Monday, October 20, 2014

EXISTS (Reivew) - Angry Big Foot Rampages Through Forest. Found Footage at 11.

Big Foot is really big this year. There are more than a couple new releases hitting the market that deal with the subject of Sasquatch, and even Vinegar Syndrome put out a Drive-In double feature of including Cry Wilderness and an old documentary about the big guy. Exists is my favorite so far. Directed by t\The Blair Witch Project and Lovely Molly's Eduardo Sanchez, it is a found footage movie with multiple camera perspectives that focuses on a leisurely trip into the woods that goes from Harry and the Hendersons to something completely terrifying in it's short 80 minute run time. Before everyone starts to hate on The Blair Witch Project (because apparently that's fashionable lately since everyone remembered that Cannibal Holocaust was a found footage movie), this is much more straightforward that Blair Witch and more aggressive than Lovely Molly. I enjoyed both of those pictures for Sanchez and this is no different.

What works for it... you actually see Big Foot. He is perfect and scary and has a purpose. He fucking rocks. Not enough movies show you what we've all wanted to see for so long in Big Foot. This movie isn't big on story. It's big on action and physical scares. Appropriate jump scares and moments that feel like the stretch out across eternity as you wait to see what monstrosity lurks in the woods and how it will react to you. Sure it's not always believable, but despite the feeling of reality Sanchez hopes to achieve, this one plays out more like a well done monster movie.

Sunday, October 19, 2014 - 24hr Fest and Other Halloween Shows
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    An all-night screening of retro horror cinema presented in classic 35mm film!
    This event will feature live music, costume contests, and more!

    A Nightmare on Elm Street - R
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    FRIDAY OCTOBER 31st 2014
    Exhumed Films teams up with the historic Bala Theatre for a marathon of some of our favorite Italian horror films! These are some of the goriest horror movies ever made, and this may be your last chance to ever see these titles on 35mm in the Philadelphia-area!

    The Bala Theatre is committed to not only showing the latest new releases on DCP in 2015, but also repertory content shown on 35mm film, that won't be seen anywhere else! We hope to collaborate with them on more shows in the future, so please come out and support this awesome event!
    Friday, October 31st - Halloween night!

    Reel Cinema's Bala Theatre and Exhumed Films present AN ITALIAN HORROR-WEEN MARATHON!

    1980 / 35mm / Dir. Umberto Lenzi / 88 min.

    So you think running zombies are a modern phenomenon? Think again! Fan favorite Hugo Stiglitz (NIGHT OF A THOUSAND CATS, TINTORERA) stars in this bizarre variation on the traditional Italian zombie film. An airplane exposed to high levels of radiation mysteriously lands at a busy airport, only to unleash an army of deranged, gun-toting, knife-wielding, cannibalistic passengers on the world! A deliriously gory and cartoonish genre entry from the director of CANNIBAL FEROX and MAN FROM DEEP RIVER!

    1975 / 35mm / Dir. Dario Argento / 106 min.

    Nearly 40 years after its release, the giallo masterpiece DEEP RED stands as one of the most impressive and influential horror thrillers of all time. The movie's stunning visuals and the iconic score by the progressive rock band Goblin solidified director Dario Argento's reputation as one of Italy's finest filmmakers. DEEP RED tells the tale of Marcus Daly (David Hemmings), a British jazz pianist working in Rome who unwittingly becomes entangled in a string of brutal murders. With the assistance of a feisty female reporter (Argento's then-partner Daria Nicolodi), Daly seeks to solve the mystery, only to find himself a suspect, then a target. One Argento's most acclaimed and notorious films, DEEP RED only improves with repeat viewings.

    1980 / 35mm / Dir: Bruno Mattei / 101 min.

    The Italian undead opus NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES (aka VIRUS, HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD) tells a familiar tale: an accident involving experimental chemicals has unleashed a plague that turns the bodies of the recently deceased into cannibalistic monsters. A tv reporter joins up with a team of special forces commandos to investigate and eventually battle the armies of the undead. A total shameless rip-off of both George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD (right down to the plagiarized Goblin soundtrack!) and Fulci's ZOMBIE, but filled with enough ridiculous gore to make us forgive its faults. Almost.

    1977 / 35mm / Dir: Ruggero Deodato / 88 min.

    Arguably part of the "Unholy Trinity" of Italian Cannibal movies (along with CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and CANNIBAL FEROX), JUNGLE HOLOCAUST is one of the most infamous genre movies of all time. Directed by the beloved/reviled Ruggero Deodato (who also unleashed CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST onto an unsuspecting world three years later), JUNGLE HOLOCAUST set the standard for gratuitous sex and carnage that has since become the trademark of sleazy Italian genre films. A plane crash survivor is subjected to humiliation and torture at the hands of his cannibalistic captors. However, with the help of a young cannibal girl, our hero attempts to navigate his way through the treacherous jungle and escape his hellish ordeal.
    Friday, October 31st @ 7pm!

    Tickets are $20 each and will be available at the Bala Theatre box office leading up to the night of the event. The theatre's box office will be open everyday from 12pm-8pm weekdays and 12pm-10pmweekends. Cash or credit is accepted. Tickets will not be sold online.

    For more information, call the Bala Theatre at 610-668-4695 or email

    The Bala Theatre is located at: 157 Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004. The theater is located in an area with plenty of parking and easy access by public transit or bicycle!

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    SHOP MORBID SPOTLIGHT - Nurse Terminal Costume

    I want to take the time to focus on a costume that seems like it's perfectly built for both Halloween and demented sexual fantasy (truly demented). Say Hello the Nurse Terminal. This has all the hallmarks of the nurse outfit from Silent Hill but with variations and perhaps a bit more camp than realistic. Doesn't the mask sort of maybe feel like the future female member of Slip Knot? It certainly has character. I stress to you that this is not a costume based on either SK or SH.


    Cause some medically induced incurable scares this Halloween with the Nurse Terminal Costume! The Nurse Terminal Costume, with its fear some ghoulish mask, bloodied costume, hat, and gory gloves and knife, is the surefire way to cause some lethal frights this Halloween. The Nurse Terminal Costume comes in a standard size and includes a vacu-form mask, hat, gloves, & knife. Be sure to check out the Dr. Morsus Costume or the Dr. Decessus Costume for chilling alternates!

    You can find these items as well as other licensed horror goodies featuring your favorite horror icons at Shop Morbid. Take a look at their website, updated for 2014! 
    Make sure to enter their $500 Halloween Shopping spree!

    Here's some eye candy... or maybe some nightmare candy. Tee hee hee.

    Saturday, October 18, 2014

    The Squad (Scream Factory Blu-ray) - Isolation Horror

    Having never heard of The Squad prior to the Scream Factory release, I expected nothing. It almost flew under my radar completely. There wasn't a big announcement. No hoopla surrounding it. It's simply a Colombian horror flick from 2011 that's getting handsome release with some evocative cover art. As it is from 2011 it isn't a movie that is following the trend of placing itself square in the middle of an apocalyptic situation and then seeing how a small group behaves in the after-forever pressure cooker, but that is exactly what it is? Sure, it's not precisely a post-apocalyptic movie, but that's the general feel. The Squad focuses on a small group of exceptionally paranoid individuals who fear that everything out to get them and that true evil or at the very least "the enemy" could come at any second or take any form. They might be right.

    Synopsis from Scream Factory:

    All contact with a military base high in the desolate wastelands of Colombia has been lost. The authorities – believing the base to have fallen to a terrorist attack – send a nine-man squad to investigate. When they arrive, the men discover a shocking scene of carnage and only one survivor: a mute woman in chains.

    Gradually the isolation, the inability to communicate with the outside world and the impossibility of escape begin to undermine the sanity of the soldiers. They start to question the identity of their enemy and the true nature of the strange, silent woman. Is she a terrorist? A victim? Or something more sinister? Something supernatural? Paranoia takes root. Prisoners of fear and the terrible secret they share, the men abandon their humanity and turn savagely on one another.

    Having seen a respectable collection of P.A. movies in the last year, this follows right in line with all the rest. The production value is good, actors enjoyable, story telling slow (but that's normal for this subgenre) and feeling claustrophobic. It's a release that may have done better about two years ago before it became common to tell this type of story. Mind you this isn't as common as zombie movies or the current robust plague of pregnancy/baby possession horror, but the saturation point is about to hit rocky candy levels. I'm glad that you'll get to see The Squad before we start seeing bigger theatrical releases of this style movie that will force the overdose.

    The Squad relies mostly on a general feeling of paranoia and distaste of megalomania as opposed to tradition square tropes though I think you might actually find this closer to Carpenter's The Thing than other P.A. movies. If there's one thing that scares me just a little less than religious zealots, it's military personal with an instant kill directive and a complete lack of empathy. That works very well for the movie especially toward the finale.

    The Squad comes with a theatrical trailer and a modest making of featurette. The reverse of the sleeve is movie stills. It's in Spanish with English subtitles.

    Scream Factory has offered  Jaime Osorio Marquez's first movie a chance to hit a very wide audience. His follow up work to The Squad was a TV show El Laberinto and nothing listed as in the work on IMDB. Perhaps this release can be the one that spurs on his next effort. It's something that I admire about Scream Factory as of late; taking a chance on smaller titles that are newer and even some that have been created for Chiller TV. It's almost like a second chance. I'm curious to see fan response on this one because while it wasn't my favorite S.F. release this year, it kept my attention and put a unique spin on the P.A. subgenre. What else can we expect for military isolation horror?

    The Squad is available October 21st.

    THE MADNESS: Automatons Week Two! - Here's to Swimming With Bowlegged Bloggers

    Here is my scoring for Madness Week 2. This is a horror movie watching competition that I having fun with this October. These are quick, unedited reviews with a rating and approximate pt values. Should be 52 pts (or so). Much less than last week. Between pumpkin picking, work, a trip to Hot Dog Johnnys and seeing a good friend, no time for love Dr. Jones.

    Rating this week will be in terms of bowlegged women 1 to 5. Don't get any ideas, hornballs.

    The Roost - 3.5 Bowlegged Women

    Ti West’s first movie and this is the first time I’ve watched it. While I love the horror host intro and outro the movie itself was only okay. Definitely fits in line with West’s slow build, but the pay off just didn’t produce for me. Would watch again. It’s a true Halloween movie taking place on Halloween.

    2 pts

    Halloween is Grinch Night - 2 Bowlegged Women

    While I like the characters in this Dr. Seus story I miss Boris Karloff and simply doesn’t touch the Christmas offering.

    .5 pts

    Disney Halloween Treat - 5 Bowlegged Women

    A funny animated classic from the 80’s. Tons of your favorite Disney Halloween and scary cartoons combined. The VHS fetches some dough. Need to pick it up one of these days so I can stop watching it on my computer.

    1 pt

    The Car - 5 Bowlegged Women

    Killer car. Somehow possessed with the best damn horn ever. I love the Lincoln Mark III. This move gets a bad wrap because of the dialogue, but I think you could strip out all the dialogue and this movie would be perfectly terrifying.


    Halloween Crazy - 3.5 Bowlegged Women

    Some of the best haunts in the biz on display. Very glad I got to catch this one. It gives you such great ideas for what do with your front yard (if you had a $1000 a corpse to decorate)

    1 pt

    Fright House Secrets Revealed - 2 Bowlegged Women

    Lackluster show that has some truly good ideas built around one of the less scary haunts in the biz.

    1 pt

    Walking Dead S.5.1 - 5 Bowlegged Women

    No spoilers: I almost cried a few times, and this episode ranks among my favorite of all time. Very impressive way to start a season and my only fear is that this one can’t hold the line through the entire season. How could it?

    1 pt

    Halloween Wars S.4.2 - 1 hr - 4 Bowlegged Women

    What an amazing episode. The main challenge was brilliant tree/forest monsters that told beautiful stories.

    2pt - zombie puppet creations

    The Signal - 3 Bowlegged Women

    This is straight out of the Matrix for Lawrence Fishburn. A fairly quiet movie without much going on and though I appreciate the intrigue, I just… sort of… got bored with it. Then then end happens and you’re like “that’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while!”.

    3 pts - human turned into a robot by aliens (spoiler)

    Nightbreed - 4 Bowlegged Women

    Man I don’t remember this movie owning this much. Fantastic experience and a must own for any monster fan. I watched the Director’s cut so it might be that the things that were added truly help flesh out the story.

    2 pts\

    Hot Vampire - 2 Bowlegged Women

    So I review porn some times for Vinegar Syndrome. This happened to be one I had to review along with Dracula Sucks. It is super low quality trash with some very unkept folks. Dracula and his assistant are hokey as Hell and this one is full of flaccid cocks getting tugged until… they are more flaccid.

    2 pts

    Dracula Sucks - 3 Bowlegged Women

    Who knew a porn adapation of Dracula could be so on point even though it includes plenty of hardcore sex.


    Evils of the Night - 4 Bowlegged Women

    The song Boys will be Boys. B. Opening nudity with an underwater blowjob in a lake! who does that! C. The most awkward dog style I’ve ever seen. D. More boobs.

    This movie gets an A+

    2 pts

    The Simpsons - Grift of the Magii - 3 Bowlegged Women

    Actually a Christmas episode that features an evil robot doll and many nefarious toys. Totally in theme.


    Play Hooky - 1.5 Bowlegged Women

    Wild Eye Releasing is hit or miss. When they’re good, they are innovative and dig up titles that matter. Then there’s this one through Pollygrind. Now it’s not a bad movie or a bad found footage movie at all. It was watchable but not rewatchable and not scary, but had some funny moments early on. Once it gets serious it goes formulaic with nothing interesting visually to grab on to.

    2 pts

    Dead Girls - 1.5 Bowlegged Women

    More Brain Damage films featuring cute girls in a house with “clever” kills. Of course sorority shit (which is under the radar but very popular right now). It’s a movie. It’s complete. It isn’t overly good, but Brain Damage doesn’t do serious horror… they do horror funny.


    Breaking at the Edge - .5 Bowlegged Women

    Andie McDowall… I miss her. This is not her best work. More psychological thriller, pregnancy horror. It’s not overly bad or anything. Production value is fair and the performances are fine, but the punchline is un-interesting. Be good. Be bad. Don’t be boring.

    2 pts

    The Take of Deborah Logan - 3.5 Bowlegged Women

    I love the way this story is told, and how it evolves. Nothing original persay, but a somewhat creepy little possession flick based around dementia. With so many like this and with the POV or camera POV angle you know that you could’ve been in a shaky cam nightmare, but you’re not. Phew! Dodged a bullet. Would watch again.

    2 pts

    American Horror Story S.4.2 -3 Bowlegged Women

    I like the way this story is developing but the singing has got to stop and they really need to give us something to challenge us already.

    1 pt

    Nekromantik - 4 Bowlegged Women

    Get ready to cum blood! Man was this a breath of fresh air. After waiting for this release forever and actually being duped into almost buying a copy that was not given permission to release this entry, I’m glad to say Nekromantik is in my home. I hadn’t seen it in some fifteen years. I don’t think I realized just how funny it is. The score is amazing and the new Blu-ray from Cult Epics even provides a copy of it. The extras are nice for a fan who wants to better understand Buttgereit (someone teach me how to pronounce his name please). I love the short film on the disc. I do not understand the 35mm version of the movie on the disc. For hardcore grindhouse fans? The original 8mm has enough grime for the die hard. Limited to 10,000. Just buy it.

    Oh and those corpse scenes… they’re fucking hot.

    2 pt

    The Vanishing -3 Bowlegged Women

    Last time I watched this was when I was doing the Fango 300 some years back. This version looks so beautiful. Criterion always does a nice job. This one gets to me. It’s so real. So possible. I don’t always like my horror real. Spoorloos is the exception. Make sure to check out the extra package.

    2 pts

    Sky High- 1.5 Bowlegged Women

    My daughter was watching it so I pretty much decided that I would spend some time with her watching a movie that stars Kurt Russell as a superhero. It also has Mary Elizabeth Winstead. This is important because essentially they played the same “character” or archetype in The Thing (Carpenters and the prequel)


    Witching and Bitching - 3 Bowlegged Women

    Visually stunning movie with excellent creature creation and a really rich look (though mostly CG). It isn’t as funny as I was hoping for. Interesting, but I think I was expecting to laugh. Instead I spent the movie looking at the movie from a visual perspective. Good story though. Some of you are going to love this.


    Dolls - 5 Bowlegged Women

    The Madness’ theme movie is a formative one for me. So important to the terror I feel toward porcelain dolls. I love the effects. I used to think the Brit punks were hot, but now I’m not so sure. Everyone acts well and the only thing I noticed this time around was just how repetitive the dialogue was in the first 20 minutes. The Scream Factory release has a great making of featurette as well. A must own for horror fans.

    6 pts

    Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors V - 5 Bowlegged Women

    The running ax joke is delicious. I adore every part of this one. From the Shinning to Nightmare Cafeteria…. I laugh every single time.


    Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VI - 4.5 Bowlegged Women

    The Willie/Nightmare on Elm Street parody is actually moderately terrifying. but Attack of the 50 ft Eye Sores is perfectly funny. The dimensional gimmick in this one has never sat well with me and it’s the only story I don’t like. I wish we got a full hour of this special per year.

    1.5 Willie turns into a killer vehicle

    Friday, October 17, 2014

    EXTRATERRESTRIAL (Review) - If You're Not Home by Midnight, You Won't Be Phoning Home

    Extraterrestrial hits VOD October 17th and will be in theaters November 21st. It's creepy and well made with a great looking alien presence. Few alien movies actually get me. Sure I find them entertaining, but they don't frighten me. Extraterrestrial has the perfect atmosphere and ambiance while maintaining the traditional "cabin in the woods" style flick to make me feel right at home (also see Exists for a movie that has a similar workable formula.

    The Vicious Brothers were responsible for Grave Encounters which is widely accepted as a solid piece of found footage filmmaking. This has many of the same attributes that the original Grave Encounters had (and I liked the sequel too by the by) even though it isn't a found footage movie. It simply follows many of the characters tight to provide their perspective (hint hint filmmakers who rely on found footage shooting style for costs purposes, this is a more theatrical alternative). 

    The aliens... look bitchin'. Think traditional aliens not xenomorph or crites. 1950's stereotypical aliens. The effects work is good and gooey and creepy while paying the proper respect to classic alien fiction and putting a unique spin on it. Michael Ironside is in it. What more do you need me to say? Note: the trailer is awesome (see below), but it really makes the movie seem like something totally different than it actually is. 

    You get to your media hub and make sure to check this one out. It almost reminds me of an extension of  Slumber Party Alien Abudtion from V/H/S 2 as directed by Jason Eisener.

    Synopsis from IFC Midnight:

    From The Vicious Brothers, the creators of Grave Encounters comes a different kind of encounter, one of 'EXTRATERRESTRIAL' origin. Still reeling from her parents’ divorce, April (Daytime Emmy winner, Brittany Allen) is dragged back to the vacation cabin she spent fond summers at as a child accompanied by a group of friends. Her trip down memory lane takes a dramatic and terrifying turn when a fireball descends from the sky and explodes in the nearby woods. Lead by her boyfriend, played by Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter & The Half Blooded Prince, Pitch Perfect), the group venture out toward the crash site and discover the remnants of a ship from another planet along with footprints that suggest its alien occupants are still alive. The college friends soon find themselves caught in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than anything they could ever imagine.

    Wednesday, October 15, 2014

    WEREWOLF WOMAN from Raro Video Coming October 28th to Blu-ray

    Having had the pleasure of enjoy Werewolf Woman on the big screen (or perhaps sleeping through some of it if truth be told), I'm glad to report that we will be seeing it released on Blu-ray from Raro Video later this month. That means it should have a nice booklet, look good and be eligible for some of the fantastic spot sales Raro offers from time to time.  Knowing that Chris Alexander of Fango is the one at the helm of the booklet is great news. His introductions and essays are solid.
    I am excited to not watch this movie in the wee hours of the morning as it was shown really late during the Exhumed Films Horrorthong.

    Full release notes from Raro Video/Kino Lorber.

    NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 15, 2014 - Raro Video and Kino Lorber are pleased to announce the Blu-ray and DVD release of Rino Di Silvestro's Italian horror classic WEREWOLF WOMAN on October 28th -- just in time for Halloween! This release marks the first time that this Italian horror classic has been released on Blu-ray.

    This new HD transfer, digitally restored with a new and improved English subtitle translation, comes packed with special features including a video interview with director Rino Di Silvestro, the original Italian trailer, the original English trailer, and to top it off, a fully illustrated booklet by Chris Alexander of Fangoria Magazine, detailing the genesis and production of the film. The SRP for the Blu-ray is $34.95 and the SRP for the DVD is $29.95.

    A favorite of director Quentin Tarantino, WEREWOLF WOMAN is a psychological horror film about a young woman, mentally unstable and dealing with sexual abuse, who imagines she is the reincarnation of a dead ancestor who just happened to be a werewolf! Before long, she is seducing men and turning into a werewolf and tearing them to shreds, but when she meets the man whom she believes could be her true love, she is ready to leave her troubled past behind.

    This erotic and gruesome Eurohorror classic is presented here in a remastered in HD transfer that does justice to its unique visual style and to the work of its director, Rino Di Silvestro.

    GUEST POST: Stephen King and John Carpenter: Peas in a Pod of Perversion?

    Meet Brandon Engel, a horror fan who has contributed to Talk Stephen King, Edtech Magazine and Bleeding Cool. He's back to discuss to of our favorite horror creators: Stephen King and John Carpenter. This is is second time featured on DOCTERROR.COM, and we're glad to have him back.

    It's often said that great minds think alike. When it comes to the minds of Stephen King and John Carpenterhowever, a more appropriate variation may be that delightfully horror obsessed minds think alike. This assessment is, of course, meant as a compliment to anyone who is a fan of the unique brand of horror both of these men are known for wholeheartedly embracing, much to the delight of fans around the world.

    It should come as no surprise that King and Carpenter were influenced by iconic masters of the horror genre. For Carpenter this includes both Howard Hawks, best known for the original Scarface, and Alfred Hitchcock, with Vertigo listed as one of the Halloween director's favorite films, according to the global film website MUBI. For King, his fondness for Ray Bradbury is obvious given his propensity for focusing on characters' reactions to events around them, rather than purely reactive actions.

    A true meeting of the minds occurred in the early '80s, when the two collaborated on the film version of King's Christine. Directed by Carpenter, the 1983 film is a perfect illustration of the pair's creative influences. The movie, set in the late '70s, centers around a 1958 Plymouth Fury with a mind of its own, not to mention an obsessive attachment to its owners and a penchant for revenge.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2014

    The Canal (Review) - Trailers Can Be Deceiving

    There are some great new features hitting both the festival circuit and VOD market. Recently I came across a trailer for The Canal which by all accounts gave me the willies! Of course once you see a trailer with that much power (confirmed by several other trusted members of the midnight society ie my fellow horror nerds) you want to know if the movie can hold up. Did the filmmaker or distributor dump all the goodies in the two minute blurb you get to see to entice you into a formal viewing? 


    Set in rural Ireland, The Canal stars Rupert Evands (Hellboy) as David, a film archivist with a moribd fascination for old films in which the subjects have since died. Right after learning that his wife (Hannah Hoekstra) may be cheating on him, she mysteriously disappears at the same time that his assistant Clair (Antonia Campbell Huges0 finds an old reel of film that points to a murder  that took place in his house a hundred years ago. David starts to suspect her disappearnace may involve some form of supernatural but he also quickly becomes the prime suspect.

    Dead Air: Episode 63 - Annabelle (2014)

    This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD) and James (@DrJimmyTerror) talk all about killer dolls/toys, robots, and the recent theatrical release of ANNABELLE.

    Other discussion topics include: An update on the planned HALLOWEEN Retrospective, thoughts on some recent developments with the HALLOWEEN box set, why the PUPPET MASTER movies make Jeff hate himself, and a whole lot more.

    If streaming isn't your thing, you may Download the MP3 Directly here or Subscribe Via iTunes.

    iTunes listeners: Please take a moment to leave us a rating/review, and we will share it on an upcoming podcast!

    The Dead Air Horror & Genre Podcast is brought to you by GenreWatch,The Liberal Dead, and Doc Terror. Be sure to visit the sites for more great content!

    Looking to order any of the titles we discussed on this show? Head on over to Amazon for the best prices and help support our show.

    And, as always, if you want to drop us a line to let us know what you think of any of the movies discussed tonight, or you just want to give us feedback on the podcast in general, please send an email to podcast (at) liberaldead (dot) com.

    Check out this episode!

    Sunday, October 12, 2014

    THE MADNESS: Automatons Week One! - This is How Many Fucks Were Given

    Here is my scoring for Madness Week 1. This is a horror movie watching competition that I having fun with this October. These are quick, unedited reviews with a rating and approximate pt values. Should be 222 pts (or so)

    Rating this week will be in terms of fucks. 1 fuck bad. 5 fucks … good.

    Annabelle 4 fucks

    6 pts (for watching it Thursday night at a midnight screening)

    Late Phases  2 fucks

    New release werewolf picture. Some nice blood and it goes for the wolfman look for the hairy guy which is absolutely what I prefer (sorry American Werewolf in London). It’s slow moving and has this faded look that this director is known for (he also did Penumbra which isn’t exactly great and Here Comes the Devil which is sexy and crazy and awesome). The whole this is slow moving until about ten minutes from the end where we get a nice wolf transformation followed by an obviously bad wolf costume (still better than Oliver Reed in Curse of the Werewolf). It’s too ape like though it has nice pointy ears.

    2 pts.

    Puppet Master/Child’s Play Challenge 125 pts which includes Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (wrote a brief write up of each with pts individually broken down just in case it was needed for something)

    Child’s Play 5 fucks

    I always catch this movie on cable, mid-way through and watch it until the end. That means I forget the entire opening scene and how damn good Douriff is before he transforms. I think not watching this more often is a. a huge failure of mine and b. maybe due to a an underlying fear I had when discovering this as a kid in Fangoria and the imagery sort of maybe fucking me up. The doll in the original is creepier than any of the sequels by far and while I can appreciate the camp/humorous nature of all the rest of the films, this original is actually scary. Love that Chris Sarandon.

    Child’s Play 2 4 fucks

    This is so cheesy. The cast is brilliant the the nurse from American Werewolf in London and Gerrit Graham from Terrorvision/Phantom of the Paradise etc. At least the kid actor who played Andy returned. The opening sequence is terrifying. It’s a scare movie, but not as scary as the original. This time around I think that the end sequence is much more intense thanI remember. More action packed and creative than the original (still not as scary).

    Child’s Play 3 4 fucks

    After rewatching this one, I love the story line better than 2, but part 2 actually frightens me more. The war games scene actually upsets me for some reason. The end is amazing and they really got the Chucky-gore scenes right this time. From here it’s all downhill. I haven’t watched Bride or Seed in sometime and only in parts and I wish I could keep it that way. Curse of Chucky however I cannot wait to watch for the first time.

    Bride of Chucky 2 fucks

    This movie looks pretty. It’s a shame that I dislike the concept and the semi-meta horror nature of it. Love the Living Dead Girl opening sequence though.  The end of this thing is great and a real surprise. I can’t believe that I forgot how funny the ending is. It’s nice to get the refresher.

    Seed of Chucky 3 fucks

    Oh Chucky, you so meta. It’s a fun idea with stellar effects though I must admit some of the humor doesn’t do it for me. I get the punchlines and I understand why people enjoy this one. I just don’t love it.  It’s a well done movie and I do laugh at it. I guess I wanted a serious Chucky flick and still do. I enjoyed it a whole lot more this time around.That being said I haven’t watched Curse of yet… that will be next.

    Curse of Chucky 3 fucks

    I’ve heard a lot of good about this release. It’s definitely got a different feel. More isolated. Less large, but more haunting. It eventually goes in the direction of your standard Child’s Play but perhaps with more plot twisting and turning. One great decapitation!

    Puppet Master 3 fucks

    The title card on the movie says “Puppetmaster” instead of “Puppet Master”. I have loved this movie since the first time I saw it, however I think part 3 is my favorite. I chose to watch the Puppet Master movies out of order. I wanted to see if that would give me a more accurate feeling of each movie rather than as a series as a whole. When I was a kid my dad and I rented this together. There’s one obvious “no no” scene for a kid but I got to watch it through my fingers. The end is strong and the opening is strong, but it slows during the middle. I love when typical horror villains fights Nazis.

    Puppet Master 2 2 fucks

    I love the opening sequence to this movie and that it preserved the musical feel between sequels. Unfortunately this movie is a huge fail for  me. It has a completely different feel otherwise (and when 3 kicks in I’ll explain why I adore it so much). I do like the addition of the flame puppet for however little screen time he gets. The back story/origin story is the only thing that really grabs me as special about this particular installment. Some of the other puppetry (with the exception of Blade) is questionable. Watched this on Full Moon Streaming even though I own the set to show some support for the service.

    puppet Master 3 3.5 fucks

    I was really happy to rewatch my favorite Puppet Master even after having watched Legacy and having it spoiled. I love the story, the puppets, the origins. Everything. It’s got the best Toulin, brothel boobs and strong kills. From here on out in the series, I am completely lost.

    Puppet Master 4 1 fuck

    The puppets have a formidable enemy. They look good and the production value doesn’t suck. Puppet Master 4 feels like a Puppet Master movie and not a cash grab. It’s got all the fun of an 80’s movie in a 90s Full Moon Package. Has a good finish and rather fun. The tie in to part 5 is simply ridiculous.

    Puppet Master 5 no fucks
    It is obvious that the writer and director took notes on Silent Night Deadly Night pt 2 before they set out to make a terrible Puppet Master movie. It isn’t intense and thankfully our old friends the puppets look just fine. The story is rotten. The acting is funny bad but not funny enough to make this rewatchable. I find little redeeming in this save for the pleasant recap at the beginning…. so watch part 4 if you even want to consider watching 5.

    Curse of the Puppet Master negative fucks

    You put the word Puppet in the title and I want puppets in the movie. Not just briefly at the beginining and not just a battle at the end. It feels like these guys had a story written that wasn’t Puppet Master related and dropped the gang in the movie. The whole thing is melodrama save for one solid dream sequence. Blah! David Schmoeller is listed as a co-writer on this one and I swear I heard some Tourist Trap stings in the score.

    Retro Puppet Master 1 fuck

    I love the look of the oldtime puppets, but some of this costuming on the actors is hilarious. Overall it’s not a bad story, and a vast improvement on the last 3 Puppet Masters. How hard is it to have a bad guy that’s easy to hate? These guys almost look like the baddies from Dark City.

    Puppet Master Legacy WHAT THE FUCK

    What a load of bullshit. I had never watched this Puppet Master mostly because no one ever mentioned it to. In the lead up to the MADNESS this year it was mentioned again by Eric Martin (I think) and I said to myself “they didn’t go the old TV show episode trick of the best of episode did they”? They did. It’s horrible. The “wrap story” is barely existent, meaningless and sad. What’s more is. it doesn’t even touch the first movie. I watched this out of order, wanting to keep part 3 for last (cause it’s my fave). This one ruined watching part 3 again.

    Puppet Master Axis of Evil 1 fuck

    And we have a story again! But no puppets! Not really anyway. What’s the deal with just inserting the puppets at the beginning and end of the movie. This one in particular takes 7 mins from the original movie to boot! I was excited that Nazis were in Puppet Master again, but I’m afraid it wasn’t the sadistic Nazis from 1 and 3. I think you can rate this a PG or PG 13 at best. I am not looking forward to Axis Rising.

    Puppet Master Axis Rising 1 fuck

    After Axis of Evil I expected this to be a complete abortion. It was not as the Nazi puppets were cool however due to the incredible lack of puppet (again) and due to the revisiting of poorly written characters, dialogue and nonsense simply to get action scenes going, I did not like this movie. This one feels like a 1940’s war propaganda movie. I have never been so completely bored with a franchise in all my life.

    Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys 3.5 fucks

    I was sceptical about this one. Not being part of PM cannon, made by Sci-Fi, Corey Feldman. You know what? This was a damn fun movie with a good heart. Humorous and good story no matter how ridiculous. It actually featured the goddamn puppets to boot! This is my third favorite Puppet Master entry behind part 3 and the original.

    Devil’s Deal 1 fuck

    Sometimes I am amazed at what comes out of Lionsgate. One night I’m watching Annabelle on the big screen. The next.. this piece of poorly, overacted trash. The premise of course is your standard Devil gets his due in a Western town. Of course “Darkman” in cowboy drag is wandering around and a guy with a Jonas Brother haircut. Of course fat junkies and voluptuous women help to make it semi-tolerable for short bits… like 5 second increments. The music is horrible canned crap. This dialogue is on par with The Room only not nearly as funny.

    2 pts

    Chemical Peel 1 fuck

    This looks to be the same production unit behind Devil’s Deal. Bad dialogue. Generic characters with stereotypes blazing. Horrible effects and terrible pacing leaves this movie almost unwatchable. I haven’t seen something this bad since a Chemical Burn release.


    It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 5 fucks

    We watch it every year. We watch it multiple times a year (and not just Hallloween time). A family favorite. I am Linus in the pumpkin patch and everyone knows it.


    It’s Magic Charlie Brown 2 fucks

    Different voices and production value. The music is different. Even the overall look is different than the Halloween or Christmas specials. Not a fan, but the kids dig it.


    Simpson Tree House of Horrors XXIV five fucks

    This show is packed with extra points  in the couch gag directed Guillermo Del Toro. This has to be one of the most iconic openers to any TV programs ever. The rest of the sketches are just fine, but I will watch them all every year and laugh. My kids call them spooky Simpsons. During the MADNESS I will watch them all (we DVR’d them during the Every Simpsons Marathon).


    Live Madness Kick Off Event  5 fucks - awesome kick off and movie selection

    Hardware - This is what you want. This is what you get. This isn’t my favorite Post-Apocalyptic movie, but it has the best soundtrack. Love that Burglekutt from Willow Shows up.
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - “Ted” - Poor Jon Ritter. Man I miss this show. I’d give just about anything to bring it back.
    Dead Silence- super creepy movie. Took me some time to appreciate it because my own experiences with ventriloquist dummies has been less than favorable. James Wan does not disappoint.

    22 pts.

    Halloween Tricked Out. - 1hr 4 fucks

    From pumpkin carving on a massive scale to Haunted attactios in NJ and NC, this is a great show.  I always emphasize the Travel Channel in my Halloween TV schedule write up… this show is why.

    1 pt

    Halloween’s Most Extreme - 1hr 3 fucks

    The first one up was Headless Horseman in Ulster NY which I’ve been too. These guys need to light their footage a bit better. Tricked Out had the same kind of stuff but was lit better. Good program from a content perspective. Saw Netherworld where Nathan Hamilton works and the Halloween Outlet (which I had no idea existed) in Worchester MA.
    1 pt

    Extreme Halloween Vol 1 - 1hr 3 fucks

    Features haunts and extreme scares for Halloween.
    1 pt

    Extreme Halloween Vol 3 - 1hr 3 fucks

    More of the same from volume 1. I love the Travel Channel


    Halloween Wars - ep1 2014 4 fucks

    Totally picked the finalist/winner this time and had so much fun with the kids. They love picking the winner and I love that it inspires them to be creative little monsters


    Dora The Explorer - Boo 1 fuck

    They had a cow dressed up as a cookie. Very clever Dora. You win again!


    Elvira Mistress of the Dark - movie 5 fucks

    Between this movie and Commander USA, I fell in love with horror hosting. It’s funny and campy and everything you’d like to see in a horror comedy. I want her car and I want to watch Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on the big screen at midnight.

    2 pts

    Creepshow 2 5 fucks

    Has one of the best boob sneaks in all of horror history (because it ends in a shocking death). Each story is amazing. George Kennedy and his wife dying makes me sad (for real). I still don’t swim in lakes due to the Raft. I also don’t pick up hitchhikers… or hit them with my car.

    3 pts - Old Chief Woodenhead

    Wishmaster 4 fucks

    Some people give this movie shit. Not me. Saw it in the theater. It’s clever, creative storytelling with a pre-torture porn slew of awesome original kills.

    3 pts - Statues coming to life and killing people

    Frankenstein’s Army 4 fucks

    One of my favorite movies from last year. I love the monsters that plays on the best of monster stories with a powerhouse ending. I don’t give a fuck that it wasn’t shot with a film camera or that it doesn’t replicate the style of the period.

    3pts - living monster army created like frankensteins

    Squirm 4 fucks

    Reviewing the new Scream Factory Blu-ray. After watching such shit copies of this fo ryear I can’t believe that this is the same movie. This wins the Most Improved Award more than even the Halloween 6 Producers Cut from the bootlegged version which astounds me. Way to go!



    Is one of the best horror movies of the modern age. I cannot stress this enough. So much fun. Great kills. Funny and somewhat campy but not silly. Great story and powerful ending. I adore this movie. It’s the perfect Halloween movie. Perfect. I am amazed at how much I love Amanda Plummer in this and Katheryn Winnick is amazingly hot.


    ABC’s of Death 2 3.5 fucks

    This is 26 stories by 26 different filmmakers. 66% of this one was solid (or so). This is better and bloodier than the first one.  Favorite stories both included animation and stop animation.

    3 pts - stop animation

    Fright Night 4 fucks

    This movie holds up even better than I remember. I had been waiting for the new Twilight Time Blu-ray reissue to enjoy it, but it was on Netflix streaming and couldnt’ resist. The soundtrack is priceless and danceable. Great vamps. Great kills. I love Roddy!


    American Horror Story S3.1  2 fucks

    This one bored me to tears and will actually need to be rewatched. I need to figure out why it didn’t sit well with me when it has most of the things I love about a horror TV show. It felt slow and messy and all over the place.

    6 pts (watched night that it aired)

    V/H/S Viral 2 fucks (except for Vigalondos story which gets 5 fucks)

    The wrap story is an abomination but the actual 3 tales in between are good. Vigalondos continues to impress. I truly hope that we get another one of these and they figure out a. how to add more stories because this was short and b. how to make camera shake and distortion work for the movie (only the wrap story) rather than detract from it. I am a fan of the first two entries and yes, this isn’t the best one.

    3 pts (dopplegangers)

    Trick R Treat  all the fucks (5)

    In 35mm no less at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville. This screening may have changed my life in a weird way. Trying to truly figure out just how, but man I was floored by this experience. The crowd reaction and my understanding of what makes a good horror movie both exhilarated me. This is how horror should be done. No more fuckin around.

    2 pts.

    Raw Force

    The Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray is great with extras. Love this beautiful piece of strange Kung Fu munk cannibal hybrid. Watching this on a big screen with an audience is a must.

    2 pts

    Vincent Price Collection II

    See review for details on my experience with each.

    The Raven 3 fucks 
    2 pts

    Comedy of Terrors 2 fucks 
    2 pts

    Tomb of Ligeia 2 fucks

    Return of the Fly 2 fucks

    Dr. Phibes Rises Again 2 fucks

    Last Man On Earth 3 fucks

    House on Haunted Hill 5 fucks

    The Pact 2 2 fucks

    Axmodexyia 2.5 fucks

    See review for full details

    The Houses October Built 4.5 fucks
    2 pts
    see review for details