Thursday, September 7, 2017

Italian Horror Week 2017 - Italian Horror Week Pop Figures By Frank Browning

When Italian Horror Goes Pop!

I was more than honored when I was invited to take part in this year’s Doc Terror’s Italian Horror Week. The conversation between Mozz (Danny Monserrate) and myself began as many of my conversations with Doc Terror started in years past. DUDE I HAVE AN AWESOME IDEA! Over the years Doc and I have cranked out some of my favorite projects of all time. There was always excitement and collaboration. Two of my favorite things. And from those 2 things have come some of the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of.

“I have a great idea for an art project for you! An Italian horror line of Funko Pop figures. Worm Eye, Burial Ground Zombie… Anthropophagus, etc.” Though Doc is no longer with us, I swear I could feel his presence during that conversation and all the work Mozz and I did to get is completed. I know what we have come up with would make him proud and excited and that means more to us than words can say.

So prepare yourself to see The Beast from “Anthropophagous”, the Etruscan Zombie from “Burial Ground”, Dr. Freudstein from “The House by the Cemetery”, and the Worm-Eyed Zombie from “Zombie” aka “Zombi 2” aka “Zombie Flesh Eaters” as you have never seen them before: As Custom Funko Pop Figures!
Stick around to the end to see a few more Pop figures we’d all love to have. Now, onto the goods!
  • Frank “THE GROCKLE” Browning

We are proud to present the Doc Terror Italian Horror Funko Pops (we wish actually existed).

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