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The Little Blue Box (Impulse DVD) - Predicting the Roku of Adult Cinema in 1979

Director Don Walters working under the name Arlo Schiffin created nine pieces of adult cinema as a director. The Little Blue Box is his second to last picture in 1979, but he would continue working as a producer through the rest of the 80's. His works vary in his capacity as a producer backing such works as The Sperminator and The Pink Clam even acting as an associate producer on the Horror picture The Nesting. Impulse Pictures has brought The Little Blue Box to DVD which may be extra-lite and having some minor quality issues, but overall providing fans of story driven porn with the chance to enjoy a clever tech piece that plays out like the TerrorVision of adult cinema... or maybe Stay Tuned... or maybe The Little Blue Box is predicting the Roku device in 1979. It's definitely got a hot and bother futuristic fantasy twist that puts some meat on the bone of this fuck fest.

While the opening credit sequence had me worried with a wobbly transfer, the shifting seems to settle down as the movie progresses as does some of the scratches and imperfections. It looks and sounds pretty good though not as amazing as Impulses recent release of Sex Roulette. The transfer comes from original 35mm vault elements. It's generally pretty crisp with some black crushing and minor scratches throughout. It's certainly no stag film or one of Impulses 42nd Street releases that pride themselves on being imperfect. It's a DVD, not a Blu-ray and is on par with much of what we see from the Vinegar Syndrome label's Peekarama double features. Most of the film's flaws come at the end of reels, a fairly normal occurrence. There are no extras on this release, the menu is less than impressive, but it does include a chapter menu. The cover art has the Sex World art look which I enjoy. It's definitely better than using stills from the film, cleverly concealing the naughty bits.

Original music by Spoof Productions and is a highlight of the production. The opening music is strong and catchy. This is the kind of music that made it's way to vinyl during the 70's the way The Devil In Miss Jones did though I'm afraid The Little Blue Box was not distinguished enough to get the LP treatment. I wish there was more out there about the creators of the music other than the screen credited Spoof Productions.

There are plenty of gorgeously sticky, hairy closeups embodying the greatest grooming techniques of 70's adult cinema. Most specifically we have an abundance of exceptionally hairy ass cracks. Cracks get hair and sometimes women shave or otherwise remove the hair from said crack... not in this one buddies. The titular blue box is just that... a great big blue, technical looking box that alters the TV signal to bring forth fantasy to the boob tube. It initially reminded of a blue version of the Big Muff guitar effect pedal, but I'm sure there's a more appropriate metal-cased effect pedal with which to compare it.  Perhaps the most striking method of dating the movie is the white shag couch on which some miraculous 69ing juices up the upholstery. I hope they got the extended warranty.

Little Blue Box features a strong cast with my personal favorite, Jamie Gillis, veteran John Leslie and the ever foxy Jennifer Welles in the lead. The original production was clearly a strong one beyond just the star power with the aforementioned original music hitting hard, a modest special effects budget that includes a TV whose dial moves itself and, of course, the great big blue box that turns to Channel 69.

The Little Blue Box is available for order now through DiabolikDVD:[sl]-Impulse)-(NTSC-All-Region).html

From Impulse:


John (John Leslie), a faithful husband and “writer with imagination,” is disappointed with his wife (Jennifer Welles, in one of two roles). She works all the time and is very frigid in the sack, leaving him wanting more with his sex life.

One day, a woman (“Ms. Azure,” also played by Jennifer Welles) knocks on John’s door and tries to sell him a “Little Blue Box.” This box is an adult home-movie system that can show him anything his heart desires. While his wife is away at work, John and Ms. Azure sample the box’s capabilities and each other! The permanent pleasures of this new technology do come with a price, however, and Ms. Azure wants to make a sale… and John purchasing the box is the ONLY way he’ll be able to finally unlock the mystery of “Channel 69”!

Time to throw away your old versions of this classic erotica! Impulse Pictures is proud to present LITTLE BLUE BOX, newly remastered in anamorphic widescreen from original 35mm vault materials! Contains an amazing roster of sexy 70’s actors like Gloria Leonard, Sharon Mitchell, Leslie Bovee, Ming Toy, John Leslie and Jamie Gillis.


Brand-new digital remaster from original 35mm vault materials.

Director: Arlo Schiffin
Starring: Jennifer Welles, Gloria Leonard, Sharon Mitchell, Ming Toy, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis

Runtime: 94 minutes
Release Date: July 12, 2016
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen [1.85:1] Transfer
Format: DVD
Region: All Regions

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