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SEX IN COMICS (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - The Extra SEXTOONS is Sextastic!

I watch some weird shit in the name of reviewing. Sex in Comics isn't the weirdest thing I've seen. In fact, I used to work at an adult novelty store and had the chance to enjoy blue cartoons with some frequency in my youth. That's me though. For you guys... the Saturday morning cartoon, breakfast cereal, underoo crowd, Sex in Comics as a whole package will provide you with a familiar way to laugh albeit filthier than you may remember cartoons being. It's Saturday morning again. Break out the boners and the Fruity Pebbles! 

The featured  film reenacts famous X rated comic strips, live action with the framing, look and feel and of an actual pulp and paper comic. While this makes for a very funny watch, it certainly isn't spank material. It watches like a sexually charged MTV's Liquid Television from the 90's. Colorful outfits. Strange editing cuts. Dead pan expressions. Fake eyeballs glued on to actors. Outlandish costuming. Imagine Creepshow only it's a porn adaptation of a comic strip. You'll have to watch it to get the gist of the thing, but it does have a wrap around story that acts like an expose of the sex comic genre that akes sense. Despite not being ultra sexy, there is hardcore action, so it is conceivable you could get your rocks off... if large fake cocks are your thing. Still, the women are very attractive, and you may be able to grow a rubbery one if you can get beyond the fake eyes and superior ultra red wangs used to impale the lovely ladies. You know what it reminded me of? That scene in The Shining where that guy and man dressed up as a dog are engaging in sexual activity of some kind. Just like that. 

The disc saso includes Sextoons which is just lovely. This is made by Saliva Films (check out their banner). Cartoons and characters feature: Darn Ol’ Duck, Trick Dacy, Mr. Magoo getting whipped. Man Eating Pussy.

This is brilliant and funny and offers plenty of entertainment. It requires much less imagination than the actual feature on the disc and is also NOT for getting off to.  I love this kind of subversive shit. The most memorable segment is the “Yes I Like Boobs a Lot” song with animated lyrics. This is essentially a reel of short works.  Little Genitalia (claymation). Dolls. Cut and paste art. Painting animation. Boobs A Lot - lots of boobs quickly flashed at the screen. The terms Horny Hodge Podge comes to mind. Enjoy and laugh a lot.

This is what happens when the counterculture can’t effect real governmental change and needed a hobby. I actually enjoyed this more than the feature presentation. The quality here is very good. Some of it is low quality. Some high, but the overall presentation and transfer is quite good compared to the blue cartoons I used to watch. There's some scratches, but it won't prevent you from enjoying the animation. Some of this looks like Monty Python cartoon art if that helps you get it in your DVD player. The range of humor is staggering, from cerebral to childish.

If that wasn't enough, you also get The Funky World of Adult Cartoons. The quality of the film is much lower, scratchy and blurry.  You can tell that it is a degraded negative, animation not nearly as good or varied as Sextoons, but this is an extra on the disc afterall. There's one consistent style throughout rather than a variety of different mediums and cartoonists. It's somewhat humorous with a plot thread that flows throughout and has an emphasis on actual fucking and story rather than the subversive random ideas in Sextoons. There are some fun moments, but Sextoons is the best thing on the disc. Pay attention to the title cards that feature short titles. Personal highlights: dentures come out to give a sultan blow job and mini fellas entering and fucking a huge vagina. You also get a guy fucking a pig, monkeys doing it and some racist moments as well as some parodies.

Purchase your copy of this hilarious look into the pants of cartoon sexy from Vinegar Syndrome:

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Have you ever been curious about the true story of Tijuana Bibles, 8 pagers, or ‘dirty’ comic books? Well, we have all the answers in one of the weirdest, wildest, and most original X rated films ever created: SEX IN THE COMICS.

Take a visual journey through the history of adult cartoons, in this all-live oddity featuring Cyndee Summers, Rick Cassidy, Nina Fause, and many others! Learn the secrets of how the old 8-pagers came to be and witness live re-enactments of some of the craziest, funniest, and filthiest comic strips ever drawn.

Then, check out SEXTOONS: 80 minutes of erotic animation, from the 20s through the 70s, all of which you can be sure will never play on a Saturday morning! Lastly, enter THE FUNKY WORLD OF ADULT CARTOONS, where three friends witness a seemingly never-ending barrage of vintage adult cartoons.

Directed by: Anthony Spinelli
1972-75 / 208 minutes (combined) / Color / 1.85:1
Actors: Cindee Summers, Nina Fause, Rick Cassidy, Ric Lutz, Tricia Opal, George ‘Buck’ Flower

Features Include:
• Region free DVD
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm and 16mm vault elements
• Bonus feature: SEXTOONS (82 minutes)
• Bonus feature: THE FUNKY WORLD OF ADULT CARTOONS (45 minutes)

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