Friday, July 15, 2016

Dementia 13 (The Film Detective Blu-ray)

Dementia 13 has hit Blu-ray from The Film Detective. I'll include ordering info below, but I wasn't particularly impressed with the transfer. Is it better than previous DVD's of the release? I'd say it is, but I'm not sure we can call it "crisp" as the notes from Film Detective state. It feels somewhat fade and unsharp. By that token it isn't overly digitized, but I was fishing for fine detail in hair and looking for film grain... my net came up empty and I might as well have been blind to that celluloid stuff.

No extras on this release either.  Still, it's a Blu-ray of a classic Coppola/Corman picture, and the movie itself is worth the watch. The cover art would also be fine, but the distro company's branding is all over it rather than just the original poster art.

Order Dementia 13 from The Film Detective.

From The Film Detective:

Produced by celebrated B-movie icon Roger Corman and directed by the legendary Francis Ford Coppola, the macabre thriller Dementia 13 has been digitally restored from 35mm archival film elements, bringing its terrifying suspense to the screen like never before. The 1963, B-movie classic will be available on Blu-ray July 26 from The Film Detective (distributed by Allied Vaughn).

Written and directed by Coppola (The Godfather trilogy, Apocalypse Now, The Conversation) at just 24-years-old, Dementia 13 is considered his first mainstream, “legitimate” directorial effort. Backed by funds leftover from one of Corman’s (Death Race, The Terror, The Little Shop of Horrors) other projects – on which Coppola worked as a sound technician – the fledgling director wrote the screenplay in one night, bringing Corman’s idea for a low-budget, extremely brutal, gothic-themed Psycho knockoff to life.

Although Coppola promised “lots of sex and violence,” Corman later battled with Coppola and hired the “exploitation master,” director Jack Hill (Foxy Brown, Coffy, Spider Baby), to shoot additional scenes of carnage.

For years, it was rumored the film’s print had mysteriously disappeared. Now, the horror classic has received The Film Detective touch, delivering a crisp picture with quality sound.

Commented film industry veteran Phil Hopkins, owner of The Film Detective, “As a huge enthusiast of Dementia 13, I’m very proud to be releasing the film on Blu-ray for the first time in its correct aspect ratio. The Film Detective team took great care improving the picture and sound quality and the restored 35mm HD transfer looks incredible. I hope fans old and new will appreciate it!”

Dementia 13 centers on the dysfunctional Haloran family, which has converged at the family castle in Ireland to enact a morbid ritual in remembrance of the deceased daughter of Lady Haloran (Ethne Dunn, The Mutations, No Resting Place). Secrets abound and soon there is a mysterious interloper prowling the grounds with a big axe to grind. Extremely engaging and well-photographed, Dementia 13 is a bone-chilling classic sure to thrill horror enthusiasts and Coppola fans alike.

Also starring (Luana Anders, Easy Rider, The Last Detail), William Campbell (Blood Bath, Backlash), Patrick Magee (The Black Cat, A Clockwork Orange) and Bart Patton, (THX 1138, Spider Baby), Dementia 13 is presented in full screen with an aspect ratio of 4 x 3 and original sound.

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