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Corporate Assets (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Fight the Power with the Pussy

Corporate Assets is Thomas Paine's first adult feature as a director and what a way to get into the biz. he starts off directing folks like Harry Reems and Jamie Gillis, Amber Lynn and the Robert Kerman to a very successful end. At first you prepare yourself for a fuck by number effort with plenty of hardcore action balanced with humor but little story to carry the audience through the second and third act, until the whole vengeance subplot rears up and takes a bite off of your cock, creating a very real villain and a set of heroes ready to take on corporate greed. Vinegar Syndrome has released Corporate Assets on DVD which should set you up to find more of Thomas Paine's work including the sequel to Corporate Assets and other adult features throughout the 80's and 90's.

This flick has amazing star power. Harry Reems is professional yet funny (especially with his “heart attack’). Jamie Gillis always my favorite and under utilized, but I have got to say it's great to see Robert Kerman in an adult feature. I'm more familiar with him in his Italian Horror efforts i.e. Cannibal Ferox, Cannibal Holocaust and Eaten Alive. I was well aware of his porn career, but I think this is the first time I was aware that he was in the picture. I've enjoyed Amber Lynn since Friday the 13th A Nude Beginning, and it's great to see her in this one where she as the chance to convey her sense of power and domination in a battle against corporate assholes.

The setting is a luxury office space complete with late 70’s/80's chic accoutrements including a bottle of scotch, mirrored tables, orange red rugs and strange artwork in the background.

Sex scenes are a mix of multiple partner bangs, some lesbian action and threesomes. The shining moment for me was an incredibly hot car sex scene (not to be confused with Wakefield Poole's sex with a car). WOW!  The corporate subplot that comes into play at the beginning of the second act involves some rough sex/rape that helps to develop an alliance between two of the female characters and establishes one distinct villain. It's actually quite effective and helps Corporate Assets transcend the first act, generic porn tag it may have otherwise received. The plot definitely takes a turn for the strange toward the end of the picture. All I'll say is that there's an Uzi and a cabin in the woods. Can our heroine break out of the corporate clutches  and break free from the wanton power of rich, evil men? This is a tale as old as time and still relevant.

The production value is great and this transfer is solid which should be no surprise to fans of Vinegar Syndrome's adult features.

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Enter the sinister world of corporate greed, where wealthy men use and abuse beautiful women for their sadistic and perverse pleasures.

Jill’s (Tish Ambrose) life has been reduced to nothing more than an on-call prostitute, charged with taking care of the other girls in the corporation’s illicit harem. But as her secret pen pal relationship with Winston, a mild mannered park ranger with a violent past, grows into something more sensual, Jill begins to realize that with Winston’s help, she may be able to destroy the evil empire holding her hostage…

This lavishly produced, X rated action film features an all star supporting cast, including Amber Lynn, Sheri St. Claire, Jamie Gillis, and Harry Reems. Vinegar Syndrome presents Corporate Assets newly restored from its original negative and fully uncut for the first time on home video.

Directed by: Thomas Paine
1985 / 104 minutes / Color / 1.85:1
Actors: Eric Edwards, Tish Ambrose, Amber Lynn, Rachel Ashley, Sheri St. Claire, Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Harry Reems, Herschel Savage, R. Bolla, Nick Random

Features Include:
• Region free DVD
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm camera negative
• Video interview with lead actor, Eric Edwards
• Original theatrical trailer

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