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NEW RELEASE UPDATE: TUSK from Kevin Smith Premieres at TIFF

Kevin Smith fans are loyal,and that's a fact or at least it had always been true while Smith was creating beautiful works of vulgar language painted social commentaries on a canvas of New Jersey. With Red State, Smith took a more serious turn in his writing style, one that was haunting and asked all the right questions. It wasn't precisely horror but was horririfc.  Now with Tusk, he asks us again to be challenged only this time it is in our conception of reality and whether or not we can enjoy a movie of pure dark fantasy with beautiful effects and a strange idea. Man into Walrus.
Below is the trailer for this release. Check it out and let us know your thoughts. 
Full release notes:

TUSK will have its world premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival


A film written and directed by Kevin Smith
Starring Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, and Genesis Rodriguez

From the singular mind of writer/director and podcaster Kevin Smith, and conceived from one of Smith’s own Smodcast’s, TUSK is a story unlike anything that has ever been committed to screen before. A tale that is equal parts hilarious and horrifying, TUSK will stay with you long after the credits roll. 

Read more about the film on Kevin Smith’s blog:

A24 will release TUSK in theaters September 19, 2014
For more info:

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Chemical Peel Arrives On DVD, Digital HD, and Video on Demand October 14

The terms chemical peel gives me the heebie jeebies! I just curl up my neck and shoulders and shake uncontrolable. I love the concept of a train dumping checmicals that cause an extrememly bad situation especially with a more recent wave of petroleum tankers dumping and lighting ablaze whole towns. It plays to our worst fear. In the middle of the night, without warning... PEELING!

The trend appears to be put gas masks on all the horror covers like The Crazies is back in style, so keep that in mind. I see the words Gory Fun as a box quote from Ain't It Cool News... Gory would be good. Cast looks like it has some horror background.

Check out the trailer and full release notes.

 ***For the official trailer, please visit: http://youtu.be/fmQgGRLJysc***

 Full Release Notes from Lionsgate:

Prepare to feel the burn as Chemical Peel arrives on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and Video on Demand October 14 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. What starts off as the perfect bachelorette weekend quickly takes a gruesome turn when a deadly chemical toxin is released into the air. Starring Natalie Victoria (Abstraction), Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting of Whaley House) and Stephanie Greco (Hansel & Gretel), the Chemical Peel DVD includes two audio commentaries, a "making of" featurette and outtakes and will be available for the suggested retail price of $26.98.

A weekend trip to the woods for a bachelorette party turns deadly when a nearby train accident causes a chemical reaction to overtake the secluded valley. But waiting out the disaster inside could prove to be just as dangerous as the outdoors.

Audio commentary with actors Natalie Victoria, Arielle Brachfeld, Stephanie Greco, Lacy Fisher, Leigh Davis and Lony'e Perrine
Audio commentary with director Hank Braxtan, writer Dan Sinclair and producer Tarkan Dospil
"Slow Burn: The Making Of Chemical Peel" featurette Outtakes

*Subject to change

Natalie Victoria - Abstraction, Always Faithful, DeadHeads
Arielle Brachfeld - The Haunting of Whaley House, Return of Ghostbusters, The House That Jack Built
Stephanie Greco - Hansel & Gretel, The Haunting of Whaley House, Phoenix Falling
Lacy Fisher - Feature film debut
Leigh Davis - Monster & Me, Blue Dream, Blood Effects
Lony'e Perrine - Jersey Justice, Smoking/Non-Smoking
with Ruben Pla - Cheap Thrills, Insidious, Contracted
and Ron Vischer - Return of the Ghostbusters

Type: Home Entertainment Premiere
Rating:R for Bloody Violence, Disturbing Images, Language and Brief Sexual Content
Genre: Horror; Thriller
Closed Captioned: English
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Feature Run Time: 95 minutes
Format: 16x9 Widescreen (2.35:1)
DVD Audio Status: 5.1 Dolby Digital

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Revelation Trailer on DVD August 26th

Looks like the Zombies Go West! I find the Western Horror subgenre to be a mixed bag but add to that using zombies as your antagonist, and I fear for the fan boy back lash. Did anyone bring troll repellent. Still, it's this kind of cross pollination between concepts and subgenres that occassionally bring much fruit. The minute I typed the zed word, I can already feel the tight oppressive fist of the internet raining down hatred and intolerance upon our undead brethern. Let's be positive even if the poster art doesn't making the zombies look at all flattering.

This is John Gibson's first horror, directorial outing. Let's wish him well, and see what happens on August 26th. For a first release, this thing has a nice extras package

Full release below:

on DVD from Entertainment One on August 26th
In the late nineteenth-century, a holy man known only as the Preacher (Daniel Van Thomas) confronts unspeakable evil as a gruesome power consumes the frontier. Standing between ruin and salvation, he joins forces with the town Marshal (Daniel Britt), a man with his own set of demons, in a savage fight against the undead.

Commentary with Daniel Van Thomas, Daniel Britt and Director John Gibson
Life on the Trail: The Story of the Film
Four Behind-the-Scenes and On Location Featurettes
"My Beloved" Revelation Trail Music Video by Angry Johnny and the Killbillies
Revelation Fail: Bloopers & Outtakes

PRODUCTION UPDATE: ROB ZOMBIE'S 31 Website to Launch July 31st

I know that you've seen the recent concept art designs to come out of the Rob Zombie camp as respects the release of 31 currently in production/pre-production. No, it's not Spalding. It's something different, Rob assures us. Of this I have no doubt. Yeah, the guy in the captioned picture maybe wearing clown makeup, but I also know, as a lifelong White Zombie, that Rob is a fan of the grease paint. Not all clowns are Captain Spalding fellas.

He's also a fan of guys in skeleton costumes. Yes they look like Cobra Kai students from the original Karate Kid, but they're also kinda creepy.
In addition, we love the censored, topless art with a juggernaut, made-up monster or madman in the chase.
I can't wait to see what the new website might reveal about the upcoming release and the only moment of upset or sadness that I feel toward it is know that we have a long road to actually getting a movie to view or a screening outside of a festival. Keep the horror coming, Rob even though you almost made me a Flyers fan with your hockey project. 
Stay Tuned. July 31st is coming soon.

Note: I can't help but get confused/curious as to why the 31 has to look like 3I. Just a font thing? Any significance. Every time I type it I feel like I'm doing it wrong.

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Werewolf Rising Coming to DVD September 8th

Just so we're clear, I'll give most werewolf movies a shot. Werewolf Rising for instance has a fairly standard, solid wolf plot with some sexy moments in the trailer and a good location. While the trailer doesn't reveal all that much about the look for the lycanthrope, this is enough to get me to consider it. I weep for CG wolves, but this is coming from Image/RLJ who has can definitely put out a good product. The trailer raised my expectation of this movie, let's see if it can deliver.

Let's hope for brutality and blood. Not much scarier than Arkansas mountains (which I've only been through a couple times in my life). At least there's a giant wolf head onthe cover and a "Beware the Beast" tag line.

Full release below including links to the trailer.
Deep in the sinister woods lives an unimaginable terror, that wreaks death and destruction when the moon is full. Out of the darkness comes a new kind of blood lust in Werewolf Rising, coming to DVD from Image Entertainment on 08 September 2014.

When Emma returns to her childhood home deep in the Arkansas mountains, she’s in need of rest and relaxation, but her problems have only just begun. What she finds is slaughter, fear and the foul pestilence that comes with a full moon.

A bloodthirsty werewolf is tearing through the township, ripping and ravaging all who cross its path; revealing a menacing underworld that few knew existed. Suddenly Emma finds herself plunged into a fight for her life and more – a fight to the finish for her soul.

Beware of the beast in Werewolf Rising a bloody thrilling fantasy.



NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Septic Man on VOD August 12th From Starz

While I wasn't thrilled with Monster Brawl, Pontypool is one of the best modern horror films to provide us with an origianl concept that was creepy played with our minds rather than providing over the top gratuity to get its screams. The new feature from this creative team, Septic Man, sounds absolutely disgusting (so in complete contrast to Pontypool's visual maturity and restraint).

We will have a review up shortly, but until then check out the trailer link below and see if this something you'd want to waste a bar of soap on.

YOUTUBE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAqyp7BxA-Q

Full release notes:

SEPTIC MAN - Starz Digital Media
AVAILABLE ON VOD: August 12, 2014
CAST: Jason David Brown, Molly Dunsworth, Robert Maillet, Julian Richings
WRITER: Tony Burgess
DIRECTOR: Jesse Thomas Cook

SYNOPSIS: From the creators of MONSTER BRAWL, EXIT HUMANITY, and PONTYPOOL comes this award-winning origin story of Jack, a sewage worker who’s determined to uncover the cause of the town’s water contamination crisis. But when he becomes trapped underground in a septic tank without food or water he undergoes a hideous and repulsive transformation. In order to escape the tank, he must team up with a docile Giant and confront a murdering madman. Hailed as a “stunning” (Little Red Umbrella), “funny” (TwitchFilm), and “visceral story that will leave you shaken – and desperate for a shower” (Rue Morgue Magazine), SEPTIC MAN is a cinematic odyssey into the darkest depths of horror and beyond.

GENRE: Horror
RUNTIME: 87 minutes
DISTRIBUTOR: Starz Digital Media

YOUTUBE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAqyp7BxA-Q

NEWS: SDCC Michael Myers Slide Celebrates Upcoming Joint Anchor Bay/Scream Factory Release

San Diego Comic Con must have been a scary place this past weekend with Michael Myers on the prowl and not just one... multiples. Dancing. Sliding to be specific. Check out the video to this strange occurence that consides with the joint Anchor Bay/Scream Factory promotion of the Complete Collection Blu-ray set of Halloween.

Full release from Anchor Bay/Scream Factory:
Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting
 Comic Con 2014 is now officially in the history books, but before we say goodbye -- and start preparing for next year's show -- please check out the video links below.

Apparently, it took more than one Michael Myers to help spread the word regarding September 23rd's HALLOWEEN Complete Collection Blu-ray set at the show and once they got together...well, have a look. Please share with your readers, listeners, audiences, friends...and fellow Halloween fans!

Follow the links to view the SLIDE That Came HOME!

The Michael Myers Slide: http://youtu.be/z7zAKguA-bM or https://vimeo.com/101946229 (for mobile devices).


REVIEW: Alpha Blue's Ed Wood DVD's From Necromania to Nympho Cycler

As a fan of Ed Wood's early work, his Science Fiction and gender bending creations, I like to check out whatever I can get my hands on. I consider him a bit of a hero. Maybe some of that is driven home even more by Tim Burton's movie about Ed Wood's life that's filled with fantastic one liners and heroic tales of an independent filmmaker trying to make the movies  he loves. Of course if you've seen the movie then you've read the Afterward in the credits that states that he went on to shoot a different style of movie. Adult features. Porn. Lots of porn. We're here to briefly discuss Ed Wood's adult movies as released by Alpha Blue. 

also included Scent of Love, Hedonist Hypnotist, Love Making USA (a rare clip) - the lost movies of Casey Larrain.

also included Ward Sex, The Young Model, The Sex Spa - the lost movies of Suzanne Fields

also included Kiss My Analyst, Analyze Your Sex, The Adventures of Flash Beaver - the lost movies of Maria Arnold

also included Pleasure Between Heaven and Hell, Oakie Maid and For the Love of Money - the lost movies of Alice Friedland

These are the titles I watched along with the other films included on each disc. Here's the deal. Each of these movies features nearly identical shooting styles that feature stag films rather than quality adult features with exceptional dialogue, plots and stars. The women are beyond gorgeous with perfect 70's breasts and bush. The men are disgusting horrid rejects that might have been extras in the movie Animal House rather than build to play the pokey game on film. You'd think that that would matter to a guy who digs chicks. Well it friggin matters. When the movie focuses on Ed Wood in drag stripping and trying to fuck a hottie, overweight and strange, well it's impossible to even conceive of an erection much less feel turned on. Once I realized that I was deal with this same basic formula for each movie I knew this would be an effort in tedious porn watching. Unentertaining. Focus on the boobs I said in my mind... I couldn't. Too many strange men crowding up the screen providing lame shtups, blocking the camera with hairy balls and framed identically. No variation. 

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/IaTTpZGK4-s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Best part about the releases are the covers of Nympho Caller and Necromania. Beautiful woman with perfect exploitation sensibilities. Nothing in between the those covers really stands out mind you save for a strange coffin sex scene during Necromania but it's not arousing. Just unique. The opening to Nympho Cycler is pretty hot until it just turns into a variation on the rest of the sex scenes you've seen before, that stag underproduced, underscripted, no style flick. 

These collections are perfect for Stag and Blue movie fans as well as Ed Wood completist, but I assure you that it's very difficult to consider these good spank discs. Still... there's a ton of content on these things, and if you are into this Ed Wood era you're in for a treat. Just not my cup of tea.

You've been warned. You can pick up these four discs (links are above).

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EDITORIAL: Invasion of the Halloween Thieves - How One Editorial Got It Wrong About Rob Zombie's Opinion of John Carpenter's Halloween

As a fan of Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween and the sequel I take some heat from time to time from remake haters and folks who aren't exactly fans of Rob Zombie's body of work. I only tell you this because people are absolutely allowed to dislike movies and form their own opinions about them. This is the internet after all. Everyone has an opinion (and apparently assholes and keyboards). Of course then there's the matter at hand... not an opinion exactly, but a work of poetic larceny. Moviepilot published an editorial by Amy Martin that made some unbelievable and factually inaccurate statements most of which served as insults to Zombie and still others were out and out lies. I want to address this article because the response on the social network was to share it and provide a soap box for folks who don't like Zombie's Halloween rather than focus on the content of the article which was pure trash. The attention this article was undue and hopefully it has been pulled. We will not be linking to it, but the text in red is quoted form him with credit given. 

The title of this piece is misleading: “Rob Zombie Tells Us Why His 'Halloween' Is Superior To The Original”. Rob Zombie didn’t tell Moviepilot anything. The idea that Rob Zombie feels his work is superior to the original Carpenter film was the hypothesis created out of a self-serving desire to attack Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Rob Zombie has not claimed that his movie is superior. He does love the original. He has made a different version of that story (as the sequels have done each time the concept of Michael Myers is re-explored and recreated).

Let’s address some of the “key points” from Moviepilot and discuss the MTV article in question and also some excerpts from fan questions from Halloweenmovies.com.

From 2014 Moviepilot article:

 “Despite claiming to be a big fan of the original 1978 'Halloween' and its sequels, Rob Zombie has spoken out on the man‘y flaws in the original film, and how he improved upon it in his 2007 remake.
During an interview with 'are you going' in 2002, he stated "Go remake something that's a piece of shit, and make it good." In 2003 he then went on to say to the guys over at DVDtalk.com "Remaking films that were already great is kind of stupid. I don't really see the point"

Rob Zombie’s words from an interview at Halloweenmovies.com:

Q: Can you please clarify what you mean when you say you are “not making a sequel” and that your Halloween will be a “re-imagining” of the series? Isn’t that just another word for “remake”? (from Cole in Chicago)
RZ: Well, sort of. I am basically making a prequel and a semi-remake of the first film all in one. So really in theory there will be more original content than remake content. That’s why I don’t like the word “remake.”
From the MTV 2007 Robert Mancini interview:
That challenge came from Bob Weinstein, the co-head of the Weinstein Company who sat Zombie down for a meeting and simply said, " 'Halloween' ... what do you think?"

"My first reaction was I didn't see the point of any of this," Zombie admitted, adding that he was turned off by what a string of uninspired sequels had done to the legacy of the original. "Then I went away and thought about it for a couple months and started thinking that that was maybe a weird attitude to have." Inspired by David Cronenberg's 1986 take on "The Fly" and John Carpenter's 1982 version of "The Thing," Zombie started to see the possibilities in reinventing the franchise, and "started thinking of ways this could be done and done right.

From 2014 Moviepilot article:

So this leads us to believe that either A: He went back on his word, or changed his mind because he was offered the money - or B: He actually does think that the original 1978 Halloween is an awful film.

Rob Zombie’s words from an interview at Halloweenmovies.com:

Q: Halloween is the most influential horror movie ever made and I for one am not happy about a remake. All of the remakes to hit theaters – from Texas Chainsaw to The Omen – were total crap. Why touch a classic like Halloween? Why would you even risk this? (from Mike in New York)
RZ: Like I said in Question 1, I wouldn’t even go near this project if I didn’t feel like a had a fresh, worthwhile approach to the material. Besides, I’m not touching one single frame of Carpenter’s classic. That film will remain as it always has.

From the MTV 2007 Robert Mancini interview:

“Horror-movie remakes for the most part don't work," Zombie said, taking a break from audio mixes in his recording studio to unleash his inner fanboy (which is never that far from the surface anyway). "They just imitate the original. They don't try to do something new and different, they just follow it. And if you're going to follow the original, then there's no point because that movie already exists." 
"My first memory of the film is of feeling swept up in the excitement of this new thing that was sort of changing the rules for horror movies," Zombie recalled. "It's just a great movie as a movie. Before it spawned this whole generation of imitators, the closest thing you could relate it to was maybe 'Psycho' — it seemed like this simple, suspenseful, Hitchcock-style movie. But of course, when something hits, it gets imitated, and the parts that get imitated are usually the most basic parts. 'Well, if they enjoyed four teenagers getting killed, then they're really gonna like 13 teenagers getting killed.' That's what gets exploited. I always feel bad that 'Halloween' gets lumped in with [the imitators] ... it sits alone as a classic film on its own, much better than any of the films it ever spawned."

And taking on such a classic is no small feat (undoubtedly, expectations would be somewhat lower if Zombie were revisiting, say, "Dr. Giggles"). Zombie said he's seen "Halloween" hundreds of times, and admitted that he recently had to cut himself off after repeated viewings left him feeling handcuffed as he tried to tackle the script for his own vision. He's certainly not alone, though. Generations continue to discover John Carpenter's original, and its hallmarks — that expressionless mask and that relentless score — can instantly chill anyone who's ever taken the cinematic trip to Haddonfield, Illinois.

"I think the music and the imagery and everything involved with 'Halloween' is still effective because it was simple, and simple things are always classic and they last," Zombie opined. "I relate it to the Ramones. When they were doing it first, nothing sounded like that, and it's hard to believe that nothing sounded like that because everything sounds like that now. It's hard to believe there was a time that was never done." 

Does this sound like someone who thinks Carpenter’s Halloween is an awful film? No. Does he feel his movie is a remake? Not really. He thinks of it an alternate universe. A different story. You know how Mary Shelley wrote a book called Frankenstein and then a whole bunch of filmmakers made it their own? That’s what Zombie was trying to do. Take a concept and put his spin on it. When we talk about a filmmaker trying to reimagine a movie this would be the genuine article. Too often the term reimaging is used as a marketing tool to skirt the word remake. This is not one of those times.

From 2014 Moviepilot article:

Zombie said that he felt the character of Loomis was more of a 'dramatic tool' than a character, and would simply "pop in when they needed something dramatic to say." He also commented that in the sequels especially, Loomis seemed like he was crazy, and acted as if he was always drunk!
Oh I'm sorry if he acted a little crazy and drunk in the sequels Rob, I guess the pressure of having to deal with Michael and his murders year after year just took its toll on him? At least he didn't turn into an arrogant asshole like YOUR Loomis did in the sequel!

From the MTV 2007 Robert Mancini interview:

"I felt the character of Dr. Loomis just popped in and out when they needed somebody to say something dramatic," Zombie observed. "I wanted his story to feel more intertwined with Michael in a way that means something, which they did in the original, but sometimes it feels like he disappears for a long period and then just pops up to go, 'He's evil!,' and then he disappears again for a while."

Zombie's eyes light up as he talks about casting his Loomis, and names ranging from Jeff Bridges to Ben Kingsley turn up on his very, very loose "what if?" list. "There is no shortage of late-50s, early-60s male actors that are amazing and would like to work more, probably much like Donald Pleasence at the time [he was cast as the original Loomis]," Zombie said

When you think about Zombie’s statement here, he’s not saying that Donald Pleasence did a bad job, but he really is involved for a limited amount of time in the theatrical cut of the movie. He’s the doctor who is sent to pick up Myers. He tracks him down. He finds the sheriff in Haddonfield and attempts to track Myers down. Visits Judith Myers’ grave. Camps out at the Myers house. He discovers Lindsey and Tommy running down the street and kills the bad guy. Every time he speaks he talks about Evil. He hardly seems like a real person, and for Zombie’s idea, an idea that was supposed to be more centered in reality rather than a world of good and evil in the supernatural sense of the word, this character is important to be developed. So he does just that and in his sequel Zombie’s Loomis tries to capitalize on his adventures. We see that all the time.

From 2014 Moviepilot article:

“Next Zombie said that he was upset that Michael was seen wearing a clean jumpsuit. "Another one of the things about the original Halloween and Michael Myers that bothered me, was that he found the only mechanic who wore a pristine uniform to kill"

Seriously? What makes you think that Michael Myers had to be a dirty character anyway? Who knows - the mechanic could have brought that jumpsuit brand new the day before. Or maybe he was just careful about his work.”

From the MTV 2007 Robert Mancini interview

"There are even things about the original Michael Myers that bothered me," he admitted. "Like, he killed the only mechanic that wears a pristine mechanic's uniform. It's just things like that that bothered me." 

I don’t believe Rob Zombie thinks that the jumpsuit is an inherit flaw in the character of Michael Myers or that Myers is dirty or should be dirty. It was just curious that the jumpsuit was clean. Having been around my fair share of mechanics, they usually have some oil smudges or other general road wear on their suit. Just happens. Says nothing about the quality of the mechanic, but to Rob it didn’t feel real. We realize at this point that the writer of the Moviepilot article is fishing for things to complain about.

From 2014 Moviepilot article:

“Zombie complains next that he finds it hard to believe that Michael would always find a similar mask to wear. "What if he stole a Jimmy Carter mask, or, you know, an Elmo mask, if that was the only one available at the hardware store" and - "when did he rob the hardware store? In broad daylight? When the alarm's still ringing? Like, where is everybody?" He then went on to say a bit more about how much things like that bother him in movies.

Hmm okay, so I can see where he's coming from with this one. The masks however were possibly quite popular at the time, because in both Halloween 2 and 5 we see different teenagers wearing them, so they may have been widely available - and on top of that, the same mask was never used twice. I'd personally much rather have him miraculously finding the same mask then walking around for the entire movie without wearing one (like in RZ's Halloween 2), because that TOTALLY ruined the eeriness of 'the shape.'”

This makes me think of the exceptionally popular Tor Johnson mask. It had variations over the years and I also like the fact that the mask changed over the years, developed, much like the Tor Johnson mask, but that damn Tor Johnson mask was very popular and still difficult to find. In fact aside from some Don Post masks I think it’s safe to say that Halloween masks rollover over the course of several years. He’s not damning the series. He’s simply observing that it’s awfully curious that Michael Myers gets out of an ambulance wreck to return to Haddonfield and immediately has to go find the same ghostly mask rather than the object of his desire (his niece). Yes, you could find the same mask… over and over and over and over…Myers gets lucky quite often. Sure Ben Tramer wears a similar mask in Part 2 and in Part 4 a group of kids gathers in a circle around the sheriff and Loomis, but considering I’ve never seen anything quite like this in reality, I understand Zombie’s point. That’s movie magic. Zombie wanted the whole thing to feel a little more every day. What might happen everyday. A killer might be just as happy with a Shatner mask as a Tor Johnson reissue.

From 2014 Moviepilot article:

“Another thing that Zombie had a bee in his bonnet about is that Michael was able to drive. "Michael Myers does not drive in this movie, because that always bothered me. They played it out like 'someone must have given him lessons', but you know, no one gave him lessons, he's in maximum security prison"
Well did you consider this Rob - Michael wasn't called 'the shape' for no reason, he was supposedly pure evil, and of course carried 'the curse of thorn'. Perhaps that had something to do with it. Perhaps that makes him that much more frightening.”

Nope, Zombie is right on this one. It is a bit on the extreme side that someone would have given Myers lessons in an institution. One of the things that Zombie points out is that he wants it to feel like Myers is less supernatural. So the issues he has are with that concept. He wants Myers to be more real. He is not insisting that Myers being more realistic in the original picture would have made it better, but that’s not the story he wants to tell in his movie. In Carpenter’s world, Myers is a bit on the supernatural side. Six shots won’t take him down in the end of the movie. He walks and moves silently and in the sequels (not all of them penned by Carpenter) that supernatural myth evolves. Considering the Curse of Thorn is just about as prominent in the series as robotic henchman created by an Irish toymaker, I think it’s safe to rule that out… especially in 1978 when the curse of thorn wasn’t a cum stain on the other side of the mattress.    

From 2014 Moviepilot article:

"Bothered me, bothered me, bothered me" Ugh, just stop it already Zombie, you're making a fool of yourself. Well what bothered me the most about the remake was that there was excessive gore, excessive swearing, excessive sexual content - heck it's not a movie I'd be watching with my parents! You had ten year old's talking about...well what they were talking about in the scene pictured above.

If the excess in Zombie’s Halloween bothers you then it is clearly different from the original… that didn’t have Linda (PJ Soles) ta ta’s on display or didn’t open with a boobie shot with Myers staring down his sister exposed tits and then killing her with a badass POV shot. Plenty of boobs. Plenty of violence (not gore, but killing is killing whether done for duty profit or fun, right?). Zombie’s version does swear more. Different time. Different writing style. You can't say that Rob copies Carpenter which most likely would have been your next complaint. 

From 2014 Moviepilot article:

Despite all that's been said, I do appreciate the remake for what it is, and I was actually very impressed by it. As I said before, it would have been better had they toned down the profanity and nudity - not as worried about the violence, as it is a horror film after all, but the way he's been slating the original is not on, considering how much he claims to like it. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I would say that Zombie is totally lying when he says that he likes and respects the original Halloween, but is just saying that for fear of losing fans if he said otherwise.

This is a poor conclusion by a bad writer. That Zombie would take on this project at all shows his respect for the original movie. He consulted Carpenter on it. He loves horror which is an absolute. 

Rob Zombie’s words from an interview at Halloweenmovies.com

Q: How does John Carpenter feel about your involvement in the new Halloween? (from Zack in Georgia)
RZ: I talked to John about it and he was very supportive. He basically said, “That’s great Rob, go for it and make it your own.” What more do I need?

And of course then there's the Facebook posts from ROB ZOMBIE: 

"Who ever wrote this (Amy Martin) is a trouble making cunt. I love John Carpenter's Halloween and John knows that. Why? Because I told him. In fact he was the first person I called and told about my film. He said he was cool with it. I actually said to him "if this is a problem, I won't do it". Simple as that.

I have never compared the two films and never will. Taking a bunch of things I said years before I even made the film to try and start trouble is typical internet nonsense. I never pointed out flaws in the original. I pointed out things that weren't in the original that I could put in mine. Not because I thought my way was better, but because I thought it would be different. Since I figured trying to make the exact same film was sort of silly.

Here is cute quote from this bullshit article "I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I would say that Zombie is totally lying when he says that he likes and respects the original Halloween, but is just saying that for fear of losing fans if he said otherwise."

Here's a direct quote for you Amy Martin... "FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF USELESS SHIT!" Don't misquote that.

BTW your article reads like it was written by a fourth grader." 


Well the bullshit HALLOWEEN article has now been mysteriously removed. Pretty funny. I guess she doesn't believe her own opinions. Easy to spew fucking lies, but harder to stand behind them.

Thus ends another day on the internet.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

REVIEW: MOTEL HELL (Scream Factory Blu-ray/DVD) - Critters, Fritters and a Smoked Meats (No Preservatives!)

When I was a kid my dad and I would hike at Schooley’s Mountain Park. We’d walk up to the overlook, a stack of rocks that overlooked the entirety of Long Valley which was my home town. When we were done we’d drive to 7-11, pick up a Slurpee and a three foot long beef stick that came in a large plastic tube with many other gargantuan sticks of meat. I would down the entire icy beverage, get brain freeze and then watch cartoons while playing Legos gorging on the meat stick. This was a fairly regular occurrence. Some years later I had the chance to enjoy Motel Hotel directed by Kevin Connor from United Artists circa 1980. While the version I would watch and come to love was cut to ribbons for a USA network viewing (most likely Up All Night) I found it the perfect horror movie and a great way to spend my Saturday afternoons, but something was missing… the meat. Without the hike up Schooley’s Mountain and subsequent watering hole stop, I was without my fine tasty fritter of processed cow love. As I got older, those sticks would be replaced solely by large name sticks like Slim Jim at the local convenience stores. Perhaps it was some regulation regarding packaging. Aside from a brief trip through the mid-west, I haven’t seen beef sticks that had the same girth, length or packaging. What a shame.  It’s funny that a movie about turning human flesh in Farmer Vincent’s smoked meat would inspire hunger and fond memories of eating our hard earned fritters, but aside from a brief stint as a Vegan (for political reason I can assure you) I have always been a bit of a carnivore. “Meat’s meat and man’s gotta eat”. The same can be said for Scream Factory’s release of Motel Hell coming out  Tuesday August 12th. Horror is horror and man’s gotta watch… especially this movie.  Scream Factory has found all the best critters for this fritter packed release!

Synopsis from Scream Factory:

You really are what you eat with Farmer Vincent's smoked meat in this creepy horror yarn that "packs a punch that goes way beyond mere terror" (Boxoffice). Vincent's popular products contain a special ingredient that the psychotic farmer and his sister would literally kill to keep a secret! StarringRory Calhoun (Angel), Nancy Parsons (Porky’s), Nina Axelrod (Time Walker, Cobra) and John Ratzenberger (Cheers), and directed by Kevin Connor(From Beyond The Grave, At The Earth’s Core), this darkly funny flick "just might be your cup of meat" (L.A. Herald Examiner)!

Motel Hell was released as a double feature alongside Deranged prior to the incarnation we have today and in addition to the recent Arrow Region B release. That’s a fitting pair of delicious cannibal goodness with plenty of murder with various motives in mind. Motel Hell is my preference having grown up with it and not being overly taken with Deranged. The problem with the double feature MGM release was that it was bare bones and crammed on a disc without much thought given to transfer, packaging or place in history. The Scream Factory release changes all of that. For starters the Nathan Thomas Milliner cover art plays on multiple cult famous scenes from the movie including the infamous Vincent Pig Head Mask with a Chainsaw iconic still that would be featured on the cover of Fangoria #9. In many ways that issue represents that transition from fantasy mag to horror rag. That beautiful, succulent severed pig mask with a chainsaw built to rival Leatherface or Pieces assured audiences you may not have to go to Texas for the chainsaw massacre after all but you don’t have to go to New England either. The reverse of the Milliner cover is the classic “heads in the ground” art from the VHS cover. This is a collector series release, Blu-ray/DVD combo (we reviewed the Blu-ray for quality).

It most certainly does take all kinds of critters to make Famer Vincent’s Fritters, but it also take all kind of extras to create the true fan experience for a movie that may have gone under the radar of horror fans simply due to its obscurity. Extras include new audio commentary with Kevin Connor moderated by Dave Parker and interviews with Kevin Connor, Producers/Writers Robert Jaffe and Steven Charles Jaffe as well as Actor Paul Linke. Silver’s interview is most impassioned and seems to be the most in touch with what a fan would want to experience about Motel Hell. The disc also contains interviews with Marc Silver (the guitarist from the band in the van) and Rosanne Katon. Perhaps the most heartbreaking extra is the feature Ida, Be Thy Name: A Look back at Motel Hell’s Frightful female Protagonist, Ida Smith. It’s a great to see such tribute paid to Ida, but I kept feeling like this featurette was pointing out her absence and the absence of the great Rory Calhoun by proxy. I guess I’m too sentimental.  This is a vast improvement on the previously release DVD in terms of quality though I think it’s important to note that this movie has always had some exposures issues in the darkest scenes (when Vincent is stalking his road pizza’s). The transfer is beautiful and the color is rich. If you want a real treat, pay close attention during the picnic sequence (when Vincent punches Ida). The shooting locations in CA are breathtaking.  Best part about the extras? The simple animation that introduces each of the special feature discs. Hilarious!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the movie itself, prepare for a perfectly campy shocker, filled with moments of seduction and humor that balance with scenes that feel gorier than they actually are. This is a clever picture filled with unique kills and comedy. What other movie would feature a sex crazed swing couple mistaking the Motel Hello for Vincent’s Motel and then falling victim to a sleeping gas attack after playing a game of hog tie only to be planted in the ground with their vocal chords slit? What other movie would see nooses tied around the necks of helpless, human plants, corn-fed and waiting to become your favorite snack; those nooses tightened by tractor pulled, snapping the necks of a pile of victims who have just seen a crazed light and audio show inducing a hypno high? This ain’t no electric kool-aid acid test. This is the wholesome goodness of religious-cannibal-sploitation with a down home feel (just wait till you see Wolfman Jack as a preacher holding a Hustler magazine).

Scream Factory’s release of Motel Hell will make you hungry for Farmer Vincent’s Fritters and create new fans of this camp, classic horror picture WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES! Sorry vegan friends, this one isn’t available in tofu. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I have all these years. Make sure to pick it up upon its release. Do yourself a favor and find your favorite meat stick too. Save the popcorn for another film. We'll take care of your animals, Farmer Vincent. 

You can order Motel Hell now available August 12th from Scream Factory. The Summer of Fear continues!

Full extras and specs:
  • NEW Audio Commentary with director Kevin Connor, moderated by filmmaker Dave Parker
  • NEW It Takes All Kinds: The Making of MOTEL HELL featuring interviews with director Kevin Connor, producers/writers Robert Jaffe and Steven Charles Jaffe and actor Marc Silver
  • NEW Shooting Old School with cinematographer Thomas Del Ruth
  • Another Head on the Chopping Block: An interview with actor Paul Linke
  • From Glamour to Gore: An interview with actress Rosanne Katon
  • Ida, Be Thy Name: A look back at MOTEL HELL’s frightful female protagonist Ida Smith
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Photo Galleries 
Discs: 2 Format: NTSC

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Language: English

*Note: I love “Up to Here with You”, the song the band is singing right before their untimely accident. If anyone wants to cover it, let me know. While I couldn't find a good clip of that tune sung by Don Nowak, I did find the main theme song. Also worth a cover perhaps in that alt country Old 97's sound:

You're Eatin Out My Heart And Soul by Kregg Nance

Friday, July 25, 2014


Of all the toys and fanfare that accompany the extravagant and wilely event known as San Diego Comic Con, I have held my breath for one announcement. One discussion. Ten titles have been announced by Scream Factory at their panel this evening. Without further adieu...


The Dark Half  
The George Romero classic gets to go to the Blu parade. Let's hope that Scream Factory can bring us more Stephen King horror in the coming year. 

Monkey Shines 
This fits in with our recent apesploitation cycle on Dead Air. Excellent release and perfect for Scream Factory. Saw this at Exhumed Films Horrorthon this past year. Another George Romero classic that needs the breath of Factory air into its lungs.

Candyman 2 
I didn't hate this one, but it wasn't my favorite during the retrospective series we did on Dead Air. There's certainly good reason to see this entry released on Blu, but the original is owned elsewhere and there's been no word on the release as of yet.

Awesome release. Glad to see it come to Blu via SF. It's been quite some time since I've watched it, so this will be a real treat.

Phantom of the Opera (1988) 
I remember not liking this one... let's see if that holds water. I haven't seen it since the 90's. I remember being very excited for its release as a kid and then it felt like Freddy Kruger of the Opera. At least that's what the posters looked like.

New Year's Evil 
Fucking legendary. We did an 8 Bit lite version of this with Hacktvision. Some great music. This is a well deserved release on Blu and is perfectly fitting Scream Factory's attention to getting out the slasher classics of the early 80's. 

Invaders from Mars 
Tobe Hooper classic remake that is more fun than 90% of all alien related films while still be terrifying. Love love love this release. One of my childhood favorites! If you haven't seen this one start preparing now.

Dolls CE 
ABOUT TIME! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS OF THE NIGHT I am terrified of this movie (EKG take note)

Mad Max CE 
Just in time for Hudson Horror Show TOO.  Good release and unexpected. 

Escape From New York CE
This is a fan disc to be sure. When Scream Factory does Carpenter we all get a treat. Perhaps this means I should go through with my Plisskin costume for Halloween this year.

OH and Shout! announced UHF which couldn't be better timed given the  recent rise of Weird Al which is so well deserved. Very happy to see this classic comedy movie get the Blu treatment in good hands.

Which makes you most excited? What movie did you think they would announce? Sound off! Scream factory actually listens to their fans.

Any one pick up any Scream Factory goodies from their table at SDCC? Buttons, coasters, awesome red t-shirt? Still plenty of time!

The Summer of Fear releases from Scream Factory have a month left to go before the big show. The Complete Halloween Collection in Septemeber and Night Breed in October among a pile of other goodies. It's been a great year. Much more to come!