Sunday, September 11, 2016

BOTH WAYS (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

Both Ways is absolutely a drama first and an adult feature second. While it is historically accurate to say it was cutting edge for its time, I think a movie of this type, featuring hardcore sex and powerful, emotive performances could still be pivotal today. Yes, there's an element of overacting and the production value is closer to its porn roots than a work that may have played off 42nd street, but it works within its limited means to bring an accurate tale of personal sexual journey and transformation to an audience that would appreciate it or may be as in conflict as the protagonists in the feature itself.  I say that it had a limited budget which shows, but it is well shot with a compelling story.

Before you go off thinking that this is a movie to show your kids to make them have a better understanding of human beings, it does contain hardcore sex that plays into the story. Unlike most porn movies that have formulaic fucking, Both Ways seems to use the sexual content, however all inclusive of acts and visuals, to further the actual plot. There are some good performances. A particularly strong scene focuses on a face to face conversation between the two men in a compromising position that juxtaposes hardcore action with a meaningful conversation focusing on the conflict in the story. You'd have suspected you were watching a Richard Kern movie or other sexually focused independent, student film. Both Ways shows that while the 70's may have been a time to explore bodies for exploitation and greed, the adult film industry pumping away at human bodies to make money, films with great importance could transcend the industry, display the naked ape and create meaningful fuck films that focus less on the fuck than the film.

While this may have moments of hardcore sex and it seems to be candle lit as an adult movie, it really isn’t a porn.  Don’t watch this expecting to get off unless intense intellectual ideas and deep emotive experiences pops your rocks. Watch Both Ways expecting a good story, heartfelt drama and character driven passion. Balloons racing to the sky like sperm never looked so sad. Tire swings are metaphorical. This is really a piece of sad history, but I opening and powerful.

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From Vinegar Syndrome:

Donald Wyman (Gerald Grant) would seem to have the American dream: a beautiful wife (Andrea True), a loving son, a great job, and a house in the suburbs. He also has a secret. Donald has taken a male lover who now threatens to destroy not only his marriage, but also his entire life…

Filled with tense plot twists from beginning to end, Jerry Douglas’ (Score) BOTH WAYS is a tightly written and expertly acted hardcore drama delving into one of the most taboo topics in sex, male bisexuality. Co-starring Dean Tait and Darby Lloyd Raines, Vinegar Syndrome presents this forgotten landmark in X rated cinema newly restored and totally uncut for the very first time anywhere in the world!

Directed by: Jerry Douglas
1975 / 84 minutes / Color / 1.33:1 OAR
Actors: Gerald Grant, Andrea True, Dean Tait, Katherine Miles

Features Include:
• Region free DVD
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negative
• Commentary track with Director Jerry Douglas
• Original theatrical trailer