Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sssssss (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

I was familiar with Sssssss from An Album of Modern Horror Films from my youth. I often cite this book as one of the educational materials that got me into Horror from an historical perspective and not just into the latest and the greatest that the 80's had to offer. Sssssss simpy had a picture of a scene toward the end of the movie. It was completely off-putting, and believe it or not I think that single image kept me from watching the movie until this Blu-ray release. I wanted to know what the image was and how it fit into the story mind you, but I couldn't bring myself to actually seek it out.  Scream Factory has given this mad scientist/creature feature flick new life, a new audience and forced this guy right here to face a mild childhood fear.

I can't say that I loved the entire movie. It's slow to start, and while snake Horror is generally pretty great, I didn't have patience for it. I thought I had known what was going to happen which made completely indifferent toward the road it would take to get there. Sure enough I did know just what was going to happen, but I was completely incorrect about what it took to get there. Once the climax occurs, the still in question from youth revealed and the jaw drops, I was vulnerable and retroactively intrigued by the process by which the climax actually occurred. Sometimes in Horror the payoff can completely rewrite the opinion of a movie. Same thing happened to me recently with The Initiation. You wait and you wait. You think you know what will happen. You're RIGHT about what happens, but then the way in which it was delivered creates an overwhelming positive opinion toward the entire movie.

The movie looks damn good and has a few extras which was honestly more than I thought we were going to get with a movie that borders on relatively obscurity.  I love the over art.

Sssssss didn't become one of my favorite movies, but it earned my respect and settled some kind of strange bet that my younger self had with my older self. Yes, images from your youth can still scare you. You were right to be scared.

You can order your copy now via Scream Factory or DiabolikDVD:

From Scream Factory:

Strother Martin (Cool Hand Luke) and Dirk Benedict (Battlestar Galactica) star in this eerie tale of a respected snake expert who masks a frightening desire to transmute a man into a king cobra. Realizing that his new lab assistant, David (Benedict), is the perfect specimen, the demented doctor begins administering injections of "immunization serum." Soon, David begins experiencing strange side effects: his skin is shedding while his body shape is changing. But before he realizes the horrible truth, the metamorphosis from human to serpent has begun. This thriller, directed by Bernard L. Kowalski (Attack of the Giant Leeches), also stars Heather Menzies (Piranha) and Reb Brown (Howling II and TV's Captain America).

Bonus Features

NEW My Reptilian Past – An Interview With Actor Dirk Benedict
NEW The Herpetologist's Daughter – An Interview With Heather Menzies
Photo Gallery
Theatrical Trailers
Radio Spots

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