The creators of Sunless Skies are giving tips on writing weird horror in our new forums

(Image credit: Failbetter Games)

Sunless Skies was one of our favorite games of last year, in large part due to the fog-drenched Fallen London setting and evocative writing from developer Failbetter Games, which also developed Sunless Sea.

Ineffable sky horrors may defy explanation, but the writing of them doesn't: The Failbetter crew is hanging out in our new forums this week to offer advice on writing weird horror and interactive fiction, with practical tips from their experience creating some of the best narrative adventures on PC.

They're also giving away some gorgeous Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies-themed playing cards. Here's what Failbetter has posted so far and what's to come:

If you missed the news this week, you've probably gathered that we have forums now (or again, if you've been around for a while). The PC Gamer forums are another way to chat about the latest in PC gaming, give advice or ask for help from PC Gamer readers and writers, and interact with guests like Failbetter from time to time.

We also hope to bring the best material from the forums onto the site, and will be inviting answers to our weekly questions in the General Gaming section. This week's question: What game would make a great Netflix series?

If you're new to the forums—which most are given that they launched just yesterday—sign up and introduce yourself here. You'll find Failbetter's posts in the Studio Spotlight section this week.

Tyler Wilde
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