Sunday, October 23, 2016

THE DEAD ROOM (IFC Midnight/Scream Factory Blu-ray)

The Dead Room is the latest collaboration between Scream Factory and IFC Midnight. IFC Midnight historically either puts out exceptionally strong, scary releases or finds really inaccessible titles that are definitely indie but may lack proper Horror sensibilities.

The Dead Room is more straight forward, less adventurous and certainly not as challenging as some of the previous releases by IFC Midnight. This works in its favor, providing easy to enjoy scares that follow a recycled story that works. It has a few strong scenes though nothing shocking. The effects are actually okay. Your dealing with a supernatural tale with demonic origins, ever the popular villain these days. What works about this one? No friggin possessed babies in this one! That thread is as used up as the zombie genre (only the genre zombie actually had original stories that comes out of the undead baddies searching for brains).

The Dead Room isn't my favorite of the IFC releases, but it's certainly watchable.

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From Scream Factory/IFC:

Step inside the Dead Room, where something sinister guards a home's horrifying secrets. Inspired by a 1970s urban legend, this atmospheric nerve-shredder follows two scientists (Jed Brophy and Jeffrey Thomas) and a young psychic (Laura Petersen) as they travel to the countryside to investigate mysterious occurrences at a remote farmhouse. Skepticism quickly turns to terror as the researchers' presence unsettles a seriously angry demonic presence possessing the home. Upping the white-knuckle suspense with visceral camerawork and unsettling sound design, The Dead Room creates a sense of palpable danger lurking in every corner and hallway.

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