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THE CURSE AND THE CURSE II (SCREAM FACTORY BLU-RAY) - First Comes the Water Then Comes the Snakes

Two completely different movies. A sequel in name only. Snakes. Infections. Effects. The Curse and The Curse II have made it to the big time with a Scream Factory Blu-ray double feature. I had never seen either of these movies, but recall staring at the covers longingly as a kid. I though there was some cohesive bond between the two, but after having seen them I'm actually not worried that the name is the only thing keeping these two pictures together. I suppose I'm used to it being a fan of Italian Horror and actually taking enjoyment in the naming convention of reusing successful titles to the financial benefit of the sequel. I'll say this though... I still love those cover boxes and even have a sealed copy of The Curse II in my collection, proudly on display. 

Let's go through each movie briefly.

The Curse

It sure was nice to see Wil Wheaton in this. I mean let’s face it The Curse isn’t exactly a top quality film like Stand By Me, but it really is a great transformation feature with B level effects and a story line that has hints of Invasion of the Body Snatchers lite even though it is an body Horror or disease Horror picture. What surprises me about this release is that it has quite the Horror veteran cast and even has David Keith behind the camera.

I enjoyed the practical effects in this feature quite a bit despite being somewhat subpar from the standpoint of realism. There are plenty of chances to see some unique infection sequences.

The Curse lives up to its budget, but doesn’t quite go beyond its story line leaving a bunch of talented actors to simply get infected and attack throughout the picture.

The Curse II

A sequel in name only The Curse II is all snakes and no real punch in either the effects or story department. It’s completely laughable with snakes just appearing out of anywhere to attack, even stretching over the open road and being run over at top speed. You have to wait for the big reveal which is as laughable as the synopsis makes it sound. Giant snake monster attacks, film at 11!

I’m afraid neither movie quite made me jump for joy, but knowing that there is a huge cult following for the first two entries in the series, has made me very appreciative of Scream Factory for helping to get these two out.

This one fits nicely into Scream Factory's animal attack double features releases of last year even though it steers way from what one might normally feel is a pure animal attack feature.

The double feature artwork on the cover is the original artwork on the reverse are stills form the two movies. Both prints look fine, but probably won’t win any awards. These are some nice-to-have releases that look better than they have on previous releases. No extras here.

Let's hope we get the subsequent sequels in the series out through a Scream Factory double feature, The Curse III: Blood Sacrifice and The Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice. The completist in me must have them all.

You can purchase your copy from Scream Factory:

From Scream Factory:

A Double Dose Of ‘80s Horror!


Life on the family dairy farm is difficult for young Zach Hayes (Wil Wheaton, Stand by Me): hard work, long hours and the normal family squabbles. But after an ice-blue meteor plunges through the midnight sky and lands on their property, it gets worse. Zach and the local doctor discover that something inside the meteor is infecting every living thing on the farm. Fruits, which look perfect on the outside are teeming with worms… and Zach's family is beginning to change… hideously! This shocker is directed by actor David Keith (Firestarter, White of the Eye) and co-stars Claude Akins (Tentacles), Malcolm Danare (Christine), Cooper Huckabee (The Funhouse) and John Schneider (Smallville).


Two young lovers, Clark (J. Eddie Peck, Kyle XY) and Lisa (Jill Schoelen, The Stepfather), traveling through the desert unwittingly pass through an abandoned nuclear test site which has become a breeding ground for deadly mutant killer snakes. When Clark is bitten, he undergoes a grotesque transformation into a hideous snake monster! This chiller filled with slithering horror also stars Jamie Farr (M*A*S*H), Shiri Appleby (Roswell) and Bo Svenson (Walking Tall Part II).

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