star Virgin is the adult comedy of the future!

Director: Howard Ziehm
1979 / 78min / English / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

+ DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm vault elements
+ Audio commentary with Director/Producer Howard Ziehm.

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