Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sex Roulette (Impulse DVD) - Dreams in the Monk House Along the French Riviera

We have a strange one for you tonight, folks. The name Sex Roulette may sound daring, and while the movie itself is filled with some adventurous sex scenes, roulette it is not. This is actually a well-crafted Euro porn set in the French Riviera that offers high production value, beautiful actresses and a variety of art house style sex scenes balanced with some fairly freakish men, ordinary pound per minute action and some truly humorous dubbing on par with your favorite Shaw Bros. picture. Sex Roulette is not exactly a fuck by number, formula adult feature. It actually sways from one minute offering your standard  pork fare with underdeveloped story then next you’re in a dream sequence that provides enough kink to upset your casual porn lover, confusing inquisition with occultism. Impulse Pictures has a habit of releasing some not-so ordinary pictures. Their 42nd Street, Grindhouse stag film reels are under produced spank pics (if you can spank to flaccid cocks waiting to be discovered) and their Nikkatsu movies are for the collector and fetishist only. With Sex Roulette Impulse steps into Vinegar Syndrome territory, and it doesn’t stop with this picture. Shortly we will be reviewing The Little Blue Box which encroaches even further on the VS brand featuring the golden age stars you crave and the zaney plot that entertains as much as it stimulates. For now we start with Sex Roulette. If this is the beginning of a dick measuring competition between two great labels, I will gladly accept the challenge and offer my hearty support. We can only benefit as lovers of adult cinema.

While the picture is presented on DVD, the transfer is brilliant. The quality is top notch with good black levels and a great deal of detail. It isn’t perfect with some flaw in the print including very few scratches and uncorrected flaws, but it’s certainly clean. I would imagine this is not the kind of movie that Impulse has gone out of their way to restore to perfection. Most notably you see the imperfections around the reel changes which is to be expected. Impulse is the adult film label of Synapse who is known for their superior Blu-ray offerings. With a little more effort this might make an excellent Blu-ray. I’d encourage Impulse to consider going that route though it may not make the best business decision for them given the expense. Still this transfer comes from 35mm vault materials and it shows. Finding great source material is what Synapse and Impulse do.

It’s also important to note that this is the longer English dubbed version that runs 85 minutes. It’s filled with plenty of closeups of beautiful 70’s groomed women fucking to fantasy levels. As a fan of this era of adult film, I hope I’m the first to say that this may be one of the best presentations of a retro porn title this year. Mind you it has no extras, only offering a chapter menu. It has an underwhelming cover that really doesn’t offer much in the way of creating intrigue save for the tag line “... now, let’s see how well play this game”.

What will most assuredly turn some of you off is the male actors. We’re dealing with some strange looking motherfucks and one wealthy old bastard who is well endowed, but may detract from the viewing experience unless you’re into the geriatric set. I suppose that as long as the camera keeps off this upper torso and face, you don’t even know he’s an old fella, but that may be do to some stand-in work. There’s a charm to his voice and the dubbed dialogue actually seems to work in the pictures favor unless you aren’t in the mood to laugh it up. This guy seems dead set on providing a valuable lesson to all those at the end of a cock. In his grandfatherly voice, he loves to comment on the size of penises and the importance of the size of a schlong as pertains to a lesson in good sport fucking. His cohort in schtup, the butler, looks like the midget member of Run DMC with big gold change, large cock, black suit and hat. I still haven’t decided if he was cast for humor or his fuck-talent. Wait till you hear how they dubbed his voice. The outcome is pure entertainment when it comes to all of the male casting. Most of the other actors look like rejects from the Last House on the Left casting couch.

Some of the picture seems to have elements of 70’s roughies which means semi-forced, violent sex. That’s not for everyone. It’s really rough-lite, but it’s worth mentioning to some folks who can’t handle that sort of thing. Also, there are incestuous elements, but I think we all understand why 70's porn is obsessed with strange acts of intra-familial love.... just keep that to yourself if you figure it out.

Yes, there is a game of roulette in the movie. At first it isn't sexual, but wait for it. The title will coe into play soon enough. The music is exquisite 70’s porn funk with horns and a skippy guitars and sexy vocals. This is the kind of music I like to listen to when I drive to work in the morning with a big cup of black coffee in my hand, getting ready to challenge the world to another game of chicken. Sex Roulette is all over the place. You can get off to it if you’d like or you can enjoy the inner struggle of the lead, Veronica. It’s visually powerful, in your face and is a great example of how the Europeans could blend art with naked bodies in motion. Director: Alan Vydra started making adult features in the mid-70's, working into 80's with 19 films to his credit. There are plenty of titles that look interesting, and I hope this is the beginning of a rediscovery of Vydra's filmography.

Apparently it's important to strip your female companion before your crack open a bottle of champagne... That's gotta qualify for a moment of a Zen.

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From Impulse:


Sex, sun and gambling tempt the lovely Veronica. Traveling with her uncle and horny butler to various casinos on the French Riviera, she can have pretty much anything she wants… except for the love of a man. The game of roulette, not sex, is what really turns her on! As her uncle beds many young ladies with his large fortune and libido (this old dude gets more action than James Bond), Veronica lives a charmed life but feels empty inside. Will she ever find love? How far will her uncle go to help her?

A West German/Belgium erotic oddity starring mostly French actors and actresses, SEX ROULETTE was heavily edited in various countries upon release. This presentation is the longer English dubbed 85 minute version, with all the sexually charged sequences intact, including the full “pigsty” scene and the weird “nightmare” sequence involving monk robes, a pregnant woman and a really large knife. Fully remastered in anamorphic 1.66:1 widescreen from original 35mm vault materials.

Newly remastered from original 35mm vault materials.

Director: Alan Vydra
Starring: Vanessa Melville, Robert LeRay, Anita Berenson, Christine Baer, Desire Bastareaud

Runtime: 85 minutes
Release Date: July 12, 2016
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen [1.66:1] Presentation
Format: DVD
Region: All Regions