Thursday, April 7, 2016

THE ONES BELOW Hits Theaters May 27th Courtesy of Magnet Releasing

We continue with the unborn child Horror cycle that typically has been taking a demonic/occult angle in most widely released theatrical releases, but in the case of THE ONES BELOW, we seem to be in for more of a battle against the neighbors. Now before you get visions of Seth Rogen housing a bag of shrooms dancing through your head, check out the new trailer below and check out full release notes from Magnet Releasing.

THE ONES BELOW is hitting May 27th with a limited theatrical release. See if you can locate it in your area. We'll let you know when we know more about a VOD or physical release.

From Magnet:

THE ONES BELOW is the debut feature from writer-director David Farr (screenwriter of HANNA and AMC’s THE NIGHT MANAGER), starring the ensemble cast of Cleěmence Poeěsy (BIRDSONG, THE TUNNEL, HARRY POTTER), David Morrissey (THE WALKING DEAD, RED RIDING, WELCOME TO THE PUNCH) Stephen Campbell Moore (COMPLICIT, HISTORY BOYS, ASHES TO ASHES), and Laura Birn (THE PURGE, PEARLS AND PIGS, HEART OF A LION).

Blending an element of urban dread with an edgy sense of paranoia, THE ONES BELOW follows Kate (Poeěsy) and Justin (Moore), a young couple in a tiny London suburb eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child. But when the enigmatic Teresa (Bim) and Jon (Morrissey) move into the apartment downstairs, the parents-to-be soon become involved in a psychological battle of wills with the new tenants.

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