Friday, October 14, 2016

ATROZ (Unearthed Blu-ray)- Super Messy Realistic Gore

Atroz was not my necessarily my cup of tea. It conveys its story through a series of video tapes found by police in Mexico that display graphic acts of torture and violence. It's not torture porn. It's a series of violent acts offered in a found footage way that has minimal story line and maximum carnage. When watching these movies whether it's an August Underground flick or a Guinea Pig picture, I find them difficult to get through. I appreciate them. I praise them for their special effects and makeup prowess, but ultimately I can't say that I would rewatch them and would recommend them to a limited audience. Atroz is one of those movies. It's in great company and a rather popular genre as of late.

I'm going to recommend Atroz to supreme gore fiends that love to admire hardcore, brutal gore. If you need plot in your movie, this is NOT your movie, but I also do not mean any disrespect to the filmmakers here. You have created a beautiful violent movie. You're effects guys have done a great job, and really capture the essence of realistic over the top violence. I'm impressed. I'm shocked. I'm happy. You guys are up there with one of the masters, Fred Vogel, in terms of your powerhouse effort.

Unearthed releases independent movies with extreme violence as the trademark of the label. I love what they're doing and want you to support them especially if this is your thing, but there's another great reason to pick up Atroz and movies like it from Unearthed. The packaging on these releases is off the hook. This set includes 3 discs: a DVD, Blu-ray and the CD soundtrack. The booklet style set up of the release is quickly catching on and offers a release that feel substantial. You can tell Unearthed cares about their product and isn't just throwing out Blu-rays in plastic cases with minimal artwork. These cases are works of art that hold works of violent as fuck works of beautifully violent art. Your dollar is well spent.

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From Unearthed:

The most graphic and goriest film, ever made in Mexico!

Atroz/Atrocious is a film that portrays the story of two serial killers. After the pair are arrested for causing a traffic accident, the police confiscate some videotapes. These tapes contain brutal murders and tortures that show human wickedness, their background, paraphilia, and the psyche of these murderers. Juarez, tracks down the tapes, one by one to piece together the horrific crimes of the two killers, only to show them, they are in a deeper pool then they believed to be

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