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Here's a fun little exercise. I love tasks. Draw-loween. Best and Worst of lists. Top 5's. I want to make sure I put plenty of those up in our new exploration in to Doc Terror's crazy brain bits. Today I stumbled across The Horrorcast posting their favorite Horror flick by year. I like The Horrorcast's outright love for the genre. I do not know them/him. I simply know that there's a great opportunity to keep this going. Tasks and challenges. Send me your task or challenge.

Below you will find my favorite Horror (cult, Sci-Fi, exploitation etc) movie by year. I have the dates set up in a column from 1900-2017. We'll see how far back I go. 2017 will be a guess and may include a few flicks (or none... thinking about it still).

2017 – I'm so excited for the new Halloween movie I could shit, but I don't think that's coming this year. I want to see Get Out. I will. I hope sooner rather than later. Annabelle 2 will be fun and yes I liked Annabelle. Also let's see if we get a new Saw. Insidious 4 will be wonderful (if it hits this year). I also have to make sure to check on Skull Island (the end sequence alone is supposed to pump up your monster juices like a Kaiju milkshake ready to chug). Let's see how 2017 evolves. I'm so openminded this year it hurts.
2016 – The Conjuring 2
2015 – Stung
2014 –  Starry Eyes (The Babadook chaser)
2013 – Evil Dead (close follow up The Conjuring)
2012 – The Lords of Salem (and boy did I love Silent Night)
2011 – You're Next
2010 – Piranha 3-D (Insidious as a backup)
2009 – REC 2
2008 – Henceforth to be known as the impossible year. Every damn movie that came out this year was tremendous. I don't even know how to narrow it. You'll get a top 5 list for 2008 and you'll fucking like it (breakin' all the rules a la Ozzy and the Ultimate Sin album)
1. Let the Right One In
2. Cloverfield
3. Martyrs
4. Gutterballs
and I want to include the ringtone from One Missed Call. That move was NOT great, but that ringtone is still a favorite of mine. I had it as my ringtone when I had this blue sliding phone. I love the construction of that phone.

2007 – Grindhouse
2006 – Slither
2005 – Hostel
2004 – Shaun of the Dead
2003 – House of the 1000 Corpses
2002 – Cabin Fever
2001 - Jeepers Creepers (I think this year was actually pretty sour for Horror. Not a great selection at all). I did catch The Others in the theater and enjoyed the atmosphere.
2000 – American Psycho
1999 – The Blair Witch Project
1998 – Halloween H20
1997 – Wishmaster (got to see this at the Chester theater in NJ. What a dive)
1996 – The Frighteners
1995 – Demon Knight
1994 – In the Mouth of Madness (Do you know how hard that selection was? Brainscan! Cemetery Man!... that was a hard pick even if it is one of my top 5 favorite Carpenter flicks)
1993 – Needful Things (and I don't give a fuck about the longer version because this movie actually scares me big time)
1992 – Dead Alive .. and yes that's what I call it.
1991 - People Under the Stairs
1990 – Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (CREEPSHOW 3, MOTHERFUCKER... DO YOU SPEAK IT!?)
1989 – Pet Semetary, but damn does that movie wrench my guts.
1988 – Waxwork
1987 – Nightmare on Elm Street 3. I almost did another top 5, but I this year needs to be definite. '87 crushed it. Google "1987 List Horror Movies" and enjoy your the legendary suffering, the ride, lady, the hand you're missing and Stephen King ruling.
1986 – Maximum Overdrive (another year that will blow your pee pee to full erection and then tying it to a goddamn automobile so you can suffer as you figure out how you were forced to chose between Night of the Creeps and Critters and From Beyond and The Fly and Friday the 13th part 6 and... suffer.
1985 – Return of the Living Dead (at this point we are just going to stop mentioning all the other great movies released in a year... too painful).
1984 – Friday the 13th part 4: The Final Chapter
1983 – Deadly Spawn
1982 – Creepshow
1981- Halloween II
1980 – Cannibal Holocaust
1979 – Tourist Trap
1978 – Dawn of the Dead
1977 – Kingdom of the Spiders
1976 – Burnt Offerings
1975 – The Devil's Rain (but I'll be damned if I'm leaving off Race with the Devil as a boilmaker)
1974 – Black Christmas
1973 – The Legend of Hell House
1972 – Tales from the Crypt
1971 - Abominable Dr. Phibes
1970 – Equinox
1969 – Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
1968 – Night of the Living Dead... which is totally fare and true, but I am going to give an alternate selection here given what NOTLD is. The Devil's Rides Out has a brilliant score, atmospheric. creepy. great cast. occult Horror goodness with plenty of bright color to make you feel like a black light poster is trying to destroy you.
1967 – Quatermass and the Pit aka Five Million Years to Earth
1966 – Dracula Prince of Darkness
1965 – Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (figures)
1964 – Blood and Black Lace
1963 – The Haunting AND Blood Feast(and damn you Black Sabbath for being released in the same damn year)
1962 – Carnival of Souls
1961 - Hercules in the Haunted World. - Exhumed Films strikes again
1960 – Black Sunday (even more than Psycho, Horror Hotel and Peeping Tom)
1959 – House on Haunted Hill
1958 – The Blob
1957 – Night of the Demon
1956 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers
1955 – Tarantula
1954 – Godzilla. If that's too obvious as a monster classic go with Creature from the Black Lagoon while riding one of the ants from the movie THEM!
1953 – House of Wax
1952 – Bela Lugosi Meets the Brooklyn Gorilla (and no I don't like this movie, but it's the one I would say that I like the most from 1952 since I haven't seen dick from that year).
1951 – The Thing from Another World
1950 – Did any Horror movies come out in 1950? Did I see it? I cannot find a goddamn thing.
1949 – The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
1948 – Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
1947 – Nada. I have not seen any of these.
1946 – Bedlam
1945 – Dead of Night with closer chaser The Picture of Dorian Gray. It was this Dorian Gray picture that actually inpsired one of my first written songs. Was it good? We played it in a band Eighth Bowl, our Marilyn Manson cover band. I really dug it. I may take the song back and re-deliver it for a Vaudeville Vamps album. Dead of Night (the real focus here), is a tremendous portamanteau to be adored.
1944 – The Uninvited
1943 – I Walked with a Zombie. I actually really want to re-explore The Leopard Man.
1942 – The Mummy's Tomb
1941 - The Wolfman
1940 – The Mummy's Hand
1939 – The Human Monster. I can remember that my doctor in high school told me to see this. He urged me to find the VHS tape. He described the tape cover vividly. I found it. I watched it. It was good. I have the tape now (not that version), and it's overdue for a watch. Apparently this same doctor loved to do kick backs for painkillers. He was the coolest doctor by psychedelics would have been cooler.
1938 –  Nada
1937 – Nada
1936 – The Invisible Ray
1935 – Bride of Frankenstein
1934 – The Black Cat
1933 – The Invisible Man
1932 – The Mummy
1931 - Frankenstein. It beats out Drac for me which wasn't always the case. I used to be a Bela Lugosi obsessed, black nail polisher. I loved Bauhaus. That's why I think I loved Bela and that's why would go out of my way to cheer him, love his movies even though Karloff was a better actor overall and I still love to play the super easy riff from Bela Lugosi's Dead. I miss my arm fishnets and Bauhaus/Bela tee.
1930 – Dracula
1929 – Nada
1928 – The Man Who Laughs
1927 – Metropolis
1926 – nada
1925 – The Phantom of the Opera
1924 – Waxworks
1923 – Hunchback of Notre Dame
1922 – Haxan... and yes I sincerely mean over Nosferatu which sounds so crazy to me.
1921 - Nada but I have Phantom Carriage to enjoy and there are quite a few movies of note:
1920 – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
1919 – nada
1918 – nada
1917 – nada
1916 – nada
1915 – Der Golem
1914 – nada
1913 – nada
1912 – nada
1911 - nada
1910 – Frankenstein (the Edison!)
1909 – nada
1908 – nada
1907 – nada
1906 – nada
1905 –nada
1904 – nada
1903 – nada
1902 – nada
1901- nada
1900 -nada

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