Tuesday, October 18, 2016

EAT AT THE BLUE FOX and TITILLATION (#VinegarSyndrome DVD) - I Got a BJ at the BF

The Peekarama double feature DVD series continues with two movies from director Damon Christian. Christian started off making adult features in 1981 with Rhinestone Cowgirls (which will definitely make you have the ol' ear worm "Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glenn Campbell stuck in your brain for days). He went on to make the movies featured on this set, Eat at the Blue Fox and Titillation back to back. He would continue working throughout the 80's, making Debbie Duz Dishes III and Yuppies in Heat before his filmmaking career would end. The two movies featured in this set are thoughtful comedies that pair well.

The Peekarama discs don't often get extra features, but this one has a trailer for Eat at the Blue Fox. It isn't much, but it's something. Both movies look good having been transferred from 35mm. Titillation looks better, and Eat at the Blue Fox actually suffers from some scenes wit low light looking a less than crisp. I noticed some pixalation. These are not Blu-rays mind you, and I think the overall product is good but not perfect.

Let's get on to a discussion about each of the movies.


If one thing has ever been certain it is that we all need a shirt that says “I Got a BJ at the BF”. You'll have to see the original shirt in the movie. It's also worth noting that Coors beer and pickled eggs were the preferred dining experience at the Blue Fox. There's a sheriff who's always putting one over on the club, but they performers get the last laugh. I kept waiting for the Bandit to show up to ride old Smokey out of town. I suppose that the combination of cops plus beer.

Ron Jeremy puts on a "great show" as he would put it including live sex acts and stripping. The whole thing generally has some straight forward sex and a threesome. Not much in the way of experimental or over the top porn. The women are gaudy with too much makeup and very busty. It has a cheap feel. In general we have a comedy with generic fucking and getting one up on "the man".


Titillation is a private detective story which is actually a fairly common vehicle for adult features in the late 70's and early 80's. This one differs in that it seems to almost have James Bond sensibilities especially when taking into account the great big, bronzed bra that seems to drive the story in a very Cinderella/glass slipper direction. What does it mean!? You'll find out and in doing so you'll understand how Russ Meyer influenced adult features with a oversized, large breasted character at the forefront of the mystery. The only thing larger are the porn mustaches.

Overall you have some interesting characters and a classic Hill Street Blues esque sexy opening song that sets the stage for some fairly normal fuck scenes. My favorite is the guy in a safari outfit reading Cheri magazine. You have to see this fella to believe it. The private dic porn story has been done and done better, but this one does have some funny moments to keep you entertained. There's plenty to look at tin the scenery and background. The movie has a tidy, Scooby Doo wrap up in the end. Keep an eye out for the fella who sorta looks like Jack Black.

Shooting critters under blankets? Rosanne's Revenge? Keep an ear out for some great one liners.

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From Vinegar Syndrome:

Eat At The Blue Fox: Rick (Ron Jeremy) runs the hottest club south of the border, where anything goes, and everything does. Unfortunately, the sleazy sheriff doesn’t see things the same way and tries everything in his power to get a piece of the action at The Blue Fox! Starring Pamela Mann, Desiree Lane, Kitten Natividad and Jerry Abrams, EAT AT THE BLUE FOX is a zany and lust filled romp from beginning to end.

Titillation: A hard boiled private dick, Spaddo Zappo (Eric Edwards), has just been hired to solve the strangest case of his career: to help a wealthy old man reunite with the woman of his dreams…a woman with a bust line so large, he’s created a special golden bra that will only fit her. Probing the protuberances of Hollywood, Spaddo soon discovers that finding ‘the perfect two’ will be harder than it seems! Featuring the mammoth mammaries of Kitten Natividad (Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens) and Angelique Pettyjohn (Star Trek), TITILLATION is a riotous satire of film noir, in the same vein as Russ Meyer.

-combined info-
Directed by: Damon Christian
1983 & 1982 / 165 minutes / Color / 1.85:1
Actors: Pamela Mann, Kitten Natividad, Desiree Lane, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Abrams, Herschel Savage, Eric Edwards, Mike Horner

Features Include:
• Region free DVD
• Both films scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm interpositives
• Original theatrical trailer for EAT AT THE BLUE FOX