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Scream Factory Release Schedule Through November: Set Your Wallets to Stun!

I believe the expression we all use is "take my money". Well I believe I have something to help you figure out how and when to open your wallet. We have an up to date list of Scream Factory releases coming out for September, October and November. You can think of this as a way to do your Halloween season shopping or perhaps a certain holiday that comes in December featuring the man in the red suit with the "claws".  In this selection you've got Nightbreed (yes the awesome limited edition), the Halloween Collection and the Vincent Price Collection II!

Having enjoyed Pumpkinhead and The Battery already, and I am looking forward to reviewing the rest of the Scream Factory lineup for you.

Check out the guide below from Scream Factory. Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.

September 9, 2014 Pumpkinhead (Collector’s Edition) SRP $29.93 BD

Scream Factory has announced a September 9 Blu-ray release of a horror favorite featuring one of the scariest movie monsters of all time,Pumpkinhead (Collector’s Edition).The release includes several bonus features including new interviews.

When a group of teenagers inadvertently kill his only son, Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen,Aliens) seeks the powers of a backwoods witch to bring the child back to life. But instead, she invokes “the pumpkinhead” – a monstrously clawed demon which, once reborn, answers only to Ed’s bloodlust. But as the creature wreaks it’s slow, unspeakable tortures on the teens, Ed confronts a horrifying secret about his connection to the beast – and realizes that he must find a way to stop its deadly mission before he becomes one with the creature forever. Also starring Jeff East (Deadly Blessing), Joel Hoffman (Slumber Party Massacre Ii) and Kerry Remsen (A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge), this “atmospheric, moralistic tale” (TV Guide) delivers demonic horror at its blood-drenched best.

Full Moon/Wizard Studios Announces the DVD Release of WAX

It's finally happening! I'm so glad to report that Spanish Horror is coming back around again. Wax, Victor Matellano's wax museum creep out that seems to harken back to earlier Spanish Horror with Gothic overtones, gory brutality and plenty of perfect excess as well as frightening performance by Jack Taylor, is coming home on DVD. I'm not going to say that Full Moon has a Wax fetish just yet (releasing Tourist Trap on Blu-ray earlier this year), but you know I'm thinking it. Furthermore you'll be able to stream it through Full Moon Streaming this Halloween! I strongly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite pictures of the year from a director who understands why Spanish Horror was successful and could help to bring about a much needed resurgence.

Full release below:

Full Moon/Wizard Studios announces the DVD release of WAX, an essential movie in order to understand Spanish Horror. WAX blends traditional gothic atmosphere with contemporary found footage shock and sports plenty of gruesome, gory violence and more than one serpentine plot twist. The distribution company highlights the names of genre legends such as Jack Taylor (Jess Franco’s SUCCUBUS and FEMALE VAMPIRE, THE VAMPIRE’S NIGHT ORGY), Geraldine Chaplin (THE WOLFMAN), Lone Fleming (TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD) and Naschy himself, whose voice comes from an automaton, that are part of a feature film that pays tribute to all time horror.

Shop Morbid Featured Product: INFLATABLE SLIMER!

Ghostbuster is big right now. Really big. I suppose it is always big. This year the comedic horror classic turns 30. To celebrate we've seen limited edition,glow in the dark vinyl, a new Blu-ray release as well as a limited edition slimer package for the new movie release and even a theatrical re-release. Today's focus for our new series with Shop Morbid keeps in line with that them providing you with a something to eat all the food in your fridge or front yard. Say Hello to Slimer... inflatable slimer that is.

In our new series that came about as a friendly partnership with Shop Morbid we are focusing on some of their creations for Halloween that will help to make your home, yard or office more spooky. I love these guys. They're good friends and put out some interesting variations on products licensed from big horror franchises in addition to some of their original work.
We appreciate any feedback and questions you may have and will help get them answered. You can access Shop Morbid HERE to start checking out their product line and get familiar with the items we will be featuring.
From Shop Morbid:
Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Have no fear this Halloween with the Ghostbusters Slimer Inflatable Licensed from the classic comedy, "Ghostbusters," Slimer Inflatable is 6' in height and includes a plug-in fan, strings, and stakes.
I can see this fella adoring your yard, back lit and perhaps with a pile of fake food in front of him. You can build a whole Ghostbusters themed yard, dress up as a Ghostbuster and perhaps even pretend to fight the ugly little spud on your front lawn on Halloween night (I think he can hear you).
So don't cross the streams and come up with your won way to display this icon of modern horror. Maybe serve hot dogs for the kiddies.
If you happen to own Ghostbusters Slimer Inflatable shoot us a picture of how you display him. We'd love to post it on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Monkey Shines and The Dark Half Hitting Scream Factory Blu This November

 Two new releases from Scream Factory are coming this November both from a true master of modern horror, George Romero. The Dark Half  and Monkey Shines are hitting Blu-ray each with a nice extra package, classic cover art and more than likely looking great (because that's what Scream Factory does). While I enjoyed The Dark Half it has been more than a few years since I've seen it. Monkey Shines on the other hand was screened at this past year's Exhumed 24 Hour Horrorthon in Philly. While it was not my first viewing of Monkey Shines, the screening greatly helped me to appreciate this film for both it's horrific elements and unintentionally comedic moments (or perhaps more intentional than Romero might admit).

You have some time on these as they will release November 18th, after Halloween so you can enjoy them with your turkey the week after.

Full release from Scream Factory:

Mondo and Death Waltz MERGE!

Do you like horror vinyl? I do. I like most physical mediums by which horror entertainment is presented especially when it comes in pretty color variants, complete releases and stellar cover art. That brings us to today's news. Mondo (the limited edition art company that spews forth limited releases that make collector's drool and flippers rich) has acquired Death Waltz Recording Company (one of my favorite indepedent vinyl distro companies out of the UK). I am very excited to see how this impacts selection and their US disitrubtion model. While I am hoping for the greater selection a merger of this type surely can offer, I am concerned with just how limited the Death Waltz selection could become (the blessing and the curse of Mondo is their limited release model which provides fans a real treat in the form of some pretty great packaging but has the negative effect of driving up prices on the secondary market).
We'll let you know what we hear, continue to update you on releases of Mondo and Death Waltz as they happen when genre appropriate and keep our fingers crossed that this mega merger of the indie super power labels is to the benefit of all horror fans, not just those who can click the refresh button like a hamster at the feed bar.
Everything I'd have to offer is speculative and given my lack of ability to procure a Cat in the Brain colorful variant from Mondo due to their random insert method of variant distribution... I have a bias, but I'm sure I'll forget it by the time the next release goes on sale from Mondo Death!

Dead Air: Episode 59 - CHUD II: Bud The CHUD (1989) / Class Of 1999 (1990)

This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD), Jesse (@DestroySuperman), and James (@DrJimmyTerror) dig deeper into the infamous Lionsgate Horror 8-Pack and continue the unofficial "Bargain Bin Madness" series (because there's nothing really worth watching in theaters).

The guys shoot the shit about what's been going on, and talk about the impending 4-year anniversary of the podcast and what's in store for the rest of 2014. For the featured reviews, they get in touch with their inner CHUD and review one of the most infamous "sequels" to ever hit theaters, CHUD II: BUD THE CHUD, and talk about how they wish Stacey Keach was their high school teacher while they review Mark Lester's CLASS OF 1999 (easily confused with CLASS OF 1984).

As always, there's plenty of ridiculousness and tangents about everything from genre films to the Inner Earth Theory... 

If streaming isn't your thing, you may Download the MP3 Directly here or Subscribe Via iTunes.

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Check out this episode!

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Godzilla (Blu-ray Review) - Bring the Big Guy Home!

We're back to discuss the big guy. Godzilla. This time on Blu-ray. I have enjoyed this movie quite a few times both on the big screen and now at home. It holds up to the change in size, and if anything I have enjoyed this one more with each viewing as I'm offered a chance to seek out new easter egg tidbits of Godzilla's history or a second look at some of the amazing effects. The Blu-ray itself comes with a batch of "historical" videos that feature a look at some of the videos afforded us in the credit sequence and throughout the full length movie. They've been fleshed out and in tact. This is a fun extra but doesn't exactly give us the historical presence I would like to see in a feature about a monster with so much history. The making of featurettes are fine and provide a look at the computer generated creature and landscape creation. A nice touch.

As far the content of the movie and my reaction...
Basic premise. Giant Monsters! Some of you call them Kaiju; some of you are starting to become too hipster to do that. Figure out what you want to call them and stick with it for fucksake. Uh, so where was I? Premise. Eh, go see the movie. It's a Godzilla movie. That is for certain. This ain't no Matthew Broderick shit. I think even Matthew is going to go see this and smack himself for making that ungod(zilla)ly picture. You know in a way I got lucky because I must've been doing something pretty damn good to not go see that damn movie in the theater back in 1998. I suffered through the end on cable only recently though I remember the soundtrack having some merit. I like to think of myself as fortunate. That cum wad of a film isn't THIS movie. This is a Godzilla movie, and it watches like a Godzilla movie but takes itself more seriously. While the whole thing is fleshed out brilliantly with back story and shockingly emotive character development as well as a real concern with laying down some historic precedent, it tends to feel long at times. You want the damn thing to get up and go but it tricky trots around the people instead of the big guys. You may have heard that the Godzilla doesn't get enough screen time. I urge the people who say that to go watch any Godzilla movie. Any of them! He's on the screen plenty.
Let's address some key issues (it's after 1am, I wanted to get this out while it's fresh and I'm running out of synonyms for Kaiju).

WORM (Synapse DVD) - Ear Worm Redefined

Syanpse Films put out Worm in a special edition package this past August. I think it's fantastic, urge you all to see it and hope that it does well. Here's an original dark fantasy picture with horror themes that is acted quite well. It's a solid independent with beautiful gore, moments of strange surreal fantasy and an obvious moral message that hits home in an age of "take something" to fix every goddamn problem you have. I must admit of course that I wanted to try a Fantasite even though I realize there are serious health detriments.

Reasons to watch Worm:

-Great performances by all involved with dialogue that feels strangely real
-Excellent gory gross outs with plenty of worms (mostly going into ears) to give you the heebie jeebies.
-Strange men in worm masks
-Surreal dream sequences
-Positive, anti-drug message (yet I want to try the damn worm in my ear for some fucked up reason).
-Plenty of bonus material including the original short that came about as a result of Nashville's 48 Film Project.
-the cover freaks out "the normals".
-intriguing story that actually seems to make you think a bit... maybe almost like a Kurt Vonnegut Jr plot.

The Toxic Avenger (Troma Blu-ray) - Tromaville, NJ Represent!

This will be a shocker for you. I do not own the DVD of the Toxic Avenger or at least I didn't before Troma put out this set that featured both the Blu-ray and the DVD. Sure I've watched this movie on cable or On-Demand and rented it through Netflix, but I never picked it up. It seemed whenever I wanted to enjoy this beautiful piece of splatter cinema that it was ready for me to view in some fashion. The first thing I recommend you do, if you are a Blu-ray player owner, is to put in the DVD. That's right. Not the Blu-ray. Put in the "old fashion" DVD and watch a few minutes. Hell watch the whole damn thing because you're going to watch it again and again and again. Troma fans are like that; they're good like that. When you're done have a flirt or a tryst or a sperm donation with the DVD, make sure to drop in the disc on the left, the Blu-ray. See anything you like? See how it just jumps right fuck out at you and says, "THIS IS WHY YOU BUY BLU-RAYS?". I love duel disc sets with Blu-ray and DVD because you can do the direct compare on the spot even if you don't own the original release. Troma just put out The Toxic Avenger to celebrate its 30th Anniversary in beautiful green, Blu-ray packaging.

If you haven't seen the Toxic Avenger before then you should. Buy it now. No regrets (unless your an art cunt asshole or have "good taste"). Sure you're allowed to dislike a movie, even this one, but I beg you to give it a chance and to better understand with each viewing why you continue to support Troma as an amazing independent film company. These guys put anything and everything into their movies. Anything they want. They love tits. They love gore. They love things that go SPLAT. Troma is the reason you frown upon PG-13 movies that could have been R movies because let's face it, they really all could be NC-17 rated if we didn't let the ratings board control our theater viewing experience... of course they could go unrated and provided simple check list of content just to make sure the kiddies don't get their eyeful of bosom too young.

SHOP MORBID: Light-Up Horror Bows!

There is a phenomenon that is simply known as light-up bow. This is a Halloween decoration that features the terrifying visage of a branded horror icon, lovingly placed on a bow and made to have its eyes glow to inifinity (I mean or as far as LED lights can go.

In our new series  that came about as a friendly partnership with Shop Morbid we are featuring several items, new for 2014 that feature some of your favorite spookies with LED eyes on bows and built to decorate. Shop Morbid is a Halloween and Haunt product creator and distributor that licenses some damn cool stuff, perfect for horror fans. I say perfect for horror fans because they have licensed some of your favorite franchises and then given them a creative twist providing novelties that really stand out. In this new series we will be taking a look at a product each day leading up to Halloween. We will link up to their website so you can purchase it.

We appreciate any feedback and questions you may have and will help get them answered. You can access Shop Morbid HERE to start checking out their product line and get familiar with the items we will be featuring.

This item is new for 2014! The Exorcist Light-Up Bow is a huge decorative bow and a great way to add a spooky twist to your Halloween decorations this year! The bow is made of fabric and is designed to match the floral print from Regan MacNeil's gross nightgown! The center of the bow features Regan's possessed and puke-covered head. Perfect for your front door or walls, it measures 20" x 28" and comes with glowing green LED eyes. These are great on their own, but be sure to check out our other licensed items from "The Exorcist" for a perfectly terrifying themed house!

Pennywise Light-Up Bow

This item is new for 2014! If you love Stephen King or the classic horror film, "It: The Movie," then the Pennywise Light-Up Bow is the perfect decor item for your front door or walls this Halloween! The bow is made of green and purple striped fabric and yellow "blood"-spattered fabic, featuring Pennywise the Dancing Clown's creepy and smiling face. The bow measures 27" X 20". Pennywise's eyes light up and are powered by a watch battery. And remember, "They ALL float down here!"

Jason Light-Up Bow
 The Jason Light-Up Bow is a brand new item for 2014! This item is licensed from the cult classic "Friday the 13th" horror film and features Jason Voorhees face covered by a hockey mask, complete with light-up eyes powered by a watch battery. The bow is made of blue "blood"-spattered fabric and is pefect for your door, walls, or Jason collection.

Freddy Light-Up Bow

The Freddy Light-Up Bow is a new item for 2014! This bow is made of green and red striped fabric-- just like Freddy Krueger's shirt in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"-- and has a replica of Freddy's terrifying face and hat with light up eyes! The eyes are powered by a watch battery. The bow measures 27" X 20". Pair this item with our Jason Light-Up Bow for the complete "Friday the 13th" versus "A Nightmare on Elm Street" haunted look. This bow is a great decor item for doors/walls or add it to your "A Nightmare on Elm Street" fan collection!



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Werewolf Rising Available on DVD October 14th

Just so we're clear, I'll give most werewolf movies a shot. Werewolf Rising for instance has a fairly standard, solid wolf plot with some sexy moments in the trailer and a good location. While the trailer doesn't reveal all that much about the look for the lycanthrope, this is enough to get me to consider it. I weep for CG wolves, but this is coming from Image/RLJ who has can definitely put out a good product. The trailer raised my expectation of this movie, let's see if it can deliver.
DVD review to follow.

Full release below including links to the trailer.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

SHOP MORBID: Freddy Syringe Glove Product Spotlight

We're beginning a new series today that came about as a friendly partnership with Shop Morbid. Shop Morbid is a Halloween and Haunt product creator and distributor that licenses some damn cool stuff, perfect for horror fans. I say perfect for horror fans because they have licensed some of your favorite franchises and then given them a creative twist providing novelties that really stand out. In this new series we will be taking a look at a product each day leading up to Halloween. We will link up to their website so you can purchase it.

We appreciate any feedback and questions you may have and will help get them answered. You can access Shop Morbid HERE to start checking out their product line and get familiar with the items we will be featuring. 

Today's item is one that intrigues me. It comes courtesy of the Nightmare on Elm Street brand, and features a somewhat unusual product. In Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Freddy Kruger pumps Taryn (played by Jennifer Rubin) up with a deadly serum, killing her in a bad ass, knife fight dream sequence. Taryn's history with drug abuse leads Freddy to chose the perfect weapon, finger tips that have turned into a syringes filled with this glowing, beautiful death serum. This has been a favorite sequence of mine for some time along with most of the other creative kills in Nightmare 3. It features some powerful one liners and is actually sort of heartbreaking given Taryn's sex appeal and general good nature.

The product we feature today is based on that concept, Freddy's glove with light up blue syringe tipped fingers aka FREDDY SYRINGE GLOVE. I love the adaptation of the syringe-finger tip concept that gave this idea shape. Simply strapping on a burned Freddy hands is one way to do it but to base it around the glove design really packs a punch and make it a wearable Halloween night option. 

From Shop Morbid:

Now, you can haunt your friend's and family's dreams! The Freddy Syringe Glove is a must-have costume component for your "A Nightmare on Elm Street" theme this Halloween. This licensed item is a replica of Freddy Krueger's syringe glove, with articulated fingers and light-up blue syringes. Pair this item with our Animated Chest of Souls shirt and no one will be falling asleep this Halloween! One size fits most.

You can pick up FREDDY SYRINGE GLOVE now from Shop Morbid among other Nightmare on Elm Street licensed products to both wear and decorate your own personal haunt. 

Check out the scene from Nightmare on Elm Street 3 featuring the inspiration for this product:


Thursday, September 11, 2014

DOLLS Coming November 11 from Scream Factory on Blu-ray

When I was a kid my sister brought home Dolls. I think she knew in her heart of heart that it was going to scare the everloving shit out me, and she was absolutely correct. I'm not sure what gets my ghost more, Mr. Punch's beady little eyes, a military line of toy soldier's with bullets that actually penetrate skin or perhaps it's a bed full of dolls, attacking.. furiously. I used to set up my action figures to guard me from my sisters porcelain doll collection. If any of those motherfuckers moved... one my Centurions would be sure to take em out. 

Scream Factory is putting Dolls in a very handsome collector's edition packaging (the reverse has the terrifying traditional artwork). I cannot wait for November. I cannot wait to be scared again. I never picked this up on DVD so this will be a real treat. 

Full release notes from Scream Factory below. 

Starring Stephen Lee, Guy Rolfe, Hilary Mason, Ian Patrick Williams, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon,
Cassie Stuart, Bunty Bailey and introducing Carrie Lorraine as Judy Bower


Pre-Order This Must-Have Collector’s Edition Today!
Do you like handmade puppets, toy soldiers, ballerinas and dolls? Charming elderly toymaker Gabriel Hartwicke and his wife Hilary have the perfect play toys just for you!  From celebrated cult filmmaker Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), executive producer Charles Band, producer Brian Yuzna (Society) and screenwriter Ed Naha (Troll) comes a campy, horror cult classic that combines the pint-sized playmates of childhood with bone-chilling fun. The 1987 horror film DOLLS is a bloody good terror trap that delivers its frights, fun and fantastic effects in equal measure. The film stars Stephen Lee (The Pit and the Pendulum), Guy Rolfe (Puppet Master IIIMr. Sardonicus), Hilary Mason (Don’t Look Now), Ian Patrick Williams (Re-Animator), Carolyn Purdy-Gordon (From Beyond), Cassie Stuart (The Hunchback), Bunty Bailey (Spellcaster) and introducing Carrie Lorraine (Poltergeist II: The Other Side) as Judy Bower.

On November 11, 2014, SCREAM FACTORY™ is proud to present DOLLSCollector’s Edition Blu-ray on home entertainment shelves everywhere.  Arriving for the first time on Blu-ray™, this highly anticipated release contains insightful bonus content, as well as a collectible cover featuring newly rendered retro-style artwork, a reversible cover wrap with original theatrical key art.  A must-have for horror enthusiasts, movie collectors and fans of Stuart Gordon, DOLLS Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is priced to own at $29.93 SRP.

***Avid fans and collectors please take note: Order this title from and receive an exclusive 18"x24" poster featuring our newly commissioned artwork, available while supplies last! Plus, it will ship THREE WEEKS EARLY on 10/21.

Pre-order now at:

A precocious girl, her nasty parents, two punk-rock losers and a weak-kneed salesman inadvertently become the guests of two ghoulish senior citizens in their dark, haunted mansion. The old couple makes and collects dolls that, when not sitting still like good little mannequins, creep around in the night, offing the guests one by one! You may laugh at first, but if they turn on you, you'll regret it...for the rest of your short life!

HALLOWEEN The Complete Collection - Curse of Michael Myers Producer's Cut and Bonus Disc Reviewed (Anchor Bay/Scream Factory Blu-ray)

We have had an opportunity to take a look at two of the discs from the Anchor Bay and Scream Factory Halloween Collection from the Deluxe Edition Blu-ray set ahead of the September 23rd release date. I can tell you that I am very excited for this release. It has spawned more questions than any release I have been a part of reviewing in the past. I welcome the chance to answer any questions you may have about the two discs in question and will try to provide answers promptly. At this time I can only answer questions about the two discs I’ve had the chance to enjoy (and I did enjoy them thoroughly and completely).  

Here are my thoughts, extra by extra, feature by feature, film by film of what I have observed so far about this set. The two discs are the Bonus Disc (Disc 15) and Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers Producers Cut disc.  

We’re going to be covering this release more in depth as more info becomes available.

You can preorder it now:

For the full list of Extras, Specs and Features:

Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers – Producers Cut  (Disc 9 Exclusive to the Deluxe Edition)

The Movie: I remember being fascinated with this sequel after the franchise began peaking out from behind the cobwebs after a rather lengthy absence from the public eye post Halloween 5. The story tries to clean up some of the mess left from Halloween 5 while generating a new path for Michael Myers. Many see this work and the work of Halloween 5 as a case of “two many cooks in the kitchen” which has yielded results that create a rather divided reaction. As a fan of all the Halloween films, I must admit that I classify Curse of Michael Myers among my least favorites along side Halloween Resurrection. While they may not be my favorite pictures from a story perspective I can appreciate the talent that went into crafting them, the jokes (intentional and unintentional), the kills which are absolutely fun realistic or not.  This particular film is cast well and though I would prefer to have Danielle Harris back as Jamie Lloyd, JC Brandy does a fine job. Curse of Michael Myers represents the final work of Donald Pleasence, and it is a fine send off in terms of his performance though the story vastly changes between the theatrical release and Producer’s Cut as to his future. The cast also features Paul Rudd who will go on to be a tremendous force in comedy with his matter of fact sarcasm and silly, sympathetic charm. He displays none of that in Curse of Michael Myers I can assure you.  Though I do not subscribe to the “Thorn legend” as pure cannon, I do understand there is an appreciation and cult following for this release. It’s watchable. Just not the movie I had expected after being one of the satisfied customers who adore part IV.
The transfer is beautiful. No issues to report. It’s crisp. This movie was shot on film and you can tell, and this is the Producer’s Cut version with the theatrical on a separate disc (not yet reviewed) 

The Producer’s Cut: You’re all wondering about the Producer’s Cut if you haven’t already bootlegged it or watched in an inferior form. It looks seamless with high quality video and audio throughout. It’s safe to throw away those shabby, washed out looking things you’ve collected over the years or use them for sentimental value only because this is the version to own and enjoy. Does it change a whole lot? There are two distinct scenes that are completely unique and involve directly the story line: one involving the fate of Jamie Lloyd and the other providing a resolution for Dr. Loomis. You’ll have to check this out to see it for yourself. I am not an authority on this particular cut or sequel, but I will say that my preference is for the theatrical release. There are other subtle differences but this cut did not change my opinion of the place of this sequel in the series. It did increase my enjoyment of the movie itself by giving me options with which to view it. The musical and sound effect changes are noticeable; I prefer Howath’s work to the modified soundscape.  

Disc Menu: It’s nice with minimal animation but in keeping with the style of the movie and reasonable side bar.  

Bonus Features: 

Acting Scared with Mariah O’Brien and JC Brandy – Basically contains interviews recollecting some scenes from the movie and the casting process. It’s kind of tedious and long winded, but it’s nice to get the whole cast involved with the features. NEW 

The Shape of Things – The Murder & Mayhem of Halloween 6 – I love seeing John Carl Buechler explain shit. He’s just a fun guy to listen to as a born story teller. They discuss tidbits about Myers and the casting process. Akkad was not a fan of the mask from part 5 and George Wilbur was in and then out for no reason at all. Each kill is discussed though not an in depth analysis, but you can tell that these guys were just having fun creating messy effects. That’s something a horror fan can respect. The discussion also turns to the success and failure of this particular entry and the reason for the different cuts of the film (only grazed here). NEW 

Haddonfield’s Horrors – The Sight of Halloween 6 - Brief discussion of the look of the movie and locations as well as choices of lighting and cinematography.  Pretty basic and uneventful extra. NEW

 A Cursed “Curse” – An Interview with Producers Malek Akkad and Paul Freeman – The is by far the best feature on the disc that allow the producers a chance to tell their side of the story surrounding all decisions made on the picture from the battle for the rights after Moustapha let them lapse. They agree that part 6 tried to answer questions and that screenwriter Dan Farrands had to come up with answer to some holes left gaping from part 5. Malek also discusses how he wanted Danielle Harris back and regrets not having her there for continuity and how the studio required the part to be recast (something touched upon in the Danielle Harris featurette). Malek and the crew fought for the Producer’s Cut of the picture while the studio and the Weinsteins wanted their vision on film, Joe Chappelle’s version. They make clear that the Producer’s Cut is just MORE of what they wanted and nothing everything they wanted in the “Producer’s Cut”. There’s about 10 minutes of solid awesome info here. Very important extra feature. NEW 

Full Circle – An Interview with Composer Alan Howath – They gave Howath the freedom to create his score and then took it away when the theatrical cut began to take shape adding sound effects and other musical selections that clearly did not meet the vision of the seasoned composer. About 7 mins long. NEW 

Jamie’s Story – Interview with the Original “Jamie” Actress Danielle Harris – Harris goes through the casting, negotiations and subsequent snub that prevented her return as Jamie. This is a touching story, of course I am an ardent DH supporter… we share the same last name after all. NEW

Cast and Crew Tribute to Donald Pleasence – some kind words from all the actors on Halloween 6 though not quite what I expected as a tribute. Still touching.  NEW

Teaser Trailer: Halloween 666 The Origin of Michael Myers – This is a priceless teaser trailer that features a different name and unique branding from Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers. I remember when the movie was marketed like this albeit briefly.  

Archival Interviews and Behind the Scenes Footage – You get classic interviews on the set or circa the release of Halloween 6 with Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd, Joe Chappelle and Marianne Hagan. Other assorted scenes included. About 8 mins worth of material 

Behind the Scenes Footage – This is footage shot by Dan Farrands during the first week of production. It’s about 24 minutes of footage, no real narration to speak of and probably for the die hards.  

Alternate and Deleted Scenes (not present in either cut of the film) – Some fun (and bloody) alternates. Not much there, but it’s fun. 

Electronic Press Kit – This is a trailer with some brief interviews spliced in.  

The commentary track features Daniel Farrands and Alan Howath. They discuss the necessity of the Producers’ Cut, homages to the original in the movie, how the music is being used and was changed and the evolution of the Thorn Story. It’s no John Carpenter commentary, but for a movie that is this “mysterious” it’s nice to have the screenwriter piece the thing together for you. I’m a Howath fan, so I hang on his every word. Looking forward to meeting him at Chiller Theater in NJ October 24th (my birthday).  

Halloween Bonus Disc (Exclusive to the Deluxe Edition)

Extended Edition with TV Scenes (Note the TV scenes are in Standard Definition)

This is basically the original movie which has been recut to include the additional scenes shot for the TV broadcast of Halloween. The are inserted into the full, unedited for television version which puts the picture’s run time at about an hour and forty one minutes. This means you get the benefit of some back story, more Donald Pleasence/Dr. Loomis time and even a view of young Michael Myers. Personally this was actually a strange thing to watch. On one hand I was watching scenes that made the movie for me when I was a kid. Scenes I consider to be important and have always been a part of the movie (I first watched this on TV). On the other hand this cut includes all the boobs and kills… it almost feels like it shouldn’t because of how I remember this movie and the additional scenes that were not included in the theatrical or DVD/Blu-ray releases in context.  That’s a personal problem. The SD to HD transitions are fine. You will barely notice if you notice at all that they aren’t HD (so put away your magnifying glasses film dorks).  

Halloween Unmasked 2000 – This is a 27 minutes featurette that details, generally, the production and origin of John Carpenter’s Halloween. You get interviews and discussion with Irwin Yablans, Moustapha Akkad, Debra Hill, John Carpenter, Dean Cundy and Tommy Lee Wallace. This is not wide screen. They walk through shooting locations and Wallace discusses how they picked certain locations. Brian Andrews, Tommy Doyle, briefly talks about the house used in the film. PJ Soles shows up. John Carpenter talks about Donald Pleasence. Jamie Lee Curtis is interviewed. The discussion of the Nick Castle/Myers walk and how he asks for his motivation is quite funny. They talk about the mask selection and how the famous William Shatner mask almost wasn’t chosen as well as the origin of the music (starting out on bongo drums). You’ve probably heard most of this a thousand times by now. This is an older documentary that will be great for the newbies but may not have any bite for the lifers. 

Making of Halloween 4 – The Final Cut – This is a 17 minute making of feature that focuses on how Dwight Little got involved after his work on Blood Stone. Did you know they didn’t use pumpkins in Halloween 4? They were not in season. They painted squash. Danielle Harris was on Spencer for Hire? Mind blown! And she went up against Melissa Joan Hart for the role of Jamie?  Wow! Ellie Cornell (Rachel) is interviewed. The filmmakers also go over the movie’s final roof scene and how that was constructed as well as other difficult shots. Alan Howath is interviewed.  

Back to Basics – The Making of Halloween 4 – NEW – about 30 mins for part 1. 

You get more from Dwight Little, Malek Akkad and older footage of Moustapha Akkad from 1998. This movie was filmed in Salt Lake City (along with Halloween 5 and 6). The town was important. The atmosphere (and of course the need to avoid the mountains). Raymond O’Connor (the security guard in the opening sequence) is interviewed. There’s a new Danielle Harris interview. This feature also includes Kathleen Kinmont who stills looks great, Erik Preston, who played young Michael Myers, Beau Starr who played the police chief and Shasha Jenson who plays Brady who had a hard time with the police chief’s daughter. The fiascos surrounding the makeup department, the mask creation and a couple folks playing Myers are all worth noting.  

Part 2 (why are there two parts?) 

This feature focuses on some of the stunts including the shotgun stunt, Brady’s death and is more of a discussion of effects and makeup decisions. Interesting to note: Moustapha Akkad hated blood which is probably why this feature is a bit light on it. Alan Howath is interviewed. The movie itself seemed to be a love it or hate it release but did very well and instantly Halloween 5 was greenlit.  Dwight Little backed away from 5. NEW 

***Please note that Ian’s Pumpkins are in the background of the interviews and are tremendous works of art. Support him if you can HERE:***

Inside Halloween 5 – This is a 15 minutes making of and, as Moustapha Akkad puts it, they were “Drunk on Success” from Halloween 4. Ellie Cornell wasn’t really interested and the new director, Dominique Othenin-Gerard had a very interesting vision for the movie. Cinematographer Rob Draper hadn’t seen a previous Halloween prior to starting part 5. Instead of George Wilbur this time around we get Don Shanks who is a pretty big dude. He recounts almost getting set on fire as well as breaking his nose when Pleasence is attacking him. This movie brought up a bunch of strange questions and new plot directions that didn’t always make sense (that’s where Curse will come in and explain them or at least try to explain them). The end provides a “Where are they now” feature and notes that Akkad is working on “Halloween 8”. HA!

The Making of Halloween 5 – a new 44 minute documentary in two parts (why two parts) that goes more in depth than the older 15 minute documentary.  It features such tidbits as Nicotero creating the new mask that had to be modified to fit Don Shanks face. Rachel is back (Ellie Cornell), Danielle Harris and Wendy Kaplan as well as Jonathan Chapin (Mikey), Frankie Como, Billy Hill, Don Shanks, Alan Howath and Beau Starr. Besides the butting of heads that seemed to yield some questionable plot twists in an attempt to give Halloween 5 some guidance, there’s a eye opening and enlightening discussion of how the police are used as comic relief in both acting (walking like penguins) and in musical accompaniment (strange slap stick sound effects). There is also a discussion of the Man in Black, how he came to be and what he was supposed to be doing (and no one really knew during the making of Halloween 5). In part 2 of the featurette the focus shifts to special effects, discussing kills and makeup with each of the actors. The whole thing turned into a mess with too many people trying to steer the ship, but Malek Akkad sticks by it as one of the most unique entries in the series. One thing I love about this production is that everyone seems so honored to be part of it, and Don Shanks has the best anecdotes (including his discussion of the “missing” SWAT massacre.  NEW

***Again note Ian’s Pumpkins in the background. Take a look HERE:*** 

Interview With Moustapha Akkad – This is very brief at only 2 minutes in which he discusses the success and budget of Halloween 

Interview with Makeup/Effects Artist Tom Burman on Halloween III: Season of the Witch – A fascinating account of the effects behind Halloween III in which Burman gives his own thoughts about how Halloween III should have ended with Cochran turning into a giant, pumpkin-headed monster! Sure he talks about masks and stuff, but his view of the direction of the film might offend some purists. I love this guy! 

Horror Hallowed Grounds – You get one for Halloween 4, 5, Halloween 6, Halloween (the original pilot for the program in 4:3 aspect ratio) and the Bus Tour which features a little bit of something for everybody from different movies. Each one of these features (just over 20 minutes each) features nearly all the shooting locations for each picture with a tidbits of humor interjected and back story to fill in your visit with the shooting location. I love Sean Clark’s work. I probably need to be a Horror’s Hallowed Grounds t-shirt one of these days. The Tour Bus focuses on older and newer locations including some locations from Rob Zombie’s Halloween. They are broken out into individual parts/episodes. NEW 
TV Spots: Halloween 4, 5, Halloween 2007, Halloween II 2009 – these appear unrestored, in sequence, back to back. 

Radio Spot for Halloween III – I love this particular feature because I love Halloween III, but I want you to pay attention to the hold/background screen which features Friday the 13th font that displays quotes. Priceless. 

Halloween Still Gallery – included some posters I haven’t seen especially the international ones. Also features a pic of the Atari game and manual for the Atari game.  

Halloween 4 Still Gallery – contains some posters I hadn’t seen and screening advertisements in additional to some more popular images 

Halloween 5 Still Gallery - most of these I’m familiar with, but there are some provocative images of the ladies in costumes. There’s also a still of the blown up police station that was pretty cool.

THE DOCTOR AND THE DEVILS Coming To Blu-ray November 14th from Scream Factory

I love Freddie Francis. Who is that you might ask? He directed a little movie called Dr. Terror's House of Horrors. Obviously I am a fan of said movie, but he also worked on other Amicus projects including Tales from the Crypt (coming from Scream Factory along with its counterpart The Vault of Horror soon). We have full details on the upcoming release of The Doctor and The Devils a movie also directed by Freddie Francis. 

I have not seen this movie, but I am extremely excited to check it out. Timothy Dalton. Twiggy? Patrick Stewart!

November 14th you'll have the chance to check out a classic piece of horror by a director who worked on Hammer monsters and portmanteaus from one of the best horror houses in cinema history. 

Full release details below:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PROM NIGHT (Synapse Blu-ray) - Bring it Home Before Midnight!

When the First Friday Fright Night crew said they were going to screen Prom Night, I was elated especially since they were going to be taking vintage prom pictures in the lobby. What a fantastic way to celebrate slasher gold, a Scream Queen of class and merit like Jamie Lee and a production that is almost as fun to dance to as is it to watch. Sadly, I was unable to attend the screening, and as I stared at my social media account in shame, I watched as a pile of happy couples dressed to the nines, taking pictures in front of an trellis and having one Hell of a time cutting a rug (or maybe just watching some 35mm goodness). I knew that Synapse had started their restoration for a new Blu-ray, and so I waited, like many of you, for a proper HD release with all the trimming (save for a corsage).

To further endear myself to picture let me provide this little tidbit. It’s no secret that I try to hit the gym every day, and when I do I like to work out to horror music mixes from Death Waltz to Evil Nine and on to Rendezvous  LA. One of my favorite mixes is from Haunt Love, the screen print genius that does work for many of the Exhumed Films 35mm screenings as well as other events. He put out a mix called My Bloody Mixtape which features tracks from previous Exhumed screenings include some trailer audio and movie sound bytes. Prom Night is featured prominently in this loop with a trailer and the busty disco theme that is perfect for your cardio mania. I only say that because that’s what it’s like watching Prom Night. Good upbeat fun with plenty to look at to get your heart racing.

Nine Common Complaints by Horror Fans - A List That Should Piss Somebody Off

Some of the time the horror community gets it right. We support each other’s projects either financially or by sharing and encouraging each other. We go out to the theater or purchase our physical media to make sure the pirates don’t take away our movies. We rally around new releases of old favorites and get excited about new releases of new projects to fever pitch frenzy. We embrace originality. We embrace something new. We embrace the familiar. We love our history. We embrace the horror.

And then there are times where we don’t exactly get it right. Sometimes we just like to complain, troll or whine our way into a dismal pit of emptiness and loneliness alienating the community, Knocking down every new thing that comes our way. Sometimes we just attack; claws out and ready to shred.

I write a lot about when the horror community should get it right or does it get right. I usually try to avoid talking about the times where the horror community gets it wrong. Let’s focus on that for just a little bit today.

 Nine Common Complaints by Horror Fans

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings Coming to Blu-ray October 28th from SCREAM FACTORY

Yes, Tomorrow Pumpkinhead hits Blu-ray from Scream Factory, and it is a friggin great disc full of extras, new art work and one of the best trasnfers we've seen on a Scream Factory disc. It's more emotive than you remember especially if you have kids. Lance Henriksen kills it! Well just before Halloween you'll have the chance to get in on the second one! October 28th Scream Factory release Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings! I haven't seen this in years, but it has a great cast (Linnea Quigley, Kane Hodder and Amy Dolenz to name a couple).
As more info comes to late we will be sure to share it with you, but for now, get your pre-orders ready!
Full release from Scream Factory:

Class of Nuke Em High and Night Train to Terror Come to Vinyl!

Two fucking awesome titles are now available at One Way Static and LITA! The Class of Nuke Em High vinyl with Atomic High variant and the Night Train to Terror vinyl (courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome) with a blue marble (randomly inserted) variant. These covers are pretty. The records will be fun as Hell (because you can preview them on Soundcloud and I did and they fuckin' rule).
Support some good companies  who are helping fans enjoy physical media better.
From One Way Static/LITA: &

SHARKNADO 2 Coming to Blu-ray/DVD and Digital HD October 7th!

The sequel to the event of the new millenium aka Sharknado 2 is about to attack your home! It's not secret that I prefered Sharktopus to Sharknado. It hurt that everyone got on the Sharknado bandwagon and not the elegant Sharktopus, but there is good news! I totally dug Sharknado 2. It must be because I wasn't butt-hurt this time about the success of the firstone trumping my personal favorite neo-SyFy mosnter movie. Regardless you have a great opportunity to get your friends together during the holiday season (that would be the Halloween holiday season) to enjoy a computer effect driven, entertaining piece of monster mash.
Full release notes from SyFy.
Exclusive Extended Version Of Syfy’s Smash Hit Creature/Disaster Mashup
Is Out For Blood On Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD October 7
Including Exclusive Special Features