Monster Hunter World: Iceborne appears to be deleting saves, Capcom is investigating

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (opens in new tab) finally arrived on PC yesterday, but it's not going especially well for everyone. A number of players on Steam (opens in new tab) and Reddit (opens in new tab) are complaining that the update has deleted their saves, which in some cases has cost them hundreds of hours of gameplay.

After installing the Iceborne expansion, players impacted by the issue are told that a compatible save file cannot be found when the game starts. At that point, they're prompted to create a new save, which begins a brand new game. Making matters worse, according to VG247 (opens in new tab), exiting the game at that point automatically uploads the same to Steam (assuming you have Steam Cloud saves enabled), so you can kiss that one goodbye, too.

One theory is that the presence of certain mods (opens in new tab) could be causing compatibility issues, although at least a few players have said that they lost their saves despite having no mods installed. Another possibility is that long-absent players may have missed an update that changed save formats, and Iceborne is unable to read the older saves (opens in new tab). A Capcom rep said the team is aware of the complaints and looking into the issue, but hasn't come up with anything definitive yet.

If you haven't yet run the Iceborne expansion but plan to do so imminently, you'd probably be well advised to back up your saves manually before you do anything, which you should be able to find in Steam\User data\(your steam user ID number)\582010. If your saves have already been wiped, you might be able to restore them with the MHWSaveTransfer (opens in new tab) utility and this "Iceborne Ready (opens in new tab)" save, both available from NexusMods (via Steam user nomotg (opens in new tab)).

Alternatively, instead of diving face-first into a potentially risky DIY fix, you could just wait a bit while Capcom sorts it out. You do you, but that's the route that I'd recommend. We'll let you know when more information becomes available.

In the meantime, if you've avoided any issues and are happily hunting monsters in this icy new world, we've got some helpful resources you should probably check out, including list of fearsome new beasts (opens in new tab), ten things you should do (opens in new tab) before you get going, and a Guiding Lands endgame guide (opens in new tab).

Update: There's no word of a resolution yet, but a Capcom rep said that updates will be posted when they're available on the Steam announcements page (opens in new tab)

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