Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Levenger Tapes (Lionsgate DVD) - This Movie Blue-Balled Me

The Levenger Tapes is a found footage movie.... ... ... Did all of you get up and leave at the same time or are there still a few leftovers? Did you stay because you thought we were giving something away if you sat through the review? All joking aside, it isn't going away.That pesky POV/found footage thing keeps churning out new inexpensive Horror movies. I always like to clear the room before I start talking about one of these damn things lest we get the smart ass in back of the class whispering under his breath about how "stupid" and "unnecessary" this shooting style is. We've cleared the room, and I can safely tell you that The Levenger Tapes is not all that terrible. In fact it actually carried me through the entire movie, allowing me to be curious and enjoying the characters, but I am not a happy Levenger head. I cannot be. I have a reason. Let's continue.

What works for The Levenger Tapes? It actually looks pretty great for a found footage movie. It isn't overly dependent on shitty shaky cam (yeah, I hate it too). It spends time with characters to develop them to the point of allowing empathy. You don't HATE the actors. That's very important with this type of movie. Once you don't hate the characters you stand a chance to enjoy a story, and this one has a bit of a supernatural twist that was wholly expected by me. That made me truly enjoy the movie up until a point. There's plenty of tense moments. Moments of intrigue and well hidden agendas. There are a variety of settings that prevent the viewer from getting bored. The whole thing works quite well.

Until it doesn't.

When The Levenger Tapes ends you'll wish you didn't watch the fucking thing at all. That's the truth. No resolution. You don't get an ending, you get end of idea or end of though or end for somebody else, but not for me. The movie was not over and it ended. It did not do this in a dramatically appropriate or interesting way. It ended, I must assume, to piss me off.  Up until the very last scene I was actually writing a review in my mind that was positive. It was glowing. I was happy to find another diamond in the rough. I actually love finding found footage and POV flicks that are awesome. It means that the indie filmmaker who set out to create that movie isn't out for the cash grab. It means another seed had been planted for the great continuance of the genre we love, and The Levenger Tapes was so close to sewing that seed before pulling right the fuck out and leaving an evil sticky mess on the mattress that I was ready to take a goddamn paternity test.

Maybe you like spilled semen... I mean movies that don't finish or movies that don't deliver with so much promise, but I feel cheated by The Levenger Tapes. Let's see what Mark Edwin Robinson does after this DVD release. It's an older release so he has a few projects under his belt, but nothing I've seen. I'll give him another chance to prove to me that my balls do not deserve to be blue.

Available to order on Amazon.

From Lionsgate:

Evil goes viral when The Levenger Tapes arrives on DVD (plus Digital) and On Demand July 5 from Lionsgate. Johanna Braddy, Lili Mirojnick, Morgan Krantz, and Chris Mulkey star in the terrifying found-footage thriller. When three college students go missing, a team of small-town detectives must scour through disturbing videos left behind to try and piece together their whereabouts. As the clues come to light, it seems their disappearance may be connected to another sinister crime.

This chilling horror tale follows three college students on an ill-fated weekend getaway. After finding what seems to be evidence of murder, the kids disappear, leaving behind a video camera. Thinking the missing students’ footage may help solve the kidnapping of a teenage girl, the police uncover even greater terror.

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