Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Italian Horror Week 2017 - Giveaway #3 - Eibon Press' Zombie Issues #2 - #5

Happy Italian Horror Week day 3, boils and ghouls. For today's giveaway we have issues #2 through #5 of Lucio Fulci's Zombie from Eibon Press. They would have happily provided Issue #1, but it was so successful that it is completely sold out. Eibon's comics are fantastic. The artwork is great, gritty and bloody, and the physical presentation is out of this world. These comics com in what's called an Eibon Sleeve, which is a protective slipcase for your book. These bad boys are limited, so this will make for very cool collector's items.

All you have to do to enter is share this post on Facebook or Twitter, with the hashtags #IHWGIVEAWAY3 and #ITALIANHORRORWEEK. Make sure your post is set to public in the privacy settings, otherwise we won't be able to see you. A winner will be chosen and notified at the end of the week. Thanks for tuning is as wel honor Doc Terror with the continuation of Italian Horror Week, which he was very passionate about.

For more from Eibon Press, visit the following:

Eibon Press Shop

Eibon Press Home

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