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Sex World (Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray) - Putting the F in Fantasy Island

So it’s like Fantasy Island, add sex, subtract midget, no plane, add bus flashback segment and more hi-tech. That’s Sex World. On the heels of Oriental Baby Sitter, Expectations and Confessions came Anthony Spinelli’s most beautiful, truly narrative piece of adult cinema. While his previous endeavors were primary fuck driven, Sex World plays on a common theme of the day, “the world” ie Westworld and Futureworld. Released in the 70’s these two movies feature what might amount to a dystopian theme parks where the fun goes to funeral rapidly. Of course by the time we get to Sex World in 1978, the focus is clearly fun and only limited by our imagination. Vinegar Syndrome continues to deliver beautiful smut into the year 2015 though I caution you, this is much more than meets the brown eye. 

Sex World does not watch like a dystyopian, cautionary tale but rather as a hopeful story; you will find the satisfaction you desire in Sex World. Your sexual demands will be met. Your fetish exposed. It’s a world of healing (sexual healing). While much of the movie plays out like a fuck by numbers approach with a tech, dream fulfillment tint, the truly inspiring moments of Sex World occur in the pictures opening. As the feature divulges a clear backstory for each character complete with sexual frustration or longing, real actors are exposed beyond their physical attributes. The foreshadowing is emotive and passionate. Perhaps the greatest achievement of a movie like Sex World is keeping the whole thing fun and exciting while relaying some of the most carnalistically frustrating moments of the 70’s.

Balanced with tongue in cheek performances and a smooth, funky score that almost plays like a James Bond theme, Sex World is really an amalgam of attributes from 70’s sex cinema and popular Hollywood tropes put together in a way that could appeal to a wide audience and not just the degenerate audiences in trench coats on 42nd Street. There are moments that deal with rough sex, the breaking of traditional sexual roles as well as a lengthy, oneliner filled discussion of racial division that borderlines on some of the work that was important during the evolution of Blaxploitation. It has that style that the industry would gradually abandon and that even the talented Spinelli would give up as he went into his later work in the gang bang series. Perhaps the most tantalizing piece of street cred you can give to Sex World comes in its tag line:

“Westworld” was for children, “Futureworld” was for teenagers, but … Sex World is definitely for ADULTS!

This is the mass market release Blu-ray as opposed to the 3 disc Blu-ray/DVD/CD restored in 4k from the original 35mm camera negative. Of course it looks beautiful which is characteristic for a Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray.  The disc includes not one but two theatrical trailers, interviews with Kay Parker, Joey Silvera and Still Photographer Joel Sussman. I've come to realize that I'm a bit of a reversible cover art addict. When I don't get options for a cover art, I get shaky. This happily includes some classic reversible art.

Sure the sex is satisfying and perfectly 70’s but so is the story. Each year when I run through my favorite Blu-rays of the year, Vinegar Syndrome makes the grade. This year is promising to be no exception and Sex World continues the trend with its film grain longitude and its rich contrast latitude. Science Fiction? Nope. Science Fuck-tion!

You can order a copy here from Vinegar Syndrome:

You can also purchase the package for March and get a value deal on several titles at once:

From Vinegar Syndrome:

NOTE: This is the ‘mass market’ edition of SEXWORLD on Blu-ray. The limited-edition 3-disc Blu-ray/DVD/CD set w/ exclusive bonus features is sold out and will never be re-pressed.

SexWorld is a luxury resort, advertised as the ultimate sex-themed getaway, where people travel to try and overcome their sexual problems. As the resort’s guests slowly become aware of their inhibitions, fears, and repressed urges, with the help of robotic surrogate lovers, director Anthony Spinelli’s camera paints a haunting picture of human insecurities set against a science fiction backdrop.

One of the biggest hits of the late 1970’s SEXWORLD is a thoughtful analysis of eroticism, punctuated with striking and at times abstract visuals. Featuring an all-star cast, including Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, Kay Parker, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, and with Hollywood level production values, SEXWORLD remains one of the most significant and thought provoking feature films ever produced.

Vinegar Syndrome presents this genre classic restored in 4k from the original 35mm camera negative!

Director: Anthony Spinelli
1977 / 91min / English / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

• Blu-ray | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
• Scanned and restored in 4k from 35mm original camera negative
• Original theatrical trailer
• Original teaser trailer
• Reversible cover artwork

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