Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Upcoming Exhumed Films and I-House Screenings: Nosferatu and 24hr Fest Coming Soon
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    Our friends at International House Philadelphia are screening Werner Herzog's marvelous film NOSFERATU (1979) starring Klaus Kinski and Isabelle Adjani on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 7 PM. This is a stunning new DCP print. Friends of Exhumed Films will get a discount on advance tickets by entering the promo code loudfastphilly

    All the information you need is here:

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    October 25-26 2014 Exhumed Films presents 24 Hour Horror-thon, Part VIII
    SOLD OUT !!

    diabolik is your source for Cult, Horror and Arthouse DVDs. Check us out on the web or at the next Exhumed Films show. If you would like to have Diabolik bring you a disc to the show for purchase, please email them at
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    THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN: Available on Early EST October 21 and DVD November 4

    While I am excited that at the title "The Taking of Deborah Logan" and the note that it is produced by the producers of Trick R Treat, I have my concerns. The reason? When they state that they are filming the every day life of the patient, Deborah Logan, and that something has taken control of her life, all I hear is demonic posssession found footage movie. While it will get it's fair shake in the court of Doc Terror, I have doubts about it given the recent steps taken to capitlize on the found footage/possession trend after the success of the Devil Inside. I always hope for the best but expect the worst with flicks like this, but I will tell you that even my uncyncical self has been shaken recently with a rash of baby and non-baby found footage possession flicks. They're enough to make me want to enjoy Beyond the Door on endless repeat.

    The Taking of Deborah Logan will be available in late October with a release date planned for VOD and DVD of November 4th.

    Synapse to Release Demons and Demons 2 in Regular Edition Blu-ray and DVD November 11th

    Couldn't stomach the price tag of the Demons steelbooks released last year from Synapse Films? I completely understand. While they are tremendous editions complete with some truly sexy extras and a fantastic packaging job, they may be a little out of reach at about $50 a piece (though I stand by that they are more than worth it). Now Synapse is giving you a chance to get in on both Demons and its sequel on DVD and Blu-ray, separately released and more affordable. They will be extras feature lite, but will contain the Lamberto Bava gems you need.

    We gave away two of the steelbook sets this past Italian Horror Week with a tremendous outcry. It was truly heartwarming.

    It's times like this when you have yourself, "What have you done for Bobby Rhodes lately?".

    Full release notes from Synapse Films:

    Label: Synapse Films


    In Search Of Ancient Mysteries Coming to DVD October 28th

    While I didn't get to watch In Search of Ancient Mysteries often when I was younger, I do remember it quite well. It was helmed by The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling, hosted by Leonard Nimoy and provided some tasty tidbits about real world creepies.
    This series is hitting DVD October 28th from Film Chest Media and though my experience with that company is not broad, I think this will be a "you get what you get and don't get upset" kind of releases. We will have the product to review closer to the release date and will let you know if there are any issues.

    Presented in 4:3 AR so don't freak out at the bars on your TV going the wrong way. That's how it was presented when the TV's were "different".

    HOMEBREW UNIVERSITY Update: Seasonal Brewing, Seasonal Hours Change


    Football, crisp air, fall foliage, colder mornings, shorter days, and the advent of St. Michael's Day (Sept. 29th)?

    What does this equate to?

    Why the onset of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, of course...


    So we are changing our times and reverting back to a more normal schedule.

    FANTASTIC FEST 2014 ANNOUNCES AWARDS: The Babadook, Dead Snow 2, Lenoard Maltin

    I thought it would be worth posting the award winners of the Fantastic Fest Awards. These are full length movies and shorts that you should try to pick up when the receive distribution (or in the case of the short films, scan the web and your local festivals). We've been paying close attention to The Babadook and Dead Snow 2 and both won awards. I think the most important thing to mention is that Leonard Maltin was given the lifetime achievement award. It's no secret that I strongly dislike Siskel and Ebert. I go out of my way to attack them all too regularly and perhaps that is a character flaw, however I want to assure you that I do this not because I dislike critics; I just don't like assholes. That being said I love Leonard Maltin. Growing up his guide to movies (several editions) were a staple in helping to pick movies. Not because they were of a higher quality mind you, but because they were rated with a TURKEY. I always knew his turkeys would appeal to me, that his hatred for what I loved would guide me to some of the greatest horror movies I have known. His rating system that included a mention of "gratutious nudity and gore" was pivotal guiding a young, hornball, gut obsessed Doc T.

    So check out the winners. Search out their movies and follow them on social media sites because this is part of the new crop of horror that will hopefully break you out of your "there's no good horror" blues.

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    Dead Air: Episode 60 - 976 Evil 2 (1991) / Waxwork (1988)

    This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD), Jesse (@DestroySuperman), James (@DrJimmyTerror), and Shawn (@TheLiberalDead) finish the infamous Lionsgate Horror 8-Pack and wrap up the unofficial "Bargain Bin Madness" series. Yes, Shawn is still alive.

    First, the guys tell you why they aren't too impressed with AS ABOVE SO BELOW or SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, Jeff tells the story of finally meeting James in real life at Italian Splatterfest 3, and then everyone praises the new DVD release (finally!) of the indie horror flick, FOUND. They also give you a run down of the Halloween-centric content over at The Liberal Dead and talk about the recently announced first wave of programming at the 2014 Toronto After Dark Film Festival (which Jeff will be attending and covering).

    Next up, the guys worship at the alter of Jim Wynorski and tell you why you shouldn't dismiss 976-EVIL 2 (even though the first film really isn't worth talking about), and then they revisit Anothony Hickox's wickedly funny/awesome genre mashup, WAXWORK.

    As always, there's plenty of ridiculous banter, Elvis sightings, and Jesse even sings a few songs for your amusement...

    If streaming isn't your thing, you may Download the MP3 Directly here or Subscribe Via iTunes.

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    And, as always, if you want to drop us a line to let us know what you think of any of the movies discussed tonight, or you just want to give us feedback on the podcast in general, please send an email to podcast (at) liberaldead (dot) com.

    Check out this episode!

    Sunday, September 21, 2014

    Shop Morbid Spotlight - THE EXORCIST

    For our latest installment of our look into the Shop Morbid catalog we are focusing in on the Exorcist. Many of you know that we will be seeing a full box set of all The Exorcist pictures on Blu-ray in a concise box set very shortly. It contains the prequels, the sequels and the original; the original movie being the most terrifying of the bunch and most rewatchable (part III being the next in line as a fan favorite). Ask your parents about The Exorcist and they'll regale you with tales of being frightened to death at the thought of seeing this picture in the theater. It has a history. It's potent, and it still holds up.

    That makes it a damn fine Halloween costume if you ask me. That's where Shop Morbid comes into play. They have a number licensed products from the Exorcist that, when used in tandem, will most likely terrify the houses you haunt for Halloween, the parties you get drunk at and most likely torment your parents as well (the sign of a truly great costume).

    Here are three Exorcist related items that, when used in tandem, could create the ultimate creep out, just add a little lighting and perhaps some pea soup.


    The Exorcist Regan Mask is an over-the-head latex mask depicting Regan MacNeil from the hit film, "The Exorcist." This mask includes hair and the face is made to look like Regan is possessed, complete with gashes on the face, dark circles around the eyes, terrifying teeth, and a little bit of puke on the mouth. Pair this mask with our The Exorcist Regan Costume for a spooktacular look this Halloween! One size fits most.


    The Exorcist Regan costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween! If you're going for the scary and possessed vibe, be sure to pick up this nightgown and wig set to look just like Regan MacNeil from "The Exorcist." The nightgown is made all the more gross with fake blood and puke! If you want to really be a hit this Halloween, check out our The Exorcist Regan Mask for the complete look! One size fits most.


    This terrifying doorway drape features images of possessed Regan MacNeil and Pazuz the demon from the classic horror film, "The Exorcist." This creepy decor item measures 7' x 3' and is made of fabric. What could be scarier for your haunted bash than having your guests walk through some of the most terrifying and deominc characters from your favorite horror film?!


    The Exorcist Life-Sized Regan prop stands 5' tall and is a great realistic prop to add to your pro collection! Regan has fully poseable arms and her head rotates 360 degrees. In addition, her body shakes, her eyes light up, and she has realistic jaw motion! This animated prop plays 6 audio tracks and theme from the movie. Regan's animation is activated by sensors so you can leave her anywhere in your haunted house and she will be sure to give your guests a nice, healthy scare!

    Imagine you walk into a house, first passing through a doorway drape featuring a horrifying image of Regan, followed by being unexpectedly scared by a life-sized Regan in the corner just past the doorway and then, the culmination, a friend jumps out at you and where you might expect a good friend, you see the devil himself in Regan form. Shop Morbid has other Exorcist related items that we will be focusing on throughout our lead up to Halloween.

    You can find these items as well as other licensed horror goodies featuring your favorite horror icons at Shop Morbid. Take a look at their website, updated for 2014! 

    Make sure to enter their $500 Halloween Shopping spree!

    Friday, September 19, 2014

    Scream Factory Release Schedule Through November: Set Your Wallets to Stun!

    I believe the expression we all use is "take my money". Well I believe I have something to help you figure out how and when to open your wallet. We have an up to date list of Scream Factory releases coming out for September, October and November. You can think of this as a way to do your Halloween season shopping or perhaps a certain holiday that comes in December featuring the man in the red suit with the "claws".  In this selection you've got Nightbreed (yes the awesome limited edition), the Halloween Collection and the Vincent Price Collection II!

    Having enjoyed Pumpkinhead and The Battery already, and I am looking forward to reviewing the rest of the Scream Factory lineup for you.

    Check out the guide below from Scream Factory. Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.

    September 9, 2014 Pumpkinhead (Collector’s Edition) SRP $29.93 BD

    Scream Factory has announced a September 9 Blu-ray release of a horror favorite featuring one of the scariest movie monsters of all time,Pumpkinhead (Collector’s Edition).The release includes several bonus features including new interviews.

    When a group of teenagers inadvertently kill his only son, Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen,Aliens) seeks the powers of a backwoods witch to bring the child back to life. But instead, she invokes “the pumpkinhead” – a monstrously clawed demon which, once reborn, answers only to Ed’s bloodlust. But as the creature wreaks it’s slow, unspeakable tortures on the teens, Ed confronts a horrifying secret about his connection to the beast – and realizes that he must find a way to stop its deadly mission before he becomes one with the creature forever. Also starring Jeff East (Deadly Blessing), Joel Hoffman (Slumber Party Massacre Ii) and Kerry Remsen (A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge), this “atmospheric, moralistic tale” (TV Guide) delivers demonic horror at its blood-drenched best.

    Full Moon/Wizard Studios Announces the DVD Release of WAX

    It's finally happening! I'm so glad to report that Spanish Horror is coming back around again. Wax, Victor Matellano's wax museum creep out that seems to harken back to earlier Spanish Horror with Gothic overtones, gory brutality and plenty of perfect excess as well as frightening performance by Jack Taylor, is coming home on DVD. I'm not going to say that Full Moon has a Wax fetish just yet (releasing Tourist Trap on Blu-ray earlier this year), but you know I'm thinking it. Furthermore you'll be able to stream it through Full Moon Streaming this Halloween! I strongly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite pictures of the year from a director who understands why Spanish Horror was successful and could help to bring about a much needed resurgence.

    Full release below:

    Full Moon/Wizard Studios announces the DVD release of WAX, an essential movie in order to understand Spanish Horror. WAX blends traditional gothic atmosphere with contemporary found footage shock and sports plenty of gruesome, gory violence and more than one serpentine plot twist. The distribution company highlights the names of genre legends such as Jack Taylor (Jess Franco’s SUCCUBUS and FEMALE VAMPIRE, THE VAMPIRE’S NIGHT ORGY), Geraldine Chaplin (THE WOLFMAN), Lone Fleming (TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD) and Naschy himself, whose voice comes from an automaton, that are part of a feature film that pays tribute to all time horror.

    Shop Morbid Featured Product: INFLATABLE SLIMER!

    Ghostbuster is big right now. Really big. I suppose it is always big. This year the comedic horror classic turns 30. To celebrate we've seen limited edition,glow in the dark vinyl, a new Blu-ray release as well as a limited edition slimer package for the new movie release and even a theatrical re-release. Today's focus for our new series with Shop Morbid keeps in line with that them providing you with a something to eat all the food in your fridge or front yard. Say Hello to Slimer... inflatable slimer that is.

    In our new series that came about as a friendly partnership with Shop Morbid we are focusing on some of their creations for Halloween that will help to make your home, yard or office more spooky. I love these guys. They're good friends and put out some interesting variations on products licensed from big horror franchises in addition to some of their original work.
    We appreciate any feedback and questions you may have and will help get them answered. You can access Shop Morbid HERE to start checking out their product line and get familiar with the items we will be featuring.
    From Shop Morbid:
    Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Have no fear this Halloween with the Ghostbusters Slimer Inflatable Licensed from the classic comedy, "Ghostbusters," Slimer Inflatable is 6' in height and includes a plug-in fan, strings, and stakes.
    I can see this fella adoring your yard, back lit and perhaps with a pile of fake food in front of him. You can build a whole Ghostbusters themed yard, dress up as a Ghostbuster and perhaps even pretend to fight the ugly little spud on your front lawn on Halloween night (I think he can hear you).
    So don't cross the streams and come up with your won way to display this icon of modern horror. Maybe serve hot dogs for the kiddies.
    If you happen to own Ghostbusters Slimer Inflatable shoot us a picture of how you display him. We'd love to post it on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

    Thursday, September 18, 2014

    Monkey Shines and The Dark Half Hitting Scream Factory Blu This November

     Two new releases from Scream Factory are coming this November both from a true master of modern horror, George Romero. The Dark Half  and Monkey Shines are hitting Blu-ray each with a nice extra package, classic cover art and more than likely looking great (because that's what Scream Factory does). While I enjoyed The Dark Half it has been more than a few years since I've seen it. Monkey Shines on the other hand was screened at this past year's Exhumed 24 Hour Horrorthon in Philly. While it was not my first viewing of Monkey Shines, the screening greatly helped me to appreciate this film for both it's horrific elements and unintentionally comedic moments (or perhaps more intentional than Romero might admit).

    You have some time on these as they will release November 18th, after Halloween so you can enjoy them with your turkey the week after.

    Full release from Scream Factory:

    Mondo and Death Waltz MERGE!

    Do you like horror vinyl? I do. I like most physical mediums by which horror entertainment is presented especially when it comes in pretty color variants, complete releases and stellar cover art. That brings us to today's news. Mondo (the limited edition art company that spews forth limited releases that make collector's drool and flippers rich) has acquired Death Waltz Recording Company (one of my favorite indepedent vinyl distro companies out of the UK). I am very excited to see how this impacts selection and their US disitrubtion model. While I am hoping for the greater selection a merger of this type surely can offer, I am concerned with just how limited the Death Waltz selection could become (the blessing and the curse of Mondo is their limited release model which provides fans a real treat in the form of some pretty great packaging but has the negative effect of driving up prices on the secondary market).
    We'll let you know what we hear, continue to update you on releases of Mondo and Death Waltz as they happen when genre appropriate and keep our fingers crossed that this mega merger of the indie super power labels is to the benefit of all horror fans, not just those who can click the refresh button like a hamster at the feed bar.
    Everything I'd have to offer is speculative and given my lack of ability to procure a Cat in the Brain colorful variant from Mondo due to their random insert method of variant distribution... I have a bias, but I'm sure I'll forget it by the time the next release goes on sale from Mondo Death!

    Dead Air: Episode 59 - CHUD II: Bud The CHUD (1989) / Class Of 1999 (1990)

    This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD), Jesse (@DestroySuperman), and James (@DrJimmyTerror) dig deeper into the infamous Lionsgate Horror 8-Pack and continue the unofficial "Bargain Bin Madness" series (because there's nothing really worth watching in theaters).

    The guys shoot the shit about what's been going on, and talk about the impending 4-year anniversary of the podcast and what's in store for the rest of 2014. For the featured reviews, they get in touch with their inner CHUD and review one of the most infamous "sequels" to ever hit theaters, CHUD II: BUD THE CHUD, and talk about how they wish Stacey Keach was their high school teacher while they review Mark Lester's CLASS OF 1999 (easily confused with CLASS OF 1984).

    As always, there's plenty of ridiculousness and tangents about everything from genre films to the Inner Earth Theory... 

    If streaming isn't your thing, you may Download the MP3 Directly here or Subscribe Via iTunes.

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    And, as always, if you want to drop us a line to let us know what you think of any of the movies discussed tonight, or you just want to give us feedback on the podcast in general, please send an email to podcast (at) liberaldead (dot) com.

    Check out this episode!

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    Godzilla (Blu-ray Review) - Bring the Big Guy Home!

    We're back to discuss the big guy. Godzilla. This time on Blu-ray. I have enjoyed this movie quite a few times both on the big screen and now at home. It holds up to the change in size, and if anything I have enjoyed this one more with each viewing as I'm offered a chance to seek out new easter egg tidbits of Godzilla's history or a second look at some of the amazing effects. The Blu-ray itself comes with a batch of "historical" videos that feature a look at some of the videos afforded us in the credit sequence and throughout the full length movie. They've been fleshed out and in tact. This is a fun extra but doesn't exactly give us the historical presence I would like to see in a feature about a monster with so much history. The making of featurettes are fine and provide a look at the computer generated creature and landscape creation. A nice touch.

    As far the content of the movie and my reaction...
    Basic premise. Giant Monsters! Some of you call them Kaiju; some of you are starting to become too hipster to do that. Figure out what you want to call them and stick with it for fucksake. Uh, so where was I? Premise. Eh, go see the movie. It's a Godzilla movie. That is for certain. This ain't no Matthew Broderick shit. I think even Matthew is going to go see this and smack himself for making that ungod(zilla)ly picture. You know in a way I got lucky because I must've been doing something pretty damn good to not go see that damn movie in the theater back in 1998. I suffered through the end on cable only recently though I remember the soundtrack having some merit. I like to think of myself as fortunate. That cum wad of a film isn't THIS movie. This is a Godzilla movie, and it watches like a Godzilla movie but takes itself more seriously. While the whole thing is fleshed out brilliantly with back story and shockingly emotive character development as well as a real concern with laying down some historic precedent, it tends to feel long at times. You want the damn thing to get up and go but it tricky trots around the people instead of the big guys. You may have heard that the Godzilla doesn't get enough screen time. I urge the people who say that to go watch any Godzilla movie. Any of them! He's on the screen plenty.
    Let's address some key issues (it's after 1am, I wanted to get this out while it's fresh and I'm running out of synonyms for Kaiju).

    WORM (Synapse DVD) - Ear Worm Redefined

    Syanpse Films put out Worm in a special edition package this past August. I think it's fantastic, urge you all to see it and hope that it does well. Here's an original dark fantasy picture with horror themes that is acted quite well. It's a solid independent with beautiful gore, moments of strange surreal fantasy and an obvious moral message that hits home in an age of "take something" to fix every goddamn problem you have. I must admit of course that I wanted to try a Fantasite even though I realize there are serious health detriments.

    Reasons to watch Worm:

    -Great performances by all involved with dialogue that feels strangely real
    -Excellent gory gross outs with plenty of worms (mostly going into ears) to give you the heebie jeebies.
    -Strange men in worm masks
    -Surreal dream sequences
    -Positive, anti-drug message (yet I want to try the damn worm in my ear for some fucked up reason).
    -Plenty of bonus material including the original short that came about as a result of Nashville's 48 Film Project.
    -the cover freaks out "the normals".
    -intriguing story that actually seems to make you think a bit... maybe almost like a Kurt Vonnegut Jr plot.

    The Toxic Avenger (Troma Blu-ray) - Tromaville, NJ Represent!

    This will be a shocker for you. I do not own the DVD of the Toxic Avenger or at least I didn't before Troma put out this set that featured both the Blu-ray and the DVD. Sure I've watched this movie on cable or On-Demand and rented it through Netflix, but I never picked it up. It seemed whenever I wanted to enjoy this beautiful piece of splatter cinema that it was ready for me to view in some fashion. The first thing I recommend you do, if you are a Blu-ray player owner, is to put in the DVD. That's right. Not the Blu-ray. Put in the "old fashion" DVD and watch a few minutes. Hell watch the whole damn thing because you're going to watch it again and again and again. Troma fans are like that; they're good like that. When you're done have a flirt or a tryst or a sperm donation with the DVD, make sure to drop in the disc on the left, the Blu-ray. See anything you like? See how it just jumps right fuck out at you and says, "THIS IS WHY YOU BUY BLU-RAYS?". I love duel disc sets with Blu-ray and DVD because you can do the direct compare on the spot even if you don't own the original release. Troma just put out The Toxic Avenger to celebrate its 30th Anniversary in beautiful green, Blu-ray packaging.

    If you haven't seen the Toxic Avenger before then you should. Buy it now. No regrets (unless your an art cunt asshole or have "good taste"). Sure you're allowed to dislike a movie, even this one, but I beg you to give it a chance and to better understand with each viewing why you continue to support Troma as an amazing independent film company. These guys put anything and everything into their movies. Anything they want. They love tits. They love gore. They love things that go SPLAT. Troma is the reason you frown upon PG-13 movies that could have been R movies because let's face it, they really all could be NC-17 rated if we didn't let the ratings board control our theater viewing experience... of course they could go unrated and provided simple check list of content just to make sure the kiddies don't get their eyeful of bosom too young.

    SHOP MORBID: Light-Up Horror Bows!

    There is a phenomenon that is simply known as light-up bow. This is a Halloween decoration that features the terrifying visage of a branded horror icon, lovingly placed on a bow and made to have its eyes glow to inifinity (I mean or as far as LED lights can go.

    In our new series  that came about as a friendly partnership with Shop Morbid we are featuring several items, new for 2014 that feature some of your favorite spookies with LED eyes on bows and built to decorate. Shop Morbid is a Halloween and Haunt product creator and distributor that licenses some damn cool stuff, perfect for horror fans. I say perfect for horror fans because they have licensed some of your favorite franchises and then given them a creative twist providing novelties that really stand out. In this new series we will be taking a look at a product each day leading up to Halloween. We will link up to their website so you can purchase it.

    We appreciate any feedback and questions you may have and will help get them answered. You can access Shop Morbid HERE to start checking out their product line and get familiar with the items we will be featuring.

    This item is new for 2014! The Exorcist Light-Up Bow is a huge decorative bow and a great way to add a spooky twist to your Halloween decorations this year! The bow is made of fabric and is designed to match the floral print from Regan MacNeil's gross nightgown! The center of the bow features Regan's possessed and puke-covered head. Perfect for your front door or walls, it measures 20" x 28" and comes with glowing green LED eyes. These are great on their own, but be sure to check out our other licensed items from "The Exorcist" for a perfectly terrifying themed house!

    Pennywise Light-Up Bow

    This item is new for 2014! If you love Stephen King or the classic horror film, "It: The Movie," then the Pennywise Light-Up Bow is the perfect decor item for your front door or walls this Halloween! The bow is made of green and purple striped fabric and yellow "blood"-spattered fabic, featuring Pennywise the Dancing Clown's creepy and smiling face. The bow measures 27" X 20". Pennywise's eyes light up and are powered by a watch battery. And remember, "They ALL float down here!"

    Jason Light-Up Bow
     The Jason Light-Up Bow is a brand new item for 2014! This item is licensed from the cult classic "Friday the 13th" horror film and features Jason Voorhees face covered by a hockey mask, complete with light-up eyes powered by a watch battery. The bow is made of blue "blood"-spattered fabric and is pefect for your door, walls, or Jason collection.

    Freddy Light-Up Bow

    The Freddy Light-Up Bow is a new item for 2014! This bow is made of green and red striped fabric-- just like Freddy Krueger's shirt in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"-- and has a replica of Freddy's terrifying face and hat with light up eyes! The eyes are powered by a watch battery. The bow measures 27" X 20". Pair this item with our Jason Light-Up Bow for the complete "Friday the 13th" versus "A Nightmare on Elm Street" haunted look. This bow is a great decor item for doors/walls or add it to your "A Nightmare on Elm Street" fan collection!



    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Werewolf Rising Available on DVD October 14th

    Just so we're clear, I'll give most werewolf movies a shot. Werewolf Rising for instance has a fairly standard, solid wolf plot with some sexy moments in the trailer and a good location. While the trailer doesn't reveal all that much about the look for the lycanthrope, this is enough to get me to consider it. I weep for CG wolves, but this is coming from Image/RLJ who has can definitely put out a good product. The trailer raised my expectation of this movie, let's see if it can deliver.
    DVD review to follow.

    Full release below including links to the trailer.

    Sunday, September 14, 2014

    SHOP MORBID: Freddy Syringe Glove Product Spotlight

    We're beginning a new series today that came about as a friendly partnership with Shop Morbid. Shop Morbid is a Halloween and Haunt product creator and distributor that licenses some damn cool stuff, perfect for horror fans. I say perfect for horror fans because they have licensed some of your favorite franchises and then given them a creative twist providing novelties that really stand out. In this new series we will be taking a look at a product each day leading up to Halloween. We will link up to their website so you can purchase it.

    We appreciate any feedback and questions you may have and will help get them answered. You can access Shop Morbid HERE to start checking out their product line and get familiar with the items we will be featuring. 

    Today's item is one that intrigues me. It comes courtesy of the Nightmare on Elm Street brand, and features a somewhat unusual product. In Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Freddy Kruger pumps Taryn (played by Jennifer Rubin) up with a deadly serum, killing her in a bad ass, knife fight dream sequence. Taryn's history with drug abuse leads Freddy to chose the perfect weapon, finger tips that have turned into a syringes filled with this glowing, beautiful death serum. This has been a favorite sequence of mine for some time along with most of the other creative kills in Nightmare 3. It features some powerful one liners and is actually sort of heartbreaking given Taryn's sex appeal and general good nature.

    The product we feature today is based on that concept, Freddy's glove with light up blue syringe tipped fingers aka FREDDY SYRINGE GLOVE. I love the adaptation of the syringe-finger tip concept that gave this idea shape. Simply strapping on a burned Freddy hands is one way to do it but to base it around the glove design really packs a punch and make it a wearable Halloween night option. 

    From Shop Morbid:

    Now, you can haunt your friend's and family's dreams! The Freddy Syringe Glove is a must-have costume component for your "A Nightmare on Elm Street" theme this Halloween. This licensed item is a replica of Freddy Krueger's syringe glove, with articulated fingers and light-up blue syringes. Pair this item with our Animated Chest of Souls shirt and no one will be falling asleep this Halloween! One size fits most.

    You can pick up FREDDY SYRINGE GLOVE now from Shop Morbid among other Nightmare on Elm Street licensed products to both wear and decorate your own personal haunt. 

    Check out the scene from Nightmare on Elm Street 3 featuring the inspiration for this product: