Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SHOP MORBID SPOTLIGHT - Ghostbusters Floating Slimer!

Recently we focused on an item licensed by Shop Morbid from Ghostbusters in the throws of its 30th Anniversary. Slimer is pure Halloween, fun and great for kiddies and adults with a brilliant sense of nostalgia. Last time our item in the spotlight was an inflatable slimer. This time, we have something a bit more mobile.

Boils and Ghouls, I give to you Shop Morbid's Ghostbusters Floating Slimer!

Ghostbusters Floating Slimer

Who you gonna call when Slimer's floating around? Ghostbusters! The Ghostbusters Floating Slimer, officially licensed from everyone's favorite ghost comedy, "Ghostbusters". is a unique and awesome prop for your indoor or outdoor spooktacular set-up! Little Spud's eyes light up, he glows in the dark, and floats back and forth on the cord. Slimer even plays music from the movie.

You can find this item as well as other licensed horror goodies featuring your favorite horror icons at Shop Morbid. Take a look at their website, updated for 2014!
Make sure to enter their $500 Halloween Shopping spree!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hemlock Grove - The Complete First Season (Scream Factory Blu-ray) - ReKnowing Your Classic Horror Legends

I gave Hemlock Grove two episodes to try and wow me when it original came out on Netflix. It had a great "cover art" picture and an intriguing story line that seemed to lend itself to classic horror fans who prefer a little gore in their cinema diet. Of course, that was the only way to watch Hemlock Grove at that time as it was an exclusive product to Netflix until now. Scream Factory has taken an Eli Roth produced, Netflix proprietary series and afforded it their Blu-ray treatment. As I previously stated, I gave it just two episodes to stir something in me. That's fair given the amount of episodic programming, horror and otherwise, that is hitting the media streams trying to tease us in. Why did it last only two the first time? How did it fair this time after watching the entire season and extras? Why do you need to purchase it on Blu-ray when you can stream it on Netflix? I think I can help.

Synopsis from Scream Factory:

In a small Pennsylvania town, something evil has come in search of prey. But who is the true monster in Hemlock Grove? The brutal slaying of a teenage girl sends the townspeople of Hemlock Grove into a desperate search to find her killer. But this sleepy community soon finds itself living a nightmare as secrets and rumors threaten to drive them all down a dark path as they struggle to uncover the truth. As they hunt for a monster among them, rumors mount and many of the eccentric residents become suspects, from the newly-arrived Gypsy family to the wealthy Godfrey clan. In the twisted world of Hemlock Grove, everyone hides a dark secret.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Open Windows (Review) - When One Window Opens, Another Closes

This was my first year with Nacho Vigalondo. Early this year I got into Timecrimes thanks to my compadre Shawn Savage over at The Liberal Dead. From there I went on a hunt for all of his short film work and watched everything I could find on Vimeo and YouTube. Gradually I realized that this fella was making movies that challenge me, scare me and keep me completely captivated. If you thought Timecrimes was good and think that this must be some kind of anomaly, I urge you to think again and take a visit with one of his newest productions that will hit VOD on 10/2 and theaters 11/7.  Open Windows is a fast paced, intelligent piece of superior modern suspense with as many misdirections as there are scenes in the movie.

What I love about this one... Elijah Wood is perfect. He's so convincing he could create anxiety in a coma patient. He plays his role to perfection as he did in Grand Piano and the Maniac remake. While I might not necessarily characterize Open Windows as a pure horror tale, more of a thriller really, he is currently dominating the horror genre. I'm content to let an actor of his caliber do just that. Sasha Grey is also stellar. Disclaimer: I have a huge star crush on her, but beyond that she really does give a heartfelt, emotive performance that creates the proper amount of sympathy for her as a victim but all the while letting you know that she's strong enough not to be fucked with. The pace of this movie works for and against it. It does a marvelous job of keeping the story moving, refreshing the viewer with new ideas and visual candy. It's shot in a camera perspective with the focus on a lap top screen with multiple windows with various live feeds and points of interest (thus one potential interpretation of the title).

Saturday, September 27, 2014

SHOP MORBID Product Spotlight: Animated Krueger Chest!

Today's Shop Morbid product spotlight is one that takes me back to about 1988 or 89. The USA Network aired a making of feature on Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master. I remember being enchanted by the special effect/kill creation sequences especially the end sequence where the soul's of Freddy's victim begin to fight back by ripping him apart. Of course the pizza scene earlier in the movie has always stuck with me as well living in New Jersey and a huge fan of Ninja Turtle food. In the making of feature you got to see how the end sequence was filmed (complete with censored, blurred boobs with all the actors jumping and pushing through a large wall of fake Freddy skin. The  chest scene has always stuck with me as has the general concept of Freddy keeping his victims with him, wearing their souls on his chest. This same documentary is also responsible for getting me into the Vinnie Vincent Invasion featured in Nightmare 4 and the credit sequence of the doc.

Let's look at two products that tie in with this concept and then check out a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 as well as the full making of featurette.

ANIMATED CHEST OF SOULS (available soon)

What could be more blood-curdling than wearing Freddy Krueger's shirt with an animated chest of souls?! The Animated Chest of Souls is a wearable costume/prop that is licensed from the hit horror film, "A Nightmare on Elm Street." The chest plays realistic audio and features moving soul animation! This item is powered by a secured battery pack. Check out our Freddy Syringe Glove to get your hands on the complete Freddy Krueger look this Halloween!

For this item Shop Morbid urges you to sign up to notified when it is released.

Here's the making of feature I was telling you about in full. See how they did all the effects work for Nightmare 4! 


Are you in the mood for some soul food? If so, grab a slice of the Nightmare on Elm Street Soul Pizza, licensed from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master" film! The pizza pie measures 16" in diameter and plays realistic audio with moving soul animation. Serve this to your guests at your haunted Halloween bash or add it to your "A Nightmare on Elm Street" collection. Whatever your use may be, remember this: don't fall asleep!

Check out the diner sequence from Nightmare 4 featuring the pizza from which Shop Morbid drew their inspiration.

You can find these items as well as other licensed horror goodies featuring your favorite horror icons at Shop Morbid. Take a look at their website, updated for 2014! 
Make sure to enter their $500 Halloween Shopping spree!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dead Air: Episode 61 - 4-Year Anniversary / Shakma Fan Commentary

This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD), Jesse (@DestroySuperman), and James (@DrJimmyTerror) celebrate the show's four-year anniversary by getting ridiculous and recording a Fan Commentary for the infamous angry-ass killer baboon movie, SHAKMA!

Watching along is simple because SHAKMA is available to stream on both Netflix Instant AND Amazon Instant Video... If you have either service, you can stream the movie free!

Hook up your computer/phone/iPod/etc to your home theater, or just put on some headphones to watch along... It's that easy.

Of course, you can expect all sorts of tomfoolery on this episode...

So, thanks for four great years! Here's to many more...

If streaming isn't your thing, you may Download the MP3 Directly here or Subscribe Via iTunes.

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And, as always, if you want to drop us a line to let us know what you think of any of the movies discussed tonight, or you just want to give us feedback on the podcast in general, please send an email to podcast (at) liberaldead (dot) com.

Check out this episode!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Play Hooky Coming to DVD October 21st from Wild Eye Releasing

There's a new Wild Eye Releasing movie called Play Hooky. The cover look incredible and it has the presitgious honor of having won "the best found footage film of 2014". This may turn some of you off. For those of you who are turned off, I urge you to  look at the cover.

You'll Never Skip School Again
Play Hooky Coming to DVD October 21st
From Wild Eye Releasing

New York, NY -- Wild Eye Releasing, a longtime sponsor of the PollyGrind Film Festival, has announced the upcoming October 21 DVD and VOD release of Frank S. Petrilli's Play Hooky. A hit among critics and audiences, the film took home the Most Innovative Film award at the PollyGrind Film Festival and is the first film to be released on Wild Eye's PollyGrind Presents label. Wicked Channel called Play Hooky "the best found footage film of 2014". 

Wild Eye CEO Rob Hauschild said, "Wild Eye is dedicated to giving independents like Play Hooky a position in the mainstream through traditional distribution and PollyGrind is ground zero for discovering true independent talent. Joining forces was the perfect step to propel both our missions."

Mutantis Available on DVD NOW!

Mutantis has me excited. Sleazy monster movie is an overlooked subgenre these days especially when said sleazy monster is interested in spreading his monster seed! This one is out on DVD now (see links below to find out how to order), and we will be reviewing shortly. This one combines some of my favorite horror tropes: children as bait, hillbillies, monsters, sexually active monsters.

Worst case scenario: It's a shitty monster movie with bad effects and a great poster that makes you laugh (and pray it isn't boring)

Best case scenario: It gets you laid. Monsters are sexy.

Full release notes from Direwit Films:

Mutantis is a parody/homage of the more sleazy monster films of the '70s. It is directed by Kelly Fitzgerald (Assistant Director on Isle of the Damned) and written by  Mark Leake (7th Day, Isle of the Damned).

When an unscrupulous scientist drags his stepchildren out into the forest to use them as bait -- in the hopes of luring out a big foot -- not even the team of hillbillies he hired can contain the horror they find: the horror of Mutantis! Only the adventurer Dr. William Fury may be able to stop the beast, but hope dwindles fast once Dr. Fury realizes that the monster is not only intent on murder but procreation as well. Could this be the end of the world as we know it?

It is now available on DVD at Amazon, and digital copies are available for purchase or rental at our website,

DEAD GIRLS Will Get Their Revenge Soon

Brain Damange Films may not be the mark of quality that horror fans are looking for, but for some damn reason, every time I watch one of their movies lately I just laugh. Then I stare at the scantily clad ladies on screen (or nude) and then I laugh some more. The plots are Swiss (as in cheese) and the acting is bad (not to the bone), but I can't help but find them purely entertaining.  Please let it be known that I never said these are GOOD movies. I just think they serve a purpose. To make you laugh. I do not say this to insult Brain Damage Films, but I want you to understand what you're getting into when you pick up one of their titles.

See full details on the new Brain Damage Films Dead Girls Below. It's hitting festivals, DVD and VOD!

Full release from Brain Damage:

DEAD GIRLS Will Get Their Revenge Soon

Brain Damage Films is set to release Dead Girls on VOD October 2nd, followed by DVD on November 4th. Dead Girls is a chilling three-part horror anthology featuring stories in the flavor of female revenge. DVD availability is set to include many retailers and websites including Amazon, as well as rental chains including Family Video. VOD availability will include all major and minor cable/satellite operators and internet platforms.

The film is also playing at the Chicago Horror Film Festival this Friday, September 26th, and at the Days of the Dead Horror Film Festival this Sunday, September 28th.


When Gorgon Video said they were returning, all of us thought... Hey, new Faces of Death Blu-rays. Maybe something along that line. They put out a gorgeous Blu-ray of Death Spa which this reviewer found to be one of the big surprises of the year. I'm still talking about it and offering me highest recommendation. They have a ton of merch on their site, some new VHS releases and of course they were the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Black Maria distributor premiere for a short period of time. Now Gorgon is giving us a new DVD of an old favorite, Evils of the Night. I have NOT seen this movie though I had seen recently that a VHS release was out (a new VHS release that is). If after reading the description below you are not excited or at least moderately curious, just stare at the nipples glaring at you through the picture on the box art. Try NOT to stare them. I dare you.

This cover art is pure sex.

Full releaase from Gorgon Video. Welcome back!

Full of sex, lasers, synth-pop, feathered hair, bikinis and axe wounds, EVILS OF THE NIGHT is a pivotal example of Reagan-era teen fantasy fodder. Genre favorites John Carradine, Julie Newmar (TV's Catwoman) and Tina Louise (Gilligan's Island) star as a gang of alien scientists who want the life-giving blood supply of horny teens camping out near their secret lab. Veteran Hollywood stars Aldo Ray and Neville Brand (in his final film role) play a pair of bumbling mechanics hired by the extraterrestrials to kidnap the teens for experimentation - with botched and bloody results. Co-starring adult film legends Amber Lynn and Crystal Breeze, and directed by Mardi Rustam (producer of The Psychic Killer and Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive), this 1985 sci-fi horror classic features some of the most gruesome special effects ever put on film. Gorgon Video's release marks the long-awaited DVD debut of EVILS OF THE NIGHT.

Release Date: October 14, 2014
SRP: $14.98
Rating: R
Running time: 85 minutes
Genre: Sci-fi horror

The Scribler Coming to DVD and Blu-ray October 21st from XLrator Media

The cast for The Scribbler has me excited. What sounds like some strange take on a body horror meets DePalma flick stars two members of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV cast, Gina Gershon (the lips have it) and Sasha Grey (who is excellent in Open Windows!).  I am not familiar with the grpahic novel, but I'm exciting to get my eyes on this picture. While it is an adaptation, it is focusing on a more unique subset of horror concepts than is the norm these last few years.

Xlrator is hit or miss. They put out amazing movies at times that truly impact me... just not all the time. This one definitely has a lot going for it. Director John Suits is the writer behind Static released last year. This was not a favorite movie of mine, but this is a very different story.

WITCHING AND BITCHING Coming to DVD October 14th from IFC Midnight

I'm telling you that Spanish Horror is making a come back. This is a most welcome change, and with the new release of Wax along with IFC Midnight putting out Witching and Bitching on DVD, let's just hope that these are a sign of things to come. I have not had the chance to watch Witching and Bitching yet, but we will be reviewing in the coming weeks.

I love the concept and am excited for my first Spanish Horror Comedy (featuring witches no less just in time for Halloween!). The poster is definitely light hearted and fun with a great logo for the picture's title.

 Full Release from IFC Midnight

When a bank heist in the city doesn't all go according to plan, Jose and Tony find themselves in possession of some hostages and speeding through the mountains of Spain, hoping to quietly slip over the border. Not wanting to give up his custody days to his ex-wife, Jose has also brought his son along for both the robbery and the ride. Little do they know that this is only the beginning of their troubles, as they soon make a stop in a small tavern in the Basque countryside and find themselves the honored guests of a fractured family of witches who are preparing for an ancient ritual. With WITCHING AND BITCHING, cult director Alex de la Iglesia (As Luck Would Have It, The Last Circus) serves up nervous laughs, action and thrills in this visually inventive comedy that builds toward a jaw-dropping climax with plenty of scares and surprises along the way. It's "a swift, dark and nasty horror comedy that occasionally dances into territory deemed taboo by American filmmakers" (Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald) - as well as "entertaining as hell from beginning to end" (Patrick Cooper, Bloody Disgusting).

Release Date: October 14, 2014
SRP: $24.98
Rating: Not rated
Running time: 114 minutes
Language: Spanish, with English subtitles
Genre: Horror comedy

Shop Morbid Product Spotlight on IT

I want to focus on three Shop Morbid products today. One is new for 2014 and the other is an older, but absolutely fun item that should definitely scare the candy out of your trick or treaters. Pennywise the Clown has absolutely terrified generations of horror fans (that's right, the movie is over 20 years old now!). The combination of the genius horror stylings of Tim Curry mixed with the ever terrifying clown imagery haunts adults nearly as much as it plagues children. Hell, I'm not scared of clowns and Pennywise freaks me out. Maybe it's his dual role as debonair, well spoken clown ready to entertain and evil fanged killer with big ol' claws. The beautiful thing about a company like Shop Morbid is that they are actually licensing these items giving them ability to use the iconic bad guys from the horror movies you love. You don't have to worry about cheap imitation "NickleWise the Clown".

Here are some Pennywise/IT related items to Stephen King your Halloween!

Pennywise Gloves
Pennywise Gloves are a must-have addition to your Pennywise collection or wear them for your creeptacular clown costume this Halloween! One size fits most.

Pennywise Inflatable

The Pennywise Inflatable is a new item for 2014! This item is licensed from "It: The Movie," a hit horror mini-series made from Stephen King's novel, "It." This prop is a 7' static inflatable of Pennywise the Dancing Clown and is a must-have addition for your spooktacular lawn or yard!

It Light-Up Portrait  (NEW FOR 2014)

Whether you love the psychological horror miniseries and novel or are simply preparing for a creepy carnival setting, the It Light-Up Portrait is essential to your collection! This is a licensed item from the hit miniseries and novel by Stephen King: "It". The portrait features a spooky image of Pennywise the Dancing Clown on a 15" X 20" stretched canvas with LED lights.

I thinkt the inflatable Pennywise has more applications than simply a front yard Halloween decoration. This is the kind of thing you put in a closet so it can pop out at your unsuspecting family member. Placement is key. Perhaps in the backyard... by the pool. Somewhere with a drain or anywhere with a sewer in close proximity. Hell, you can buy balloons and throw them around your hard, hand balloons out to trick or treaters (DO NOT FILL THEM WITH BLOOD OR THEIR PARENTS WILL GET SILVER EARINGS TO KILL YOU). Hell, maybe even hand out fortune cookies dressed like Pennywise complete with gloves.

You can find these items as well as other licensed horror goodies featuring your favorite horror icons at Shop Morbid. Take a look at their website, updated for 2014!
Make sure to enter their $500 Halloween Shopping spree!

The Last Step Down (Redemption DVD) - A Double Feature in Erotic Softcore Horror... Kind of

The cover art and concept for The Last Step Down directed by Lawrence Ramport sounds brilliant. In fact it seems to bare resemblance to some of them other religious based horror and erotica that both Redemption/Kino and Vinegar Syndrome have been offering lately. You even get a short additional movie, Blood Lust, in the package. The first glance at the back of the box suggests that you are about to watch an evil cult movie filled with strange rituals, symbolism and violence. Does that perception hold up?

The warning on the package says "While not pornographic, the films on this disc feature extensive scens of sexual activity and are intended for a mature aduience".  No it's not a porn, but nearly every scene in The Last Step Down features a nice sized flesh colored dildo. Rubber. Intimidating to say the least. Each scene has nudity. Each scene seems to feature a cult member trying to have his way with a voluptuous young victim. The cult members wear black robes and evil symbols surround the entire scene. What is The Last Step Down? A softcore porn movie that claims to be erotic, but really is kind of a big boobie show. That's not a bad thing, but let's not pretend we're watching an art picture of even something that Jess Franco would be proud of (Redemption also handles Franco and Rollin movies as well). Yes, it's good fun, but it almost feels out of place onthe Redemption label that either focus on art pictures or foreign horror. This isn't a horror picture but maybe you could fit it into the bucket of horror softcore.

The additional movie Blood Lust is 15 minutes of the same that seems to boast the same style of movie as say a higher budget Ed Wood movie (not the camp Sci-Fi/Horror... the stag films). Nothing much to see there and hardly the double feature as advertised. It's shot on 8mm and directed by Russel Gay.

Werewolf Rising (Image/RLJ) Review - When Practical Effects Go Bad

You know what the problem is with practical effects? Sometimes you actually get them! We complain that the computer generated, video game esque werewolves are ruining the lupine genre, but quite honestly a bad special effects trip without a lick of intended comedy can do it just as quickly. Case in point, we have Werewolf Rising.

Werewolf Rising suffers from shakey cam that kills, but not necessarily that found footage level shake. It's just bad filmmaking which upsets me greatly because the general premise, as plain Jane as it is, would work in the absence of its technical and effect related flaws. The wolf looks like something off the Midian VHS cover from the 80's which is not an intentional homage. It's simply an unbelievable, bad looking man wolf. It upset me more than The Howling Reborn which operated using CG effects, ruining a movie that might of at least been intense (though redundant and playing to a much younger audience than this future mid-lifer).

You know toward the end you get one nice nudie kill which might be worth fas forwarding too, but that's just it... it's barely a feature movie in length and drops you off at the toilet bowl to be flushed before any intensity can be established.

Oh and the music feels like it was stolen from John Harrison from Creepshow and the damn thing is just too dark. Sorry wolf fans... catch the next one.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Drafthouse Films Picks up Spring

Looks like the breakout (or soon to be breakout) festival hit Spring his been picked up by Drafthouse Films. I haven't heard much, but when I read the words "a hybrid of Richard Linklater and HP Lovecraft" I get visions of Waking Life and the Cthulu Mythos... Waking Cthulu.

We'll give you more info as the theatrical release and VOD dates are announced.

From Drafthouse Films:

New get! Spring joins our 2015 release sc​hedule

It was love at first sight when we watched Spring at a packed screening at Fantastic Fest this weekend. The latest film from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the up-and-coming filmmaking duo responsible for 2011’s fest sensation Resolution as well as a segment in this year’s V/H/S Viral, Spring now officially on the Drafthouse Films slate for release in early 2015.

While the film has been described as “a hybrid of Richard Linklater and H.P. Lovecraft,” at a Q&A the team mentioned that those influences were completely incidental. They set out to tell an original story in an original way, and the result is eloquently affective. A romantic-horror genre-bender, Spring has a mood all of its own and will surely impress you as it did us. In fact, lead actor Lou Pucci (Evil Dead, Thumbsucker) took home a Best Actor award in the Next Wave category at Monday’s Fantastic Fest Awards ceremony.

The team is touring across the national festival circuit, but keep an eye out for word on when it will hit theaters and on demand!

Grave Halloween (Anchor Bay DVD)

I find the title Grave Halloween to be somewhat misleading or at least it doesn't feel like it belongs with this movie. When I put Halloween in the title I want trick or treating and candy and costumes and decorations and... Halloween. Grave Halloween is a good movie though not always perfect and has some very stereotypical moments that can pull you completely out of the picture. It's worth at least one watch because it feels original. This should be especially satisfying for those of you looking for an original horror movie that doesn't rely on every trope in the book (though it does find time to pay homage to the idiot kids in slasher movies).  This director put out the remake of I Spit on Your Grave, a movie I truly enjoyed.

Flaws: There's some found footage here. It's actually tolerable, and I didn't find it distracting which it often can be. The acting is half and half pairing a few choice players with a group of perfect slasher stereotypes. The problem here is that these comic relief/killer bait folks just pull you out of the very real creepy that is Grave Halloween. Moments of this picture are confusing. There are quick jumps in story line that are clearly explained but only after five minutes of painful head scratching.

Silent Night Deadly Night (Anchor Bay Blu-ray) -It's Not Quite Coal in Your Stocking

Having done a retrospective series last year with the Dead Air Podcast crew about Silent Night Deadly Night, I had the pleasure of watching the entire series over again and then discussing it. At that time rumor was that Silent Night Deadly Night would be hitting Blu-ray at some point in the next year. That has now happened. As I sit here with the familiar Santa/Chimney cover art with new blue border I realize that I am holding something that is not quite as spectacular as a fan would hope. It isn't inherently flawed mind you, but it's one of those rare occasions where I sort of felt like I didn't NEED to own it on Blu to be satisfied. Since I own it already. I own it on both the DVD and the Arrow DVD.

If you have the DVD, you have a choice... buy this Blu-ray which is only somewhat better than the DVD (and perhaps your upconverting player could have done the job) or you buy it because your friggin' OCD like the rest of us. You have to have it on Blu-ray even if the same extra package is on the disc.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Upcoming Exhumed Films and I-House Screenings: Nosferatu and 24hr Fest Coming Soon
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    Our friends at International House Philadelphia are screening Werner Herzog's marvelous film NOSFERATU (1979) starring Klaus Kinski and Isabelle Adjani on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 7 PM. This is a stunning new DCP print. Friends of Exhumed Films will get a discount on advance tickets by entering the promo code loudfastphilly

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    October 25-26 2014 Exhumed Films presents 24 Hour Horror-thon, Part VIII
    SOLD OUT !!

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    THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN: Available on Early EST October 21 and DVD November 4

    While I am excited that at the title "The Taking of Deborah Logan" and the note that it is produced by the producers of Trick R Treat, I have my concerns. The reason? When they state that they are filming the every day life of the patient, Deborah Logan, and that something has taken control of her life, all I hear is demonic posssession found footage movie. While it will get it's fair shake in the court of Doc Terror, I have doubts about it given the recent steps taken to capitlize on the found footage/possession trend after the success of the Devil Inside. I always hope for the best but expect the worst with flicks like this, but I will tell you that even my uncyncical self has been shaken recently with a rash of baby and non-baby found footage possession flicks. They're enough to make me want to enjoy Beyond the Door on endless repeat.

    The Taking of Deborah Logan will be available in late October with a release date planned for VOD and DVD of November 4th.

    Synapse to Release Demons and Demons 2 in Regular Edition Blu-ray and DVD November 11th

    Couldn't stomach the price tag of the Demons steelbooks released last year from Synapse Films? I completely understand. While they are tremendous editions complete with some truly sexy extras and a fantastic packaging job, they may be a little out of reach at about $50 a piece (though I stand by that they are more than worth it). Now Synapse is giving you a chance to get in on both Demons and its sequel on DVD and Blu-ray, separately released and more affordable. They will be extras feature lite, but will contain the Lamberto Bava gems you need.

    We gave away two of the steelbook sets this past Italian Horror Week with a tremendous outcry. It was truly heartwarming.

    It's times like this when you have yourself, "What have you done for Bobby Rhodes lately?".

    Full release notes from Synapse Films:

    Label: Synapse Films