Monday, April 25, 2016

MANSON'S LOST GIRLS available on DVD May 10th

I hear the word Lifetime, and I know what to expect or at least I thought I did. Lifetime is a channel synonymous with original movies that tell riveting completely overdramatized tales that focus on some kind of sympathetic angle toward victims. The term chick flick is also synonymous with "Lifetime movie". That has apparently completely changed as they have created Manson's Lost Girls, a doc about the teenage girls who took part in several murder under the tutelage of Charles Manson. This is pretty dark stuff compared to what I had always expected from Lifetime. Lionsgate is releasing it on DVD May 10th. Check out the trailer below. See what I mean?

We'll get a review up as soon as possible to let you know if Lifetime has truly changed for the creepier. Sex. Drugs. Murder. Manson.

My only qualm so far is that none of these actors look like the person they are supposed to be playing.

From Lionsgate:

Based on the chilling crimes of Charles Manson, one of the most infamous criminals of the 20th century, the Lifetime® original movie Manson’s Lost Girls will arrive on DVD (plus Digital) May 10 from Lionsgate. Jeff Ward stars as Charles Manson, with mesmerizing performances by MacKenzie Mauzy, Eden Brolin, and Greer Grammer as the circle of teenage girls who fell under his demonic spell and helped carry out his brutal killings. Manson’s Lost Girls will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

Told through the eyes of real Manson girl Linda Kasabian, Manson’s Lost Girls takes you on a month-long journey with the women who were drawn to the sisterhood and communal lifestyle founded by the charismatic Charlie Manson. As Manson’s dark and twisted preoccupations are revealed, you witness how free love turned into burglary and, ultimately, mass murder.

Jeff Ward                                                   TV’s “The Mentalist,” Holly’s Holiday
MacKenzie Mauzy                                     Into the Woods, TV’s “Forever”
Eden Brolin                                                I Dream Too Much, Ruby Sparks
Greer Grammer                                          Awkward, Life Partners

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