Thursday, May 26, 2016

UNVEILED (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

This quintessential 80's porn movie comes to us courtesy of one Suze Randall and Victor Nye, a pair that epitomize the great porn underground that took hold as porn began to become more socially acceptable and as the grinds of the big cities began to need cheaper fare to fill their cum bucket loads. Unveiled was released in 1986 and features a humorous take on modern swinger culture as well as yielding a heavy handed but not unwarranted moral message that men cannot get away with infidelity while their better halves go unpleased and discarded. Vinegar Syndrome has released a fun throwback picture that will fill you with 80's nostalgia, a deeper meaning of relationship and hopefully wet your palette from some good ol' J&B.

This picture has an amazing 80’s synth score. Given the popularity of retro synth work, I think that it's a great reason to check out the picture even if adult entertainment isn't your bag. The decor and sets are pure 80's awesome as well as the costuming. It's not New Wave Hookers mind you, but it's a time capsule picture to be sure. Plenty of big blond hair, pin ups in the background even a lampshade with naked people on it!

You know that Randall is trying to send a message when you get blow jobs juxtaposed with scenes involving very serious flower arranging. It's all balanced out with some pretty serious dirty talk that keeps the message subdued just enough to be subliminal while allowing us to enjoy that great big 80's prostitute hair. You want more morality in your porn? How about the use of an actual condom in a porn movie? Now I realize that today that is actually more than a fad and is an instrument used to convey the importance of safe sex, but in the 80's? I can't remember every seeing one in an older adult feature before that wasn't involving the rubber as a fetish item. Sure the condom serve a plot device, but given this porn's preachy nature, let's assume that you need to wrap it up or suffer the consequences. Added bonus, the actress in the condom scene resembles PJ Soles.

There's a balance of straight and lesbian sex that's fairly ordinary. It's when the fellas hatch a plan to fuck each other's wives and then further go out for a night at the sex club (mask club) aka Sexaholics Club, that's when the women of this tale strike back. This is the kind of thing that always sprouts into an orgy a la Carlos Tobalina. Hey, the film takes place in San Fran. Might as well invoke the name of the orgy king. 

The transfer on this one is good. It's a vibrant movie and looks fully of perfect power bursting hues or 80's color.

Keep an eye out for some bad robes and the J&B flowing like semen as well as a dude on dude punishment not to be missed by you moral crusaders.

You can order your copy of Unveiled from Vinegar Syndrome now:

This release is also available at DiabolikDVD:

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Masters of underground filmmaking, Suze Randall and Victor Nye present UNVEILED, a sensuous look into the wild lives of some of the most beautiful women of the 80s!

Join the ravishing Erica Boyer, along with Taija Rae, Francois Papillon and Mike Horner for a look inside a lusty fashion show, a kinky office rendezvous, and an exotic ‘masked ball’ where ribald lovers play a seductive guessing game. UNVEILED is an elegantly photographed piece of cinema which is coming to DVD in its original aspect ratio for the first time, newly restored from its 35mm negative!

Directed by: Suze Randall
1986 / 75 minutes / Color / 1.85:1 Actors: Taija Rae, Krista Lane, Patti Petite, Francois Papillon, Mike Horner
Features Include:
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negative
• Video interview with lead actor, Mike Horner
• Original theatrical trailer

TRASHY LADY (Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray/DVD) - A Tale of Two Lynns

Director Steve Scott may not be the most prolific of adult filmmakers to hit during the golden age of porn, but he did have the chance to work with some of the biggies just before he passed away. Trashy Lady was his second to last film, most of his work up until this feature being relatively unknown. This flick has heart and it has substance unlike some of the fuck-by-number pictures that started hitting in the 1985. Trashy Lady is a quality movie, shot on film that makes great use of a talented troop of familiars in the same style as Dixie Ray Hollywood Star (also available from VinSyn on DVD).

What's to see? The Art Deco credit sequence really pops and adds some much needed production value to this adult romp. The whole movie really captures the film noir vibe in music and the way dialogue is delivered. Sure most of the sex scenes are fairly ordinary, but they are occur within context of a story and involve some very hot bodies.

By the time you hit Club Paradise, you've already had your fill of Harry Reems with the slickest of slick hair. Reems plays Mr. Segel, a nod to Bugsy Segel to be sure, a mobster and Ginger Lynn plays this starlet looking for a break, a cigarette girl who, unfortunately, seems disinterest in being on screen. The "interview" between she and Reems is actually quite slow and tedious. Not the kind of screw you'd want to offer up when you're trying to get ahead in the game. Luckily we have the every ambitious Amber Lynn to play the role of Rita to liven things up and train the untrained Ginger. Between hiring a paper boy to fuck Amber Lynn while Segel is away to the thank you blow job inspiring period dialogue like "What a dame," you may find it difficult to immerse yourself in the atmosphere fully. The f bomb ratio in the dialogue is excessive given the emphasis on period storytelling. It may take you out of the experience. Then again, everyone says "dame" which may be something to try on the Mrs. later in the evening.

Some of the scenes show off more grain than I'm comfortable with due to poor lighting. This includes the aforementioned interview scene between Lynn and Reems. Otherwise it's a nice transfer of a low budget adult feature with good black levels and characteristic of the Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray product that we have come to enjoy.  The feature has not one but two commentary tracks. It also comes with an extra film, Coming West, transfered from 16mm that isn't really restored and a bit dirty. This is another Steve Scott picture from 71, the beginning of this career.

Stick around for the training sessions that involve a three way with Tom Byron, Ginger and Amber as well as the imaginary fuck session at "Rocky's Gym". There's also a housekeeper more than willing to train Ginger in the ways of man pleasin'. The whole thing ends at the 3rd Annual Brotherhood Convention. Freeze frame and a slap on the ass. What a way to end a picture. While Trashy Lady may lose focus, meandering between mobster picture and coming of sexual age romp ie a take on Philosophy in the Bedroom without the philosophy, it delivers plenty of chuckles and enough bounce scenes to keep your hand properly cramped.

You can order your copy of Trashy Lady from Vinegar Syndrome now:

This release is also available at DiabolikDVD:[sl]-Blu~Ray-All-Region-Combo).html

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Gangster Dutch (Harry Reems) has just been left by his regular dame, Jessie (Cara Lott). With the third annual ‘Gathering of the Brotherhood’ merely weeks away, Dutch is desperately in need of a new girl. Upon being introduced to the beautiful Katherine (Ginger Lynn), a cigarette girl working at the hottest speakeasy in town, The Paradise Club, Dutch is immediately smitten but soon discovers to his dismay that Katherine is a ‘good’ girl. Determined not to let her get away, Dutch enlists the help of Rita, a rough broad, who also happens to be the favorite squeeze to rival gangster Louie (Herschel Savage), to transform Katherine into the perfect Trashy Lady.

Nominated for 6 XRCO awards, including best director (Steve Scott), and featuring AFAA award winning cinematography by Tom Howard as well as an AVN award winning performance from Reems, TRASHY LADY is a light hearted and elegantly made journey through the sexcapades of the Roaring Twenties, which is coming to Blu-ray for the first time, newly restored from its original 35mm negative.

Directed by: Steve Scott
1985 / 85 minutes / Color / 1.85:1
Actors: Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems, Herschel Savage, Amber Lynn, Cara Lott, Bunny Bleu, Tom Byron

Features Include:
• Region free Blu-ray and DVD combo pack.
• All extras on both formats.
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative.
• Bonus feature film, COMING WEST (1971), directed by Steve Scott and photographed by Tom Howard.
• First ever audio commentary with DP Tom Howard, moderated by filmmaker David McCabe.
• Audio commentary with co-star Herschel Savage and XRCO co-founder, Bill Margold.
• Reversible cover artwork.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dead Air: Episode 121 - The Invitation (2016)

This week on the podcast , Jeff (@DeadAirJeff) and Jesse (@DestroySuperman) talk about hipster dinner parties, cults, Nic Cage movies, nihilism in cinema, and THE INVITATION.

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Dead Air: Episode 119 - High Rise (2016)

This week on the podcast , Jeff (@DeadAirJeff) and Jesse (@DestroySuperman) talk about mustaches, Jeremy Irons, man-ass, dog violence, and Ben Wheatley's newest film, HIGH-RISE.

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Dead Air: Episode 118 - Hush (2016)

This week on the podcast , Jeff (@DeadAirJeff) and Jesse (@DestroySuperman) are joined by special guest James Harris (@DOCTERROR_COM) to talk about what's been going on with James, working in the sex industry, heavy metal, and the new Mike Flanagan joint, HUSH.

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Dead Air: Episode 117 - The One Without A Title

This week on the podcast , Jeff (@DeadAirJeff), Jesse (@DestroySuperman) and Chad (@HorrorMovieBBQ) don't have a movie to review, so instead, they talk about the new show schedule, voting, dead people, film fests, conventions, and cats... You know, business as usual.

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Dead Air: Episode 116 - Hardcore Henry (2016)

This week on the podcast , Jeff (@DeadAirJeff) and Jesse (@DestroySuperman) talk about "Sharlto Coldplay," video games, and the insanity that is HARDCORE HENRY.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dead Air: Episode 120 - The Darkness (2016)

This week on the podcast , Jeff (@DeadAirJeff) and Jesse (@DestroySuperman) talk about Ghostbusters nerd rage/hate speech, the horrors of real world racism, stupid shit Jeff does when he's drunk, and the trainwreck that is THE DARKNESS.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Long Live the Newest Flesh - HARVEST LAKE (2016) - On Blu-ray and VIMEO

When Harvest Lake was first announced I had planned on participating in the funding campaign, but somehow I seemed to have simply missed out on contributing. I want that to be a disclaimer because I would have contributed if I had not procrastinated and missed out, so I guess you can say I'm biased in that regard. Instead I simply purchased a signed Blu-ray when they became available. That's what you're supposed to do especially when you want to make sure that a dedicated indie Horror and genre director like Scott Schirmer, his cast and crew gets something in return other than praise from a Horror blog. 

Harvest Lake follows a group of twenty somethings headed into the woods to do some celebrating only to find an erotic oasis of persistent, strange, creature-liscious experiences behind every tree, and of course, in the titular lake. What begins with party games and good fun, ends in something that my daunted libido will not soon forget. I believe we have stains, ladies and gentlemen; stains from an erotic Horror movie that hit all the right spots. Long Live the Newest Flesh! This time not from your television, but from a celestial lake in the middle of nowhere.

This requires some brief introductions (and I'm just going by my limited personal experience here).

Harvest Lake was created by a seasoned cast and crew of independent Horror folks who are stretched out in various roles over some of the more successful low budget genre pictures to have come out in the last several years. It's quite an astonishing site to witness what can come of such collaborations. Scott Schrimer directed Harvest Lake, but his work on Found wowed indie Horror fans driving it to a cult frenzy that demanded its release after a successful funding campaign. The follow up to Found was Headless, a "lost" movie from the 70's that featured the influential gore dunked maniac from Found, directed by Arthur Cullipher who would act as producer on Harvest Lake.  We have Brian Williams as a producer, cinematographer, camera operator and gaffer who is the sensational director of grindy, naughty Time To Kill from 2014. Time to Kill was a HOT experience and one not so easily forgotten. His work on Harvest Lake created such legendary scenes in the middle of this nightmarish wooded pleasure center are key to Harvest Lake's success. I am unfamiliar with L.K. Gonzo, but the last name Gonzo has me curious; L.K also acted as a producer on Harvest Lake.

In front of the camera we have a few new faces who played some hot bodies in Lucretia Lynn and Derek Sturgeon. It's great to see young, new actors unafraid to take it all off in the opening minutes of a Horror picture. The skin is alive and well on these two. Jason Crowe is known for his work on Horror and Dark Fantasy short films as well as such titles as Easter Casket,The Zombie and Volumes of Blood in his resume. Dan Nye has also done some short film work and was recently in The Legend of Wasco in 2015. He will appear in Bong of the Living Dead which looks to have some excellent poster artwork and... well... it has "living dead" and "bong" in the title, I'm in. My first experience with Ellie Church was in Time to Kill. Her seductive performance left a mark with a style that was clearly older than she was. She followed it up with a strong performance in Headless and has a role in a movie I'm excited to check out by James Bickert, Frankenstein Created Bikers. The last piece of the main crew is Tristan Risk who offers a near perfect performance in Harvest Lake but whose work in The Editor and American Mary wowed me. She's also in Frankenstein Created Bikers.

So what comes out of this troop of actors thrown together in the middle of the woods, hormones all a-glow and with some kind of force willing them to go that extra 5 seconds in heaven? It's a strange orgy of discovery. Each scene guides our lead five actors into a world of sexual discovery of a monsterific kind. Sexually suggestive plants, milky white fluid dripping off every frame. The wavering notes of synthetic lust flowing through scenes in an early 90's electronic love blanket pouring through my ears like my first MDMA ride. This is the Horror Viagra for which your ED creature wang has been longing. You need this like you need a boob in your hand and a finger in each hole.

From creature creation that is original and imaginative, working with limited budget to environments that are filled with extras that make you believe each scene, you are dealing with a very well constructed movie. It's visually pleasing and sensual without being pornographic or even exploitative. There's a fine line there, and mind you there's nothing wrong with it being pornographic or exploitative, but this is pretty-Horror-erotic. This isn't a Jess Franco nudie fest or a splash of tit popping out on a stripper pole. Think of Videodrome in the woods with Invasion of the Body Snatchers and just hint of Society thrown in to let you know who controls the shunt. The time you spend with Harvest Lake is the time you spend with your hand in your pants before you get out of bed, dreaming the still lingering wet moments of the night before, if that dream was a Horror picture and if you didn't mind losing your everything to a force beyond your control in the name of pure Hedonism.

What really creates the warm bed for this movie to work is exquisite chemistry between our actors. The relationships these folks seem to have makes you love them and know them. These could easily have been slightly more excitable friends of mine from years gone by. They connect with each other which made them connect with me. Once I was in their clutches I could follow them around easily enjoing a campfire, a sugar cube of acid or maybe something, slimier. 

There are scenes that evolve for extended periods of time with slow motion stings that create an almost loving vibe when combined with the music of Adam Robi and Shawn Sutta. There are moments that pull so narrowly out of focus that gradually reveal themselves to be discoveries of this great new world in the middle of the woods. This is how children feel discovering a playground for the first time. The cuts and focus in some of these scenes are like watching a young child be curious. You want to know what's on the screen, and you don't entirely know what it is that will be there when the shot resolves. When it does in fact resolve, you will be excited. 

Scott Schirmer has brought together something special here. It's not entirely comfortable for all Horror fans mind you. I can imagine that there's a slower than modern pace that might throw some folks off. Gore hounds do not expect to be splashed with the red stuff, but there's plenty of makeup, goo and creature creations to keep you occupied with some very cool artistic choices. Enjoy the lake. Take a dip. Make sure to put your red shorts on.

Check out the trailer:

You can pick up the Blu-ray now or simply rent it:

Buy the limited edition Blu-ray now:

Watch on Vimeo now:

From Bandit Motion:

From Scott Schirmer (Found) and Brian K. Williams (Time to Kill) comes the erotic mystery-fantasy Harvest Lake. Five friends stumble under the spell of a libidinous, otherworldly presence while vacationing in the woods. Inhibitions drop and behavior becomes erratic as one of the friends tries to escape the carnal free-fall, ultimately bringing him face to face with the source of a mystery that will change his life forever. Harvest Lake stars Tristan Risk (American Mary), Ellie Church (Headless), Jason Crowe(Dead Moon Rising), Dan Nye (The Legend of Wasco), and Kevin Roach (The Confession of Fred Krueger), with special effects fromThe Clockwerk Creature Company (Headless).

pic stack

Limited Edition of 750 Copies!
• Glass-mastered, replicated disc (not a BDr)!
• Hand-Numbered on the Back Cover
• Available Unsigned or Signed by Ellie Church, Scott Schirmer, and Brian K. Williams (in silver marker on the front cover)

Special Features!
• The Making of Harvest Lake (45 Minute Documentary)
• Commentary with Producers Brian K. Williams & Scott Schirmer
• Commentary with Actors Ellie Church & Jason Crowe
• Isolated Music Score Track
• Deleted & Extended Scenes
• Gag Reel and more!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

CHRISTINA Comes to Blu-ray From Intervision May 31st - Are You Ready for the Playgirl of the Western World?

When I haven't seen a movie that is coming out from a reputable label like Intervision, I look for keywords in the synopsis, and I check out the trailer. I like that we have Jewel Shepard starring who is an "heiress known as 'The Playgirl of the Western World'. I also think "shocking ordeal of carnal degradation" is probably up most of your respective allies. This type of release is perfect for the Intervision label that specializes in more obscure films and some sexploitation and erotica as well as low brow works from our favorite genres. It's hitting Blu-ray May 31st. Check out the full announcement below from Intervision.

The writer and producer of this has gone more than a few great erotic trash-a-thons (Harry Alan Towers) and co-stars an actress from PIECES (No, not that one)!

Note: We should have the trailer up soon. Having trouble accessing it through my hospitals Wi-Fi.

From Intervision:

Intervision Picture Corp. May 2016 New Release

Label: Intervision Picture Corp.
Pre-book: 5/10/2016 Streets: 5/31/2016
SRP: $24.95 UPC: 663390001011 Cat: SEV91011 91 minutes In English
Color Not Rated Full screen 1.33:1 Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Region: All
Production year: 1984 Genre: Erotica
Director: Paco Lara
Cast: Jewel Shepard, Ian Sera, Enrique Johnson

Famed B-movie vixen Jewel Shepard (HOLLYWOOD HOT TUBS, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) stars as Christina Von Belle, the insatiable young heiress known as 'The Playgirl Of The Western World'. But when Christina is kidnapped by a ruthless squad of lesbian commandos (led by Euro-starlet-turned-porn-queen Karin Schubert of BLUEBEARD and BLACK EMANUELLE), she is forced to submit to a shocking ordeal of carnal degradation. For a frightened girl bound by more than desire, is there any limit to the ecstasy of the depraved? IanSera (PIECES) and former Miss Bahamas Josephine Jacqueline Jones (BLACK VENUS) co-star in this sumptuous sex saga from writer/producer Harry Alan Towers (LOVE CIRCLES, VENUS IN FURS, 99 WOMEN), now re-mastered in luscious high-definition for the first time ever!

SLASHER SEASON 1 - Coming from Chiller TV to Scream Factory July 12th

New release coming this July from Scream Factory and Chiller will be Slasher, Season 1. This is an original series out of Canada of which I am not yet all too familiar, but will have a review up in late June/early July. The cast has some Horror roots with Katie McGrath appearing in Jurassic World and Dracula. This one has all the hallmarks of some of the more popular shows we've been seeing out of the US lately although I must admit that TV shows outside of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul and Billions may be out of my viewing knowledge. Reviewing has a price, and that price is watching every new TV show the networks put out.

From Scream Factory

Starring Katie McGrath, Brandon Jay McLaren, Steve Byers,
Dean McDermott and Wendy Crewson


Bring Home Chiller’s Acclaimed Original Series
Pre-Order Today!

This summer, venture into the town of Waterbury with Sarah, a young woman who returns to where she was born, only to find herself the centerpiece in a series of horrifying copycat murders based on the grisly killings of her parents. As the murders escalate, long-buried secrets are revealed, making everyone around her a suspect…or a victim. The thrilling first season of Chiller’s original hit series SLASHER – which recently concluded its run on-air this Spring - stars Katie McGrath (Jurassic World, Dracula, Merlin), Brandon Jay McLaren (Chicago Fire, Graceland, The Killing), Steve Byers (The Man in the High Castle, Alphas, Smallville), Dean McDermott (Ecstasy, CSI) and Wendy Crewson (Saving Hope, Revenge).

On July 12, 2016, SCREAM FACTORY™ will release SLASHER: SEASON ONE on Blu-ray and DVD.  A must-have for horror enthusiasts, this eerily terrifying series features a generous dose of suspense and blood-curdling violence. Both the Blu-ray and DVD will include a behind-the-scenes featurette.

Pre-order now at:

Synopsis: Thirty years ago, in the sleepy community of Waterbury, a killer known as "The Executioner" murdered Sarah Bennett's parents. Now Sarah (Katie McGrath) and her husband Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren) have returned to town, only to find herself the centerpiece in a series of horrifying murders centered around the seven deadly sins. It seems "The Executioner" is back. But if Tom Winston - the original Executioner - is behind bars, who is the new person behind the mask? As the murders escalate, long-buried secrets are revealed, making everyone around Sarah a suspect…or a victim.

Developed and produced by Shaftesbury in association with Super Channel and Chiller, Slasher is written and created by Aaron Martin (Killjoys, Being Erica) and directed by Craig David Wallace (Todd and the Book of Pure Evil). Aaron Martin, Christina Jennings and Scott Garvie are executive producers. Content Media Corporation is the distributor. Slasher is funded with the participation of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, the COGECO Program Development Fund, the Bell Fund, Music and Film in Motion/Federal Government of Canada, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit.

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan Coming to DVD and Blu-ray June 28th

RAY. HARRYHAUSEN. His name feels like a special effect. The legacy that he leaves behind created some of my favorite movies. His own effects work is inspiring to this day and he stands on the shoulders of champions of Horror and Fantasy films alike. Arrow Video is giving us a new documentary via MVD Entertainment to enjoy the history of a legend who created the dark fantasy that kept us nightmaring and dreaming and creating for decades to come.

This is an exciting release for fans of great special effects wizardry, to show how the craft can be created without computers. Take note future filmmakers and effects geniuses.

From MVD/Arrrow:

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan

Coming to DVD and Blu-ray June 28th via MVD Entertainment Group

The remarkable career of the movie industry's most admired and influential special-effects auteur, the legendary Ray Harryhausen, is the subject of Gilles Penso's definitive documentary Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan.

Leaving no doubt as to Harryhausen's seminal influence on modern-day special effects, the documentary features enlightening and entertaining interviews with the man himself, Randy Cook, Peter Jackson, Nick Park, Phil Tippet, Terry Gilliam, Dennis Muren, John Landis, Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and many more.

These filmmakers, who today push the boundaries of special effects movie-making, pay tribute to the father of Stop Motion animation and films such as 'The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms', 'It Came from Beneath the Sea', 'The 7th Voyage of Sinbad', 'Mysterious Island', 'Jason and the Argonauts' and 'The Golden Voyage of Sinbad' - the films that enthralled them as children and inspired them to become filmmakers in their own right.

Bonus Materials
Interviews with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Peter Lord, Rick Baker
12 Interview outtakes with Joe Dante, John Lasseter, Nick Park and more!
A message to Ray
Deleted Scenes
On the set of Sinbad
Paris Cinematheque Q&A
London Gate Theater Q&A
Audio commentary with the filmmakers
Original Trailer
Ray Harryhausen Trailer Reel

Pre-order at the MVD SHOPDIABOLIKDVD or on Amazon

Gods of Egypt - 4K Ultra HD, 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack Hitting May 31st

Gods of Egypt is one that I missed in theaters this winter. I can't say that I know many folks who made it out, but I'll let you know that Geoffrey Rus is one of my favorite modern actors, I liked I, Robot from director Alex Proyas and I dug The Last Witch Hunter written by Matt Sazama. I'm gonna give this one a shot. We should have a review up for you in the coming weeks, but until then check out the trailer and the info below concerning the upcoming release. I like to give all movies a chance, so let's see if this one can transcend its rather Transformers esque cover. Something about the battle of Gods no matter who forced into a modern Hollywood formula works for me. Look at all that CG though. It's like a digital painting of a movie.

Also, we may have a pending giveaway for the Blu-ray. More details once confirmed.

From Lionsgate:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gerard Butler Fight for Power in a Battle for the Ages on Digital HD on May 17 and 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack,
3D Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray and DVD on May 31

SANTA MONICA, CA (April 5, 2016) – The ultimate struggle to rule the world begins when Gods of Egypt arrives on Digital HD on May 17 and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital HD), 3D Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD), Blu-ray™ (plus Digital HD), DVD (plus Digital) and On Demand May 31 from Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE Company. Directed by Alex Proyas (I, Robot), written by Matt Sazama (The Last Witch Hunter) & Burk Sharpless (The Last Witch Hunter), and featuring stunning visual effects and production design, Gods of Egypt stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (TV’s “Game of Thrones”) with Gerard Butler (London Has Fallen) and Academy Award® winner Geoffrey Rush (Best Actor, Shine, 1996).

The ultimate battle between good and evil threatens to destroy all creation in this epic fantasy-adventure bursting with spectacular action and amazing special effects. Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau star as rival gods Set and Horus, who are locked in a war to rule the universe. To defeat the merciless Set, Horus joins forces with a brave mortal for a journey that will take them across Egypt, through the heavens, and into the afterlife in an unforgettable quest to save mankind.

The Blu-ray and Digital HD releases feature an in-depth look behind-the-scenes with six featurettes, plus storyboards of deleted scenes. The Blu-ray release also includes next-generation DTS:X immersive audio, which replicates and conveys the fluid movement of sound to create a richer soundscape by moving sound to precisely where the audio mixer placed it.

Gods of Egypt will be available in the following physical formats on May 31:
·       4K Ultra HD Combo Pack - $42.99 SRP
·       3D Combo Pack - $39.99 SRP
·       Blu-ray - $35.99 SRP
·       DVD - $29.95 SRP

·     Deleted Storyboards

·     “A Divine Vision: Creating a Cinematic Action Fantasy” Featurette

·     “Of Gods and Mortals: The Cast” Featurette

·     “Transformation: Costume, Make-up & Hair” Featurette

·     “On Location: Shooting in Australia” Featurette

·     “The Battle for Eternity: Stunts” Featurette

·     “A Window into Another World: Visual Effects” Featurette

*Subject to change

·     “The Battle for Eternity: Stunts” Featurette

·     “A Window into Another World: Visual Effects” Featurette

*Subject to change

Monday, April 25, 2016

MANSON'S LOST GIRLS available on DVD May 10th

I hear the word Lifetime, and I know what to expect or at least I thought I did. Lifetime is a channel synonymous with original movies that tell riveting completely overdramatized tales that focus on some kind of sympathetic angle toward victims. The term chick flick is also synonymous with "Lifetime movie". That has apparently completely changed as they have created Manson's Lost Girls, a doc about the teenage girls who took part in several murder under the tutelage of Charles Manson. This is pretty dark stuff compared to what I had always expected from Lifetime. Lionsgate is releasing it on DVD May 10th. Check out the trailer below. See what I mean?

We'll get a review up as soon as possible to let you know if Lifetime has truly changed for the creepier. Sex. Drugs. Murder. Manson.

My only qualm so far is that none of these actors look like the person they are supposed to be playing.

From Lionsgate:

Based on the chilling crimes of Charles Manson, one of the most infamous criminals of the 20th century, the Lifetime® original movie Manson’s Lost Girls will arrive on DVD (plus Digital) May 10 from Lionsgate. Jeff Ward stars as Charles Manson, with mesmerizing performances by MacKenzie Mauzy, Eden Brolin, and Greer Grammer as the circle of teenage girls who fell under his demonic spell and helped carry out his brutal killings. Manson’s Lost Girls will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

Told through the eyes of real Manson girl Linda Kasabian, Manson’s Lost Girls takes you on a month-long journey with the women who were drawn to the sisterhood and communal lifestyle founded by the charismatic Charlie Manson. As Manson’s dark and twisted preoccupations are revealed, you witness how free love turned into burglary and, ultimately, mass murder.

Jeff Ward                                                   TV’s “The Mentalist,” Holly’s Holiday
MacKenzie Mauzy                                     Into the Woods, TV’s “Forever”
Eden Brolin                                                I Dream Too Much, Ruby Sparks
Greer Grammer                                          Awkward, Life Partners


One lucky Christmas Holiday Horror Hooligan will win a Blu-ray/DVD combo of the the rather humorous but still creepy flick Krampus. Haven't seen Krampus yet? This is a great way to do it. Saw it and loved it? This Blu-ray has some great extras and the Blu-ray picture quality is impressive.

So how do you enter? Available to US Residents. Shoot Doc Terror an email with the subject line KRAMPUS DRANK MY EGG NOG to and let me know your favorite Holiday Horror feature or short. Shoot me a clip or YouTube link or poster of the movie. I love to see what you guys are into and it always nice to get into new things. Share this post on Twitter or Facebook for an additional entry (just let me know you did so, honor system). You can tag me @DOCTERROR_COM  We will announce a winner on Friday.

Full details and trailer below. Merry Christmas... in April.

From Universal:

  • Krampus and His Minions – In this exclusive feature see how Krampus and his twisted underlings gave the visual-effects superstars at Peter Jackson’s New Zealand-based Weta Workshop some creative and technical challenges. Viewers will have an insider look at how Krampus and his evil minions were created and executed.
  • Practical Danger – Stunt Coordinator Rodney Cook walks viewers through how the film’s thrilling stunts were done live on set while facing challenges with the creatures, children and set design.
  • Inside the Snowglobe: Production Design – Filming almost entirely on sound stages in the middle of summer in New Zealand, the art department and special effects team had to pull out all of their tricks to create sets that were realistic, ready for stunts and practical effects, all while creating the look of a winter wonderland.
  • Behind the Scenes at Weta Workshop: Krampus – Go behind-the-scenes at the world famous Weta Workshop to see how they brought the amazing Krampuscreatures to life.
  • Dougherty’s Vision – In this featurette Director Michael Dougherty, along with the film’s cast and crew, reveal how his approach informed the tone, pacing, humor and performances of Krampus.

The film will be available on Blu-ray™ with DIGITAL HD and UltraViolet™ and DVD
Blu-ray™ unleashes the power of your HDTV and is the best way to watch movies at home; featuring 6X the picture resolution of DVD, exclusive extras and theater-quality surround sound.
DVD offers the flexibility and convenience of playing movies in more places, both at home and away.
DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet™ lets fans watch movies anywhere on their favorite devices. Users can instantly stream or download.


They've done it! They made a documentary about Stephen King adaptation favorite, Pet Sematary. This is the ONLY way you're getting a physical copy of this release which means if you don't pick it up now, it ain't happening later. This is a bundle of goodies that costs $39.99 which sounds kinda steep, right? BUT... you'll be getting the following:

- A Limited Edition Region Free DVD / Blu-ray Documentary Combo with Bonus Features

- A 27" x 39" print of the Official Documentary Poster

- A Custom Unearthed & Untold 100% Cotton T-Shirt 

-Complimentary Terror Films Stickers

You're not just paying for a Blu/DVD. Think of it like this. If you don't grab it now, you'll be paying twice as much on Ebay later. Best to grab it now and avoid the flip and get the t-shirt and poster. Don't like it? You can be the guy that flips it in a few months when everyone wants it and can't find it and make back your money and then some (but I think it's gonna be rad). 

This is where you put up some cash to get an extremely sexy package of goodies delivered to you assuming that the company can sell 1000 units. We can make that happen. We are collectors, we love Pet Sematary and we love STUFF.  I love this cover art with it's VHS/old school video store trappings. 

From our friends at Terror Films:

After five years of hard work, our documentary, Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary, is now available for pre-order in a Limited Edition blu-ray/DVD combo deluxe pack! If you are able to help us spread the word to horror film & Stephen King fans we'd be very grateful! The distributor has to sell 1,000 to make this special promo happen, so we're trying to really spread the news. Thank you!

Details from the Terror Films site:

In celebration of the 27th Anniversary of the original film's release we are selling a LIMITED EDITION Combo package of the documentary UNEARTHED & UNTOLD: THE PATH TO PET SEMATARY ! **

This offer is only available during this special promotion and only for the next 27 Days! 

Order now and see the Documentary before its official release - not available until October!

The Combo Includes:

- A Limited Edition Region Free DVD / Blu-ray Documentary Combo with Bonus Features

- A 27" x 39" print of the Official Documentary Poster

- A Custom Unearthed & Untold 100% Cotton T-Shirt (PLEASE BE SURE TO SELECT YOUR CORRECT SIZE)

-Complimentary Terror Films Stickers


The Documentary is unrated and some of its contents may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 18.  This promotion DOES NOT include a copy of the Pet Sematary Feature Film.

VAMPIRES (1986) Coming to DVD May 10th. It'll Suck the Schlock Out of You!

In a strange turn of events I was about to watch the Vinegar Syndrome release of Fright House on DVD this evening. It was a perk for the fundraiser for their Exploitation TV streaming service.  What does that have to do with Len Anthony's Vampires released in 1986 and now hitting DVD from Chest Media Group?

They are sister movies. Essentially two separate releases come from the same "trunk" of a movie whose filming ended prematurely do to financial reasons. Fright House was one, an anthology Horror picture whose cover looks like Grandpa Munster discovered reflective contact lenses and the release du jour. Do not confuse this one with the John Carpenter's Vampires or Vampyres or the recent remake of Vampyres (that's a whole lotta vamps).

We will have a report after reviewing this one shortly and will include notes on Fright House as well. That release is not for sale outside of the fundraiser so it may be hard to come by. It fetches $60 on eBay.

From Chest Media Group:

Cult, ’80s, B-Movie Rarity on DVD May 10th

At a prestigious, all-girls, prep school, things go terribly awry in the underground, horror flick Vampires, resurrecting on DVD May 10 from Film Chest Media Group.

Originally filmed as the second part of the 1989 cult anthology classic Fright House, this would be the last film of Len Anthony (Murderous Intent, Document of the Dead). Principal cinematographer Ernest Dickerson went on to shoot Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and direct several episodes of AMC’s iconic horror series The Walking Dead. With a unique spin on the vampire genre, full of camp, heavy synth music and thought-provoking horror, Vampires is the perfect timestamp of ’80s, schlock cinema.

An eager, young student, Ione (Orly Benyar, Fright House, Ninja Academy) is excited to begin the next chapter of her life when she is awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious art school at the Abadon estate in New England … Which happens to have a distant history of working with the criminally insane. Soon after arriving on campus, she begins to realize something is amiss with the
student body. When some classmates go missing – and no one can seem to account for their
whereabouts – Ione decides to investigate.

While searching for clues, Ione encounters Dr. Charles Harmon (Duane Jones, the doomed hero from the horror classic Night of the Living Dead, Ganja & Hess, To Die For), who tells her about Madeline Abadon (Jackie James, Over the Brooklyn Bridge, Fright House) and her quest to suck the youthful energy from students in order to gain immortality.

Charles is then encumbered with the harrowing task of disarming Madeline and her “mad scientist”
machine … But will he be able to end the demonic foray on campus before it’s too late?
Vampires is presented in full screen with an aspect ratio of 4 x 3 and original sound.

Crypt of the Living Dead/House of the Living Dead (Vinegar Syndrome Drive-In Collection DVD)

1970’s monster horror is a strange batch. Where it tries to be traditional focusing on some of the better creature features of yesteryear almost riding Hammer’s coattails to try to get some of that Universal gold from the 40’s, often times the budgets didn’t meet the expectation of the viewer. That beings said some of these meager productions create haunting images due to their budgetary restraint. Production value you can yield the creeps. Just ask fans of Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things. No budget. Great looking zombies (and by great I mean creep). For a Spanish production filmed in Turkey this release has some strong locations and distinctive style. These two camp features are now available on DVD as a part of the Drive-In collection from Vinegar Syndrome. It was previously released as a limited edition Blu-ray double feature. (You can still pick the Blu up at DiabolikDVD while supplies last).

Crypt of the Living Dead has some of the best classic piano horror music you’ll hear with perfect stings. It really sets the proper tone for this no budget vamp production. While the movie opens incredible strong with a solid decapitation that shows ingenuity and the fun spirit of the grue lover, the middle ground leaves something to be desired as the film tries to find what drove Hammer and Universal to success.

I was unfamiliar with Directors Julio Salvador and Ray Danton. While both had modest careers, Danton’s TV work seemed to have accelerated after this production, having worked on everything from TJ Hooker to the Incredible Hulk. Immediately following this release Danton would Direction The Psychic Killer. For Salvador this was the end game. He had previously done a number of Spanish production but would only go on to write two more films after Crypt of the Living Dead, Love Brides of the Bloody Mummy (which has a simply fantastic title) and Touch Me Not. Perhaps the most notable attachment to this project was Andrew Prine in the lead. His connection to Horror and Exploitation cinema is nearly legendary especially with roles in Simon, King of the Witches, Nightmare Circus and Grizzly (though he’s probably known better for his non-genre work).

The effects are pure cheese and aside from the slow moments, but this is all Vinegar Syndrome DVD is quite nice with a good transfer consisting of a fabulous grain structure preserved in digital form though I’d advise in seeking out the Blu-ray to max out on the picture quality.

While I have definitely enjoyed the over-the-top poster art over the years, it’s not a movie that stuck out to me as especially strong. You can also look it up under its alternative title, Hannah, Queen of the Vampires.

On the other hand there’s House of the Living Dead, the second feature on this DVD. Where Crypt of the Living Dead may be a strong suit for low budget creep-outs, House of the Living Dead is pure grilled cheese. What would you expect from a movie that feature primate kidnapping, mad scientists, an old witch and music so dramatic it could only have been composed for a made for TV movie. Director Ray Austin did quite a bit of TV after working on House of the Living Dead aka Curse of the Dead, but before this release he worked on Virgin Witch, a widely praise cult favorite (available through Redemption Films). This is most likely my first South African Horror film and I feel like I’d be hard pressed to find another that I enjoyed as much for all its faults.

This a perfect Hammer copycat that also seems to have hints of The Asphyx only not sophisticated enough to handle either duty. House is a period piece drama that gives way to some old fashioned practical effects, perfect red blood, organs that play themselves mysteriously in true haunted house fashion and a final act that’s pure madness. Once House of the Living Dead gets out of its own way it actually becomes somewhat effective with creepy organ music that haunts.

While I can’t help but think that the title for this release should have been Beethoven Does Color Light Chemistry, it has a distinctive look, enough gonzo to keep you laughing and visually entertained while having some of the most memorable facial expressions and forced exclamation point dialogue I’ve seen in a movie from the early 70’s. The final word… if you complained about the horse in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II I beg you to figure this one out!

You can order your copy of Crypt of the Living Dead/House of the Living Dead from Vinegar Syndrome now:

You can also order the April package including the other releases for the month at a cost savings while offer is available:

This release is also available at DiabolikDVD:[sl]-Thriller/Crypt-of-the-Living-Dead-[sl]-House-of-the-Living-Dead-DVD-Edition-(Vinegar-Syndrome)-(DVD-All-Region).html

From Vinegar Syndrome:


After arriving on a remote island to bury his father, a young American engineer (Andrew Prine) opens the crypt of a vampire queen. He inadvertently unleashes a terrible and violent force of evil on the unsuspecting townspeople, making them fight for their lives, while a few townsfolk aren’t who they appear to be. Vinegar Syndrome brings the U.S. theatrical version to blu-ray, scanned and restored in 2k from a newly exhumed 35mm negative. Open the tomb and re-discover CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD!

D: Julio Salvador & Ray Danton / 1973 / 85 min / Color / 1.85:1


In the seemingly peaceful and rural colonial vineyards of South Africa, a mad scientist plots to steal people’s souls and place them into jars for eternity. To complete his twisted experiments, he begins to undertake a bloody rampage in the nearby countryside. Who can stop this madman, and what other terrible secrets does he hide? Who knows what other horrors you will discover in HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD!

D: Ray Austin / 1974 / 88 min / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

• DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR

• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original negatives

• Original theatrical trailer for CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD

Sunday, April 24, 2016

THAT'S SEXPLOITATION! (Severin Films Blu-ray) - Go DEEPER Into Sexploitation Cinema

Here’s a secret. I like adult films. The old stuff. The cool stuff. Typically from the mid 80’s and before when the industry had style. I watch a lot of porn (to review of course) and I usually can find something to enjoy about each movie beyond the sex because to be quite honest, there’s way more to porn than sex. There’s the set up, the punchline, the style and what’s going on in the background of any scene. You can tell a whole lot about an era from the adult entertainment produced during that time. This is the paragraph equivalent of telling everyone that I buy Playboy for the articles which of course these days is an absolute. Severin Films has released a documentary filled to the brim with every kind of smut you can imagine, hours of the stuff and wrapped it all up in a beautiful Blu-ray that provides history and substance to the schtup-mania that took place before the adult film industry was an industry. That’s Sexploitation! is a celebration of sex…. That’s obvious… but it’s actually a time capsule, a permission slip to have fun and a great big tattle tale on your parents and grandparents. They loved to fuck too; they loved to watch folks fuck.

The men behind the current for That’s Sexploitation are legends. Frank Henenlotter made us want to have a little blue brain monster shoot drugs directly into our brain and make our own personal fuck monster. Mike Vraney created Something Weird Video (SWV to the hip kids) and showed a generation how to make babies, kill strangers and smoke the good drugs. These two men should be applauded for the noble effort that is That’s Sexploitation, and we should remember the late Vraney with glass held high and tissue in hand.

Henenlotter and David’ F. Friedman narrate their way through years of adult entertainment. It’s a lofty job and with the amount of content included in this doc, you’d expect a bit more of an explanation as to the history behind the sexploitation biz. What I have found is that this doc plays out more like an all night adult feature reel at a grinder on 42nd street. Little interruption. Maxed out visual film experience. That’s great for putting on a movie like this as background at a party but not so great as informative doc that tries to give place and plot the narrative behind the crazy world of sex on film. Simply put, they don’t say enough about the content. It’s a bummer because both men have powerful voices and historical knowledge. They have the bedtime stories adults want to hear. The ratio of clip to commentary is pour. That’s the only place I’m critical.

Beyond that, the clips themselves are truly special. Sure, you’ll have seen some of these before as fans of the sexploitation. You’ll laugh. You’ll look away bashfully. You’ll learn a little something along the way. You get about two hours of documentary and three and half hours of extras. There’s a commentary track and trailer. The overall quality is good. These short film fragments have been transferred nicely and put together lovingly. Of course the source material varies from fair to damaged to surprisingly well preserved at times.

That’s Sexploitation provides wholesome, un-family entertainment that is as varied as the sex act itself. You get the good, the bad and the ugly (and as we know, the ugly in sex has nothing to do with beauty). Keep in mind that this is a documentary. It’s not really a spank film. I do recommend watching it without pants on, you’ve gotta let your genitals breath. I’d say that this is a great way to introduce a newbie to the world of sexploitation or to catch some obscure footage that you’d have missed in the 42nd Street Forever releases from Synapse or Peekarama releases from Vinegar Syndrome. It’s great to see all my favorite distro companies putting out smut from the golden age of porn.

Available now from DiabolikDVD:'s-Sexploitation-(Severin)-(Blu~Ray).html


From director Frank Henenlotter (BASKET CASE, BRAIN DAMAGE) and co-producer Mike Vraney (the late founder of Something Weird Video) comes the epic documentary critics call fascinating (Video Watchdog), titillating (Time Out Los Angeles) and jaw-dropping (Seattle Weekly): Henenlotter and legendary exploitation monarch David F. Friedman -- in his final film appearance -- are your hosts for this eye-popping expedition through the world of pre-code peekaboos, stags, sex-hygiene films, goona-goonas, nudie-cuties, roughies, druggies, white-coaters and more, featuring thousands of spicy, steamy and downright sleazy clips from the SWV archives. And if that's not enough to tickle your pickle, Bonus Features include an additional 2+ hours of rare loops and shorts from five decades of Sexploitation history!

Bonus Features:
Over 3 1/2 Hours of Sexploitation Shorts From The Something Weird Archives
Audio Commentary With Director Frank Henenlotter and Something Weird's Lisa Petrucci

Saturday, April 23, 2016

THE HATEFUL EIGHT Available on Blu-ray - Domergue Yourself

Let’s keep this short and sweet. If you like Tarantino movies than you’ll love this one. It’s in this style, his voice and though it set in post-Civil War America, you might find that it has a modern feel.

You have to be aware that some people have had trouble with the language in this picture, but that’s true of nearly every Tarantino release. Tarantino uses language in a truly unique way to the point of overkill to both desensitize a viewer and to incite the viewer. It’s on purpose. You’re meant to get pissed off, and as long as you finish the movie, you’ll be be quick to dismiss critics you call QT inflammatory. To watch and enjoy this movie you’ll also have to be aware of how Daisy Domergue is used in the movie, and that the violent treatment that she receives is central to story and to establishing the impetus for her potential “gang”. The number of social justice warriors who come out against Tarantino movies doesn’t surprise me, but it’s that fans of his his work listen to them and forget how QT makes movies and from what place he draws his stories and passion.

The costuming is brilliant and setting breathtaking. The wide angle shots of the exterior are huge. Huge on the big screen and huge on your small screen given the aspect ratio that truly spreads your TV’s legs. While I realize that folks at home won’t get the “Roadshow” experience with this picture, the intermission footage is not included, those black bars on the top and bottom of your screen are there with a purpose and that purpose is … Panavision. That purpose is the use of film as a medium for deliciously violent and challenging artwork. Remember that this movie helped to have many theaters across the country fit with film 70mm projectors. Makes you almost feel dirty watching it on Blu-ray or other digital medium. You want to appreciate it on film and live up to the scope of this release.

I can round robin with all of the actors in this picture and never come up with the same response twice as to who gives the best performance, but I’m particularly fond of Kurt Russell and his stache as well as Jennifer Jason Leigh and her bloody face. Everyone stuns and succeeds, no weak link here and staples like Samuel L. Jackson and Walton Goggins keep up the foundation while new players get a chance to stretch out the QT dialogue and pacing for the first time.

I love the color blood chosen for them movie. Those of you who come here regularly know I am a sucker for off color blood (my favorite is the H.G. Lewis Crayola red of course). Greg Nictoero and company create realistic effects that drip all over your carpet and require a steam cleaning after you watch the movie. Speaking of dripping, I hope none of ya’ll pissed your pants while Ennio Morricone frightened the urine from your body with his dominating, drudge of a score that landed him a deserved Oscar. I love the score and soundtrack and I’m glad to have picked up a truly a special release on vinyl. It’s one thick LP set.

With minimal extras available, it’s nice to at least get a making of featurette. The slipcover also opens up into a wide landscape, further accentuating the necessity and importance of using Panavision and with great old lenses to boot. Support this release because it means something and because it looks incredible. Perhaps not film incredible, but not everyone is so lucky to have experienced such a treat.

Available for purchase now:

This the kind of movie that will turn you into a film junkie, 35mm, 70mm, 16mm, 8mm... it's not the size that counts. It's the film grain between your legs in the middle of a violent winter tundra storm with the devil hiding in one of the stranger visitors at a haberdashery of fate.Thisis the kind of movie that will make you hate digital even if you are watching it in HD on Blu-ray. You'll want the big screen. You'll want the experience.

From the TWC:


Set six or eight or twelve years after the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming landscape. The passengers, bounty hunter John Ruth and his fugitive Daisy Domergue, race towards the town of Red Rock where Ruth, known in these parts as "The Hangman," will bring Domergue to justice. Along the road, they encounter two strangers: Major Marquis Warren, a black former union soldier turned infamous bounty hunter, and Chris Mannix, a southern renegade who claims to be the town's new Sheriff. Losing their lead on the blizzard, Ruth, Domergue, Warren and Mannix seek refuge at Minnie's Haberdashery, a stagecoach stopover on a mountain pass. When they arrive at Minnie's, they are greeted not by the proprietor but by four unfamiliar faces. Bob, who's taking care of Minnie's while she's visiting her mother, is holed up with Oswaldo Mobray, the hangman of Red Rock, cow-puncher Joe Gage (Madsen), and Confederate General Sanford Smithers. As the storm overtakes the mountainside stopover, our eight travelers come to learn they may not make it to Red Rock after all…