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You’ll Like My Mother (Scream Factory Blu-ray) - That Creepy John Boy

This was my first time out with You'll Like My Mother. While I may have enjoyed The Miracle Worker and the Patty Duke Show on Nick at Nite as a kid, I really never gave much thought to her acting in anything else. She passed away just this year which makes this release morbidly timed well for those who loved her work and would like to see it in HD. Of course Scream Factory did not plan it that way and had announced it well in advance of her passing (just to make that clear).

What started off as a rather dull, slowburner that had that 1970's production quality I love (that made for TV feel), but nothing to get me going turned into something that put me off in a very good way. Of course it took until the last fifteen minutes of the movie to hook me, and if I wasn't afforded the privilege to review it from Scream Factory, I would have turned it off sooner. Let's say that it is absolutely worth your time for the ending alone, but if you have no patience, you may want to skip it (or fast forward it until the end of course).

Dukes' performance is strong, but it's Richard Thomas and Rosemary Murphy who deliver powerful, psychotic performances that almost gave me that Flowers in the Attic vibe (read that mindless automatons with a singular diabolic purpose). Richard Thomas of course was famous for being John Boy Walton and later appeared in Stephen King's IT. His face was familiar, but this role was completely sideways from what I was used to seeing him do. Murphy's other work never stuck out to me even though she was in To Kill a Mockingbird.

The transfer looks great, taken from a good print. While it was my first viewing with the movie, I think it's safe to say that this one looks better than any previous release. It has a couple of extras including the trailer and two interviews, alas no Duke but you do get John Boy. I am particularly fond of the cover art for this release given its simplicity. The fact that the artwork labeled it a "thriller" on the poster is pure 70's advertising gold.

Remember that the pacing picks up well in the end, the crazy mounts and the movie starts to feel like the thriller the advertising claims it is. Keep watching.

You can order your copy now via Scream Factory:

From Scream Factory:

Why did they fear Francesca's baby?
Oscar® winner* Patty Duke stars in the tense and claustrophobic psychological thriller, You’ll Like My Mother.

When her husband is killed in Vietnam, Francesca Kinsolving (Duke) finds herself alone… and pregnant. She makes her way to Minnesota in order to meet her late husband’s mother, certain that she'll be greeted with open arms. But Francesca soon discovers that there may be more to the Kinsolving family than she ever imagined… and that this simple family reunion is only the beginning of a waking nightmare.

Rosemary Murphy (To Kill A Mockingbird), Richard Thomas (The Waltons), and Sian Barbara Allen (who was nominated for a Golden Globe® for her performance) also star in this "intriguing, tautly directed thriller [that delivers] a high level of terror and tension" (TV Guide)!

*1962: Best Actress in a Supporting Role: The Miracle Worker

Bonus Features
NEW Interviews With Richard Thomas And Sian Barbara Allen
Photo Gallery
Theatrical Trailer

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