Sunday, March 6, 2016

INTRUDERS (Momentum Pictures DVD) - Playing the Judge on Behalf of the Victim

The cover to the new Momentum Pictures release, Intruders, is really something special. From the first time I saw it I said to myself, "I gotta see that movie".  What really surprised me later on was that in reading the marketing materials for the release they were likening it to You're Next. That's exactly what I took away from the poster! I'm still impressed that they "got me". The marketing worked, and I was ready. I needed to know if this was going to be a 2016 favorite for me. When You're Next came out I was floored. That movie was my favorite release that year.  Had to be worth the watch, right?

I gave Intruders a chance, and it was no You're Next. This is a movie that does feature a strong female lead in the unassuming hero role I suppose (even though there are moral questions that may say otherwise), but it's not nearly as energetic. Yes it has "intruders", but really the home invasion portion of the plot is just a red herring. The real story is deeper and has farther reaching implications than a simple tie-the-family-up tale. I won't go into it because it involves the twist and we wouldn't want to spoil that.

Great acting all around and while there are minimal makeup effects to concern yourself with, they're pretty good. The whole thing is done up just fine, but it doesn't scream ingenuity nor did it make me scream. It simply is a solid movie with a nice turn. It won't wow, but it shouldn't disappoint either. Do not expect something as powerhouse as You're Next or Panic Room.  That comparison really sets that bar too high.

Director Adam Schindler has worked on a number of movies over the years, but this is his first feature length effort in the director's seat. Overall, a great first outing. I'd work on pacing the film a bit. It seems to burst out of the screen off the bat and then kind of meanders with exposition through the second act to the point of the viewer losing focus (I really do have a short attendance span though). The finish is strong but obvious in the same way that Oculus sort of dumps the ending at you after building up an interesting story.

As for that poster, well the movie didn't live up to that either. The original title was called The Shut-In. That would have worked a bit better.

You can order Intruders now. ORDER HERE.

From Momentum Pictures:

Starring: Beth Riesgraf, Jack Kesy, Martin Starr (Dead Snow), Rory Culkin

Directed by: Adam Schindler
Producers: Steven Schneider, Jeff Rice, Lati Grobman, Erik Olsen
Executive Producers: Tommy Vlahopoulos, Christa Campbell, Matthew Lamothe,
Brian Netto, Rob Van Norden


PANIC ROOM meets YOU'RE NEXT in this gripping home invasion horror-thriller, full of shocks and surprises. After three criminals, including fan favorite Martin Starr, break into a supposedly empty house, they find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the occupant, a shy young woman with a few nasty tricks of her own to play on the invaders.

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