Friday, October 28, 2016

ONES BELOW (Magnet Blu-ray)


Magnet really does know how to find strong movies to distribute. Even when a picture doesn't quite do it for me, I know that I'll be able to find an audience for one of their releases. In this instance we are here to talk about The Ones Below. This is a psychological thriller that embodies some Horror elements and using baby Horror as a jumping off point for a tale that may hit close to him for many viewers.

What I appreciate about this particular movie is that it isn't initially apparent how it will address the baby in the story. Too often we see babies possessed or stories involving ghosts, but in this instance, we have a whole new baddie. Normal people. In part we watch a mother breakdown, losing her mind as she becomes ever paranoid thinking that a young couple is out to get her child. On the other, we are given clues that would suggest that either she isn't crazy at all or that some other supernatural tales is about to unfold. It makes for a nice mystery leading up to a reveal that I found moderately disturbing even in its lack of gratuity.

The cast is strong and the tension is very real though the movie is slow through the middle. The pacing kills some of the energy that may have otherwise given the audience a high intensity jolt rather than a slow ride to uncomfortable panic.

Parents and parents-to-be, this one can be hard to watch. It'll get to you if you keep an open mind and allow yourself to identify with the protagonists.

From Magnolia:

A young affluent couple expecting their first child hits it off with the new couple that moves in downstairs, until a dinner party between them ends in a shocking accident. The new friends suddenly find themselves at odds and a reign of psychological terror begins. Starring Clémence Poésy (Harry Potter series) and David Morrissey ("The Walking Dead").

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