Sunday, October 30, 2016

THE NEON DEAD (Wild Eye Releasing DVD) - They Aren't Fucking Zombies!

Oh how excited I am for you to watch The Neon Dead. This release from Wild Eye Releasing isn't for everyone mind you. It's an indie Horror flick that has baddies that have a zombie feel (though they are NOT zombies). The effects are gonzo, over the top and unrealistic. I mean that in the best way possible because they surely are a strength. I do not always love the movie that Wild Eye chooses to distribute, but they are always trying to find an audience for an eclectic assortment of Horror. That's admirable, and this movie fits right in my box.

What's to love? These evil creatures that come to attack an unsuspecting protagonist are some kind of supernatural entity, like a demon with glowing eyes and the appearance of a modern Tombs of the Blind Dead Knight. The overacting is humorous and offers plenty of tongue in cheek moments to keep you laughing while you're waiting for the next kill. There's a little Ghostbusters in the movie, but not nearly as much as is advertised. Hell, The Neon Dead even includes a solid flashback, back story giving the whole tale some depth. I was particularly fond of the music used in the movie which is an homage to video game of the 80's (and those faux video games may even make a cameo).

The Neon Dead is one of my favorite low budget flicks of the year, but for many Horror fans it may take some effort to actually get around the budget to enjoy it. If you like your Horror pretty with shimmer and Hollywood flare you may not dig this one.  For those of you who choose not to take your Horror movies too seriously, love over the top effects and enjoy strange demonic, zombie hybrid creatures, you have a winner here.

Do not confuse this with Neon Demon. Please don't do that. I can't imagine there's great crossover potential between the two movies.

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From Wild Eye:

An unemployed college graduate hires two paranormal exterminators to combat a monster infestation in her new home. But their prodding into an evil out of their depth unleashes an ancient demon.  He and his army of monsters quickly overrun the home, intent on possessing every human they make contact with.

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