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Sometimes you need some serious help, and Minecraft commands and cheats are there to do the heavy lifting. After all, the sandbox should be yours to modify and play in however you want. No matter if you'd like a specific enchanted sword, to stop the crowds of creepers that keep ambushing you and blowing up the statue you're building, or just to get a friend on your multiplayer server get back to spawn after they've gotten lost in the cubic wilderness—having access to the full Minecraft commands list will prepare you for success.

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Same as the rest of Minecraft, using commands has become easier and more accessible in each version of the game. Instead of poring over lists of ID's for your enchanting commands, the game will now automatically lend you a hand by showing a list of options when typing your command in.

We've gathered up some of the best Minecraft cheats for you to mess with at the top in the best Minecraft commands section. Stuff you'll get addicted to, like teleporting yourself, adding experience points, or even giving yourself an item you just can't get ahold of yourself. There are even more commands than we have listed here including a bunch of specific game rule setting adjustments. This list has all the commands you're most likely to need.

Best Minecraft commands

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Want to make it rain diamonds? Or maybe you just want to skip looking at the full Minecraft commands list and get only the highlights? It's your lucky day, since we've curated a few of the best Minecraft cheats to make it even easier on you:

Add levels and experience

/experience add @s 10 levels

This will give you 10 levels, a handy shortcut for enchanting items. You can also use /experience add @s 10 points to add only a certain number of xp instead of full levels. Try other targets with @ to give experience or levels to another player.

Teleport command

/teleport or /tp

You can use this command as /tp x y z with a set of coordinates to take you anywhere you like or use shorthand targets to teleport other players or mobs to you.

Give item command

/give @s minecraft:diamond 10

This will give you 10 diamonds, but the "give" command can be used with lots of items and amounts. Pay attention to the autofill options to give yourself any item you want, from a diamond sword to a saddle to an enderpearl.

Change difficulty

/difficulty peaceful

Changes the difficulty settings of your world. You can also set it to easy, hard, or normal. If you want mobs to stop attacking you, peaceful mode is the way to go.

Change game mode

/gamemode creative

Separate from difficulty, this changes your game mode. You can also set it to adventure, spectator, or survival. If you want to know how to fly in Minecraft, double jump while in creative mode.

Keep inventory when you die

/gamerule keepInventory true

Setting keepInventory to "true" means you won't drop your inventory on the ground where you die and will respawn with everything instead. Using /gamerule keepInventory false will go back to the default setting.

No fall damage

/gamerule fallDamage false

As it sounds, turning off fall damage means you won't lose hearts when falling from heights. You can set this rule to "true" to go back to the normal setting.

Stop mob griefing

/gamerule mobGriefing false

Turning off mob griefing means that enemies like creepers and ghasts won't be able to destroy blocks. It will also stop endermen from snatching blocks and carrying them off. If you're struggling with ghasts exploding your Nether builds, this is how to make them cut it out. They'll still be able to hurt you with fireballs, but at least they won't blow up all the netherrack you're standing on.

Change time

/time set day

This will set the current time to morning. You can also set the time to "night" or use numbers between 0-24000. For reference, 0 is sunrise and 13000 is sunset.

Minecraft command targets

Below are the shorthand codes to save you from typing in different player names. These are worth memorizing so you don’t have to type in names like “Sniper_Kitty_Bruv_91” every time some jobber joins your game.

  • @p – the player nearest to you
  • @r – a random player
  • @a – all players
  • @e – all entities in the world.
  • @s - yourself

Minecraft commands list

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Need the full Minecraft cheat list, so you can be prepared for any situation? We've got them collected so you can summon up whatever you need for the situation, or just make it daytime forever.

  • /gamerule doDaylightCycle false: This is the always daytime command equivalent for Java version.
  • /clone x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2: This command is useful for duplicating structures or other builds you've created.
  • /effect: The /effect command can be used for a lot of things. For instance "/effect give @s minecraft:night_vision 180" will give you night vision for three minutes, useful for exploring caves without a torch. You can see what all the available effects are on the Effect list.
  • /enchant: The enchant command can be used on any enchantable item you're holding. Use "/enchant @s minecraft:unbreaking" to make whichever tool you're holding unbreakable. 
  • /fill x y z x y z [block]: Fills an area with a specified type of block. Make use of the autocomplete suggestions to search for the blocks you want. Useful for creating a river by filling an area with water or excavating by filling with air.
  • /gamerule: There are specific gamerule commands on this list of gamerules we find useful, but be aware you can type in the command and scroll through the options too.
  • /kill: By default, the /kill command will kill everything, including you, so be specific! Using the @e target will allow you to specify a specific mob type with "/kill @e[type=mobType]". Murder responsibly.
  • /locate: The locate command will tell you the coordinates of the nearest specified biome, structure, or point of interest. You can then use the /tp command to go there! Try searching for the nearest witch hut or blacksmith.
  • /me: Type anything you want after this to print the words in chat as if you've said them.
  • /place: This command can get complex, but it will allow you to place lots of different structures. You can also specify coordinates at the end of this command to tell the game where exactly to place things.
  • /seed: This command will show you your world seed in chat, which you can then click on to copy. Handy if you want to share a world seed with a friend!
  • /setblock x y z [block]: This command turns a block at specific coordinates into a different one, a bit like the /fill command.
  • /setworldspawn: By default, this will change the world spawn point to your current location. You can also use /setworldspawn x y z to specify a location instead.
  • /spawnpoint: Unlike world spawn, this sets the respawn point for a specified player when they die.
  • /summon: The /summon command can be used to call forth any mob you like. Try "/summon minecraft:enderman" to summon an Enderman at your location.
  • /weather: This command will let you set the current weather to rain, clear, or thunder.

Bedrock-specific commands:

  • /alwaysday or /daylock: These two commands will make it so night never falls in your world.
  • /toggledownfall: This command will make it rain or snow. It will also make precipitation stop.

How to use Minecraft commands

 How to turn on cheats in Minecraft 

Some of the entries on the command list can be used any time you play Minecraft, but others require you to turn cheats on. You'll do this when creating your world initially, either by setting "Allow Cheats: On" in the world creation menu or by selecting Creative Mode, which automatically allows cheats—so you can utilize all of the cheats list you'd like.

 How to use Minecraft commands 

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Press "T" to open the Minecraft command line, which is where you can type any of  cheats you need. You can also press the / key to open the commands box with the / before each one already included for you. 

When typing in many of these commands, Minecraft will now attempt to autocomplete for you, so pay attention to the options! Either type out one of the suggestions or use your arrow keys to select from the list above your chat box and the "tab" key to insert it. 

Some commands like /locate will help by suggesting options to help you put together a long command like "/locate biome minecraftsunflower_plains" that you likely won't have memorized. This makes commands like /gamemode and /difficulty easier to fire off quickly.

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