Compiled here are video uploaded to YouTube by Dr. Jimmy. Some of these have been used in previous Dr. Terror posts and others are simply just too entertaining not to put up here. Generally I have a great love for old TV commercials and bumpers. Also, Frank Browning, Sean O'Connor and I have been creating faux video games based around horror movies. We will upload the trailers for said video games as we create more currently working under the name Hacktivision.

Guts and Grog EXTREME WEEK Contribution - Eating Raw Meat, Snorting Pixy Stix, Watching Faces of Death

DEMONS From 8-Bits From Hell Part 2 

 ConquestFrom 8-Bits From Hell Part 2

ConqueNew Year's Evil Holiday Special Music Video featuring Trailer from the movie and 8-Bit music.

 Black Christmas 8-Bit Holiday Special

Dr. Terror's Christmas Card Christmas Video of Horrors:

The very first video blog and video Christmas card from Dr. TERROR.

From 8-Bits From Hell:

This is the faux video game trailer edited and written by Dr. Jimmy, Sound by Sean O'Connor and amazing 8 Bit graphics by Frank Browning.

From Action Theater:

A beloved TV program bumper from my youth. Low quality cam recording of my TV set from a VHS recording in the mid-80's.

From a Right Guard Commercial:

80's commercial for Right Guard captured from a TV set off a VHS tape recorded in the mid-80's. Look at those great monster costumes.

From Italian Horror Week 2012: 

This is a promo for Italian Horror Week 2012 with art by Dr. Terror and Frank Browning and music sampled from City of the Living Dead and a sound sample from The Beyond. We love Italian Horror and plan on man more bumpers for the 2013 week.

Mystery Song From Italian Horror Week 2012:

This video was included as a "name that tune" contest game from Italian Horror Week. Can you guess from what movie it comes?

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