Monday, March 28, 2016

Full Moon Begins Filming RAVENWOLF TOWERS

Full Moon's newest project set to come to their streaming site this June is RAVENWOLF TOWERS. While filming has only just begun, this new project seems to have all the hallmarks of that we'd look for a in a Charles Band production. Great poster, (artistic without the Hollywood "heads" overkill), beautiful women (has Charlie ever let us down) and a host of scary shit (the kitchen sink not withstanding). Below is all the info we have so far save for the "cryptic" hint provided in the press release.
Hint: Be sure to watch our twitter accounts (FullMoonHorror and RealCharlesBand)  in the coming week for exclusive sneak previews from the set.
We await the trailer and first images.

From Full Moon:

RAVENWOLF TOWERS has begun principal photography today! Watch for this unique series premiering exclusively on in June.

The legendary Ravenwolf Towers, once home to Hollywood's elite, has fallen on hard times. Now a recently hired Assistant Manager is discovering that its dark corridors and locked rooms conceal terrifying secrets - guests who disappear without a trace, Mad Doctors, Degenerate Monstrosities, Inbred Horrors, and an alluringly beautiful woman who may be a damsel in distress - or the most terrifying resident of the Ravenwolf Towers.

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