Thursday, June 23, 2016

Physical Attraction/Classical Romance (Vinegar Syndrome DVD Review) - Let's Get Physical!

Richard Mailer has a great history and reputation. The sheer volume of adult features he created is quite impressive. Each year he'd make at least three pictures sometimes upward of ten. When you actually watch the films he created and see the production quality, his efforts become legendary. For the most part Mailer made fair straightforward porn with gimmicks that were less controversial. Perhaps the most interesting thing to note about him is that he often went by the name Grey Poupon or even... wait for it... Mr. Mustard. Vinegar Syndrome has given us a double featured DVD with their new Peekarma disc that focuses on the works of Mailer. One is a classic music driven sex romp. The other is all about hitting the gym and tapping that ass.

Classical Romance

What an opening song…. “Together We are Harmony”. Tom Byron in the lead (playing piano no less) almost gives you that vibe of Michael Moriarty playing piano in Q The Winged Serpent. The transfer is really impressive for this double feature DVD. Print is great, the colors are good. While I would not say that Peekarama series is bad in terms of transfer or quality, it's typically grindier and less perfect.

The first sex scene features a fairly ordinary dude with a thin stache and a very hot ginger/blond with some fuzzy pubes and a great attitude. Nothing necessarily to see here until the INTENSE load on her back! This gives way to more sexy with said blond followed by some life guarding in Baywatch shorts. The natural next step would be fucking in the lifeguard stand. Now that's novelty

This movie wins the award for small, perky boobies and hungry blow jobs.

You get some titty fucking, some fairly ordinary sex but hot with great close ups. It's solid jerk porn with minimal story and nice production value. The sets are nice. It's shot well. Good set ups. Great actresses. Questionable actors but with a few big names that make it work.

Physical Attraction

Some straight sex. Some lesbian sex. Very attractive actresses. Physical Attraction has it all but it especially has women dressed or rather undressed in gym garb. The music is 1970’s easy listening/elevator. It’s almost … ALMOST… make me think of a David Hess song but instrumental only.

If there's one thing that Richard Mailer knows how to do it's fantastic closeups. Again we have a high production value movie that really is above par. The transfer is great for DVD, but the audio is a bit muffled. I'm afraid that’s the way the film was made.

One of the leads looks like Uncle Ricco from Napoleon Dynamite. He’s got game like Uncle Ricco. He has mannerisms like Uncle Ricco. It makes for a very entertaining adult feature.

While the 70’s gym clothes are hot, there’s really not much in the way of actual sports or gym activity… I mean except the fucking and violent dildo mastery. Is that an olympic sport yet?
This might pair well with Killer Workout or Death Spa or Toxic Avenger for a night of porn and puke.

You can pick up this Peekarama double feature from Vinegar Syndrome HERE.

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Richard Mailer was a prolific and talented, though perpetually obscure, director who helmed nearly 100 films over his career. Presented here are two of his later efforts.

A young hooker is tired of her involvement in the sex trade and her pushy pimp. Her true passion is running and after meeting an enthusiastic coach who sees potential in her athletic abilities, she finds herself in training with the hope of making it to the Olympics.
D: Richard Mailer / 1984 / 87 min / Color / 1.85:1

Paul Thomas stars as Eric, a frustrated musician who performs nightly at a piano bar. An encounter with a beautiful woman leads him on a journey of erotic self-discovery during which he must decide whether he will follow his heart or carnal pleasures.
D: Richard Mailer / 1984 / 86 min / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

• DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 16mm original camera negative
• Original trailer for CLASSICAL ROMANCE


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