Saturday, March 18, 2017

New MANIAC Poster Prints! Gates Of Hell SHIPPING! Only At Eibon Press!

This year at Eibon Press, we're taking this motherfucker to a whole new level.  That means new artists and new stories, new products and new licenses. . . plus you'll be getting some wild surprises along the way!  Starting with LUCIO FULCI'S ZOMBIE #5, we're stepping up our game, with an all new sequel story that picks up where ISSUE #4 leave off!  And we're taking the opportunity to re-vamping the look of ALL OUR COMICS with an all-new "retro" design approach that hearkens back to the wild ages of 1970s and 1980s horror comics!  This also goes for our upcoming line of VHS COMICS, which will be released in October!  We know you can't wait to see what we're cooking up, though, and so we're giving you a unique opportunity to sample our new stuff with TWO NEW COLLECTIBLE POSTERS, which are available as of today in a special deal.  
Check it out:

Yes, you can now OWN THE COVERS of our wildest comics yet, months ahead of the official release of these books . . . and believe us, you NEED THESE POSTERS.  They are GORE-geous works of art from our awesome Eibon Sleeve regulars KYLE HOTZ AND JASON MOORE, devoted Fulci fans who also happen to be superstar comic illustrators, responsible for all kind of great art, on books like BATMAN, EVIL ERNIE, THE PUNISHER and GHOST RIDER!  Just 15 bucks and some change gets you BOTH POSTERS.  BUT HURRY!  ONLY 500 of each signed poster are printed and this offer ends on the last day of MARCH!  Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

And guess what else?
LUCIO FULCI'S GATES OF HELL #1 is shipping all this week!  We got this bad boy out way earlier than planned, because the demand was huge and we love you fucking maniacs.  GATES is our highest quality comic yet, part of our new wave of awesome "retro" books, and it's ALMOST SOLD OUT!  Just a few hundred copies of this 2,000 copy run are left.  So get yours now!  All orders received will be filled and shipped immediately.

And of course, don't forget . . .
This tri-edition masterpiece will BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND and SELL OUT FAST!
Yes, that's right . . . one of these goddamn editions has a VINYL RECORD IN IT!
And only 750 copies are available!
 TERROR NOTES: The new wave of comic books has begun. The new packaging that has an actual sleeve like a record album. Signed. Numbered. Bookmarks and other artifacts to support the release. I am a fan of Eibon Press. I am a fan of vinyl being joined with paper. I love seeing poster prints supporting comic books with gruesome,gory, grue. Those poster prints are available now, so you can support them now. I have a couple already, and they are most horrifically handsome.

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