Tuesday, March 29, 2016

MONSTER KILL is Coming April 1st to TROMA

Update From Troma regarding their new VOD offering Monster Kill. This is part of the ever expanding Troma online footprint that has diversified beyond normal distribution of gore and boobs flicks or their own line of signature tit and torture films. If you've had the chance to check it out, let us know what you think in the comments below. 

From Troma:

Coming April 1st on Troma Now, Troma Entertainment's VHX online streaming video-on-demand service, is the new comedy sci-fi episode series Monster Kill. Written and produced by co-creator of VHS MASSACRE, Thomas Edward Seymour, each episode features a fifteen to twenty minute goofball horror spoof that involves hunting humans and invasions led by extraterrestrial, sub-terrestrial and mythological life forms, all while delighting viewers with eye-opening and eye-gouging special effects.

Louanne Louanne (left), played by Maggie Rose Champagne, and Super Tromette Double Dementia
host the Monster Kill episodes

The series, in the tradition of Rhonda Shear and The Cryptkeeper, is hosted by two hard-living trailer trash sisters. Louanne Louanne, played by comedian Maggie Rose Champagne, is a hardworking off-duty diner waitress. She leads the show with a great deal of gravity and commitment to her task in spite of hilarious delivery and dialogue. Louanne Louanne's sister and co-host, the grotesque, inappropriate and often "on the nod" is Super Tromette Double Dementia, who causes Louanne Louanne endless torment with her uncouth behavior and dimwit commentary.

Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo in Monster Kill!

Episode 1 of Monster Kill, titled Flying Snake Attack! is succinctly described as a freaky outer space assault delivered by a missile-shooting, testicle-biting army of flying serpents that descend upon Earth. The serpents are ruthless, and the destiny of mankind starts looking grim. Flying Snake Attack! features a cameo from Lloyd Kaufman, and upcoming episodes are hinting they may include more cult celebrities, (fingers crossed for Debbie Rochon!). Each episode is set to be released on a bi-weekly basis, only on Troma Now!

Monster Kill is available April 1st, exclusively on Troma Now. Also available this month is Tom Seymour and Ken Powell's other recent award winning documentary, VHS MASSACRE, which will also be making its Tromatic World Premiere on April 1st, available to subscribers of Troma Now. For more information on the premiere ofVHS MASSACRE click through here, on the Troma Movies YouTubechannel where you will find this promotion and others with descriptions and teasers for the latest releases.

Flying serpents shoot missiles and wipe out cities worldwide in part one of the Monster Kill episode series

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