Thursday, March 31, 2016

Indie Psycho-Thriller BEYOND THE BRIDGE Comes to VOD and DVD Aprl 21st

New indie psycho-thriller BEYOND THE BRIDGE by newcomer Daniel P. Schenk is coming to VOD and DVD April 21st. While we haven't had the chance to give it a watch yet, my initial thought from the trailer is that it's Hostel without the gore, pretty and a supernatural baddy in place of the torture biz in Eli Roth's vision. In other words not like Hostel at all, but that was my first impression so I'm sticking with it. We may be looking at an It Follows movie without the retro charm or brilliant soundtrack.  Director Schenk has done a couple of short films before this one. Full review soon.


A mysterious drug sends art student MARLA SINGER into a dark trip between reality and delusion. Isolated in an old house, pushed by cryptic dreams and haunted by a nameless thing, she soon realizes that denial won’t end her nightmare.

From the Producer:

It’s a super-independent psycho-thriller with mystery and horror elements. Its look and feel are heavily inspired by horror videogames (especially Silent Hill). Our feedbacks from festival viewers and test audience show that the film’s greatest strength is definitely its unsuspected plot-twist and its unusual ending.

You’ll find our trailer here:

Follow this link to get more details and begin your journey beyond the bridge:

* used platforms: VHX, Vimeo on Demand, Distrify and a little later Amazon VOD, iTunes. DVD will be sold via

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