GOG's summer sale brings demos of Desperados 3 and the System Shock remake

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GOG's Summer Sale (opens in new tab) has just launched and—as you might expect—the games, they are cheap. But wait! There's more. As part of the sale, GOG is hosting demos for a selection of upcoming games, including Desperados III (opens in new tab) and Nightdive's System Shock remake (opens in new tab). You can download them now.

Also on the demo pile is time-bending RPG Cris Tales (opens in new tab), cozy management sim Spiritfarer (opens in new tab), 'reverse horror' stalk-'em-up Carrion (opens in new tab), roleplaying strategy Vagrus – The Riven Realms (opens in new tab), and the Destroy All Humans! remake (opens in new tab).

If you're not averse to spending actual money, though, there's the actual-games-you-can-buy bit of the sale. GOG has just added Metro Exodus and 2017's Prey to its DRM-free line-up, and both are sporting chunky discounts. Prey is just $9, which... damn.

Elsewhere, you can pad out your library through publisher bundles—featuring EA, Activision, Paradox, Devolver and more—and individual deals on over 3,000 games. The sale runs until June 15.

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