PC Gamer's Game of the Year Awards 2021

Game of the Year 2021
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Welcome to our annual Game of the Year Awards. For the past week we've been building up to our ultimate Game of the Year award by revealing the winners of each category. You'll find all of the deserving winners listed below, but the time has come to announce the game that won us over completely in 2021. Check it out below.

Rather than fit the year's best games into a handful of fixed categories, each staff member was asked to nominate up to six games that released this year—either fully or into Early Access. We then gathered into one big, global call to argue through our choices and decide upon the final list. Once the games are picked, we assign each an award that represents what we feel it excelled at. This is why the categories are always slightly different each year.

Alongside the main awards, each PC Gamer writer has also picked one of their personal favourites to highlight. We'll be updating this page with new awards and staff picks throughout the rest of the month.

The Awards

Best Ongoing Game: Apex Legends (opens in new tab)
Best Co-op:
Back 4 Blood (opens in new tab)
Best Multiplayer: Chivalry 2 (opens in new tab)
Best Horror: Resident Evil Village (opens in new tab)
Best Strategy: Old World (opens in new tab)
Best Characters: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (opens in new tab)
Best RPG: Wildermyth (opens in new tab)
Best Shooter: Halo Infinite (opens in new tab)
Best Design: Loop Hero (opens in new tab)
Best Narrative: Sable (opens in new tab)
Best Open World: Forza Horizon 5 (opens in new tab)
Best Action: Deathloop (opens in new tab)
Best Stealth: Hitman 3 (opens in new tab)
Game of the Year: Valheim (opens in new tab)

Staff Picks

We'll be revealing two staff picks per day from December 19 to December 30.

Jacob Ridley: Hell Let Loose
Morgan Park: Jackbox Party Pack 8
Natalie Clayton:
Unbeatable [White Label] (opens in new tab)
Tyler Colp:
Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye (opens in new tab)
Mollie Taylor:
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (opens in new tab)
Lauren Morton:
Book of Travels (opens in new tab)
Sarah James:
Unpacking (opens in new tab)
Andy Chalk:
The Pathless (opens in new tab)
Lauren Aitken:
Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris (opens in new tab)
Chris Livingston:
Farming Simulator 22 (opens in new tab)
Jody Macgregor:
The Forgotten City (opens in new tab)
Rich Stanton:
Scavengers (opens in new tab)
Imogen Mellor:
Life is Strange: True Colors (opens in new tab)
Wes Fenlon:
Cruelty Squad (opens in new tab)
Shaun Prescott:
Astalon: Tears of the Earth (opens in new tab)
Alan Dexter:
Magic the Gathering: Arena (opens in new tab)
Harry Shepherd:
Toem (opens in new tab)
Evan Lahti:
Battlefield 2042 (opens in new tab)
Robin Valentine:
Trials of Fire (opens in new tab)
Dave James:
Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition (opens in new tab)
Katie Wickens:
Mini Motorways (opens in new tab)
Fraser Brown:
The Ascent (opens in new tab)
Phil Savage:
Blaseball (opens in new tab)

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Phil has been writing for PC Gamer for nearly a decade, starting out as a freelance writer covering everything from free games to MMOs. He eventually joined full-time as a news writer, before moving to the magazine to review immersive sims, RPGs and Hitman games. Now he leads PC Gamer's UK team, but still sometimes finds the time to write about his ongoing obsessions with Destiny 2, GTA Online and Apex Legends. When he's not levelling up battle passes, he's checking out the latest tactics game or dipping back into Guild Wars 2. He's largely responsible for the whole Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.