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BLUE ICE [Vinegar Syndrome BLU-RAY/DVD COMBO] - Raiders of the Lost Ass

You remember Raiders of the Lost Ark right? That's the one where Indiana goes after the Ark of the Covenant containing the ten commandments (or whatever would be left) and basically runs into a giant wall of evil ie the Nazis. That was 1981, and while I cannot say that Director Phillip Marshack had any designs on making a parody of the first Indiana Jones picture, I think the similarities between Blue Ice and Lost Ark are worth considering. Not that there are many similarities. Just the base story line involving the search for a sacred item and the antagonists being the Nazis.Vinegar Syndrome as brought Blue Ice to Blu-ray and DVD in a combo releases that is just beautiful filled with all the things you love about a solid gum shoe/action picture and an adult feature with an all star cast and plenty of hardcore action.

Anything starring Jamie Gillis is going to grab my attention and most likely will become my favorite adult feature for a time. He is quite good in Blue Ice though only in the movie for a short period of time. Same goes for Ron Jeremy who gets to play out a rather light roughie scene followed by some martial art esque fighting. What did we learn here? Jeremy can make with the high kicks so you better not fuck with him... unless you're Herschel Savage. Speaking of Savage, he adopts the Dick Tracy/Bogart, film noir detective gettup and goes to town trying to track down a sacred book. In the process he gets the chance to probe several ladies of interest and plays the nice guy protagonist rather than a down and dirty P.I. Perhaps the greatest cast addition, besides Gillis, is Ralph Nalder. I love this fella and while the back cover notes his involvement in The Man Who Knew Too Much and Mark of the Devil, I will forever love him for playing Kurt Barlow in Salem's Lot... you know... the blue vamp, Nosferatu lookin' fella. All around this is a strong cast and the while I may not be familiar with the femmes in this one, they are stunning with strong performances, especially when dressed up in Nazi garb. Ilsa fans must apply.

Overall the movie is paced well with a balanced ratio of story to sex that drives hormones and action forward without running into the problem of become obvious. The twists and turns aren't forced and there is some unusual storytelling that preserves the novelty of a Nazi race to the sacred book and the salvation or destruction of civilization as we know it. The ending takes a turn for the strange and avante garde becoming a little out there. At least it didn't end with a great big orgy involving the gum shoe and Nazis finding camaraderie in having achieved a common goal and becoming allies. No one likes when the good guys befriend the bad guys and then the hatemongers rule the world. If the movie is flawed is that the sexual acts are fairly standard. There's nothing more zany than the equivalent of kinky cosplay with the Nazi regalia. The movie seems to want anal, and alas, no anal.

Blue Ice looks stunning with a strong restoration effort and a 2k scan from 35mm original camera negative. Blacks look good and uncrushed, The film grain is ample but not overbearing or detracting from the enjoyment of the picture. I always look for some detail that lends itself to showing me why a Blu-ray of a movie might exist. In this instance it was looking at the black hair of one of the actresses. Being able to see fine detail and color in a particular focal point, like hair, can really show you the advantage of a Blu-ray over a DVD and especially over a previous release on tape. This is what Vinegar Syndrome does well, and they do it for adult features that deserve it.

Blue Ice isn't heavy on extras but does include a commentary track with two actors. The tradition reversible cover art is included and ultra 80's hot.

I strongly recommend this picture to folks who enjoyed Corruption though I would say this is a more straight forward story line with its eccentricity being the involvement of the Nazis. Adults who like Raiders of the Lost Ark or Last Crusade even this will probably make you feel right at home. Ilsa fans and Nazisploitation nuts, you must apply. You've seen Marshak's efforts before in Dracula Sucks form the 70's and in the tremendous V.S. release of Night Train to Terror. Let's hope we get a release of Space Virgins courtesy of the Syndrome soon.

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From Vinegar Syndrome:

San Francisco private eye Ted Singer (Herschel Savage) has just been hired by a wealthy eccentric (Jamie Gillis) to find and procure an ancient and mysterious book which reportedly has the power to grant anyone who can open it the gift of eternal life and power. Unknown to Ted, another group of individuals are also searching for the priceless artifact: a secret group of escaped Nazis who are hoping to use the book to take over the world…

Directed by Phillip Marshak (DRACULA SUCKS, CATACLYSM), BLUE ICE is a fast paced and clever erotic thriller which blends mystery, fantasy, and neo-noir stylings. Featuring an all star cast, among them Jacqueline Lorians, Shanna McCullough, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, and character actor Reggie Nalder (THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, MARK OF THE DEVIL).

Vinegar Syndrome presents BLUE ICE on Blu-ray and DVD in a brand new 2k restoration from its original 35mm camera negative.

Director: Phillip Marshak
1985 / 86min / English / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

• Blu-ray/DVD Combo | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
• Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
• All extras on both Blu-ray and DVD.
• Audio commentary track with: Herschel Savage (actor) and William Margold (actor)
• Reversible cover artwork

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