Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (Scream Factory Blu-ray) - Those Who Didn't Believe Laughed Themselves to Death

My daughter took one look at the cover and asked me if that was really what the werewolf looked like. I said it was EXACTLY what the werewolf looked like. She laughed and then asked me why they thought that was a good idea. I replied that I wasn’t entirely sure, but in the back of my head I knew that it actually worked. That perfect campy badness of this wolf was not scary. It was sort of fun in that 70’s Monster Squad TV show kind of way. I don’t mind a bad looking practically effected werewolf. In fact I think there was a bit of Naschy in the appearance of this furry fella. They Boy Who Cried Werewolf is out now from Scream Factory, and for those of you with kids or who need a bit of a laugh of appreciated made-for-TV Horror from the 70’s you’ll dig this one (though this is absolutely NOT a made-for-TV movie).

The transfer is actually quite beautiful with a nice looking print. There minimal issues with the original print, it’s clean which is surprising given it’s obscurity and vintage. The extras pretty bare, but you’ll have a trailer to check out. You get one cover option with the reverse being a still from the movie. I file this release under “we’re just happy we have a Blu-ray”. As a first time viewer of this one, I’m happy with the release and would imagine that any diehard fans of this picture might be looking for a little more in the way of extra material but won’t complain too much.

My only qualm with the movie? The title suggests that the boy in the picture is crying wolf, lying or is somehow misleading the adults in the movie harkening back to the cautionary fable of old. This is far from the case. The boy in this story is actually telling the truth the whole time and the adults are do not believe him. The moral is lost other than, “kids, you’re parents are assholes who want to see you eaten by monsters”.

Enjoy the camp and that unmistakable 70’s monster storytelling. This is a fun title. Not scary. Good for kids and for your nostalgia glands. Well done Scream Factory.

You can order your copy now via Scream Factory or DiabolikDVD:

From Scream Factory:

Richie Bridgestone’s parents are getting a divorce, but that’s the least of his problems at the moment. Richie is hoping his parents will reconsider and on a visit to his father ’s secluded cabin, he witnesses his dad being attacked by a werewolf. Much like the tale of the boy who cried wolf, no one in the town will believe Richie’s claims that his father will change into a werewolf at the next full moon.

This was the third and final pairing of actor Kerwin Matthews and cult filmmaker Nathan Juran (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, The Brain from Planet Arous). The two had also worked together on the classic 7th Voyage of Sinbad and Jack the Giant Killer.

The film makes its home video debut with a beautiful new high definition transfer!

Bonus Features
Original Theatrical Trailer
Still Gallery

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