Wednesday, October 26, 2016

OBSERVANCE (Artsploitation Blu-ray)


Observance is definitely an Artsploitation film, coming from outside the United States and offering a unique perspective on the struggle of a man losing his mind. This release comes to us from Australia and focuses on the elements that made Polanski's The Tenant so successful, a feeling slow descent into madness with claustrophobic chaser. There are plenty of gruesome effects and moments of perfect tension.

Joseph Sims-Dennett has directed two other movies and all seem to have a dark fantasy focus. This is a very complete tale of psychological Horror that focuses on a man at his lowest point trying to adapt and reconcile his inner struggle by continuing his day to day life as a P.I. As with many Artsploitation films, Observance is challenging to the audience, in this instance providing a vehicle for the viewer to lose his ever loving mind.

While this release is powerful, it may be inaccessible for some folks who are lookin for a more straight forward Horror film. As with most psychological Horror movies, you aren't often left feeling great when the whole thing slams to a finish. Be prepared not to feel top notch when Observance comes to a close.

It's a very nice look modern HD feature on Blu-ray.

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From Artsploitation:

Atmospherically creepy and visually unnerving, Australia’s Joseph Sims-Dennett’s startling feature film debut follows Parker, a young man in the grip of grief following the death of his young son, his marriage on the rocks and nearing bankruptcy, but who reluctantly returns to work as a private investigator. His assignment it to observe a woman from an abandoned apartment, and as her watches bizarre happenings surrounding her, he slowly becomes aware that the derelict building he is in has a dark presence which slowly threatens to consume him. A frightening horror tale of a man spiraling into madness and reminiscent of Roman Polanski’s THE TENANT, Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW, and the works of David Cronenberg and David Lynch.

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