Jedi: Survivor preorder and deluxe edition bonuses are going missing

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Choppy performance isn't the only issue players have been encountering in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Some players who forked out for the deluxe upgrade DLC, or who preordered it, have found that following a recent patch their bonus items have vanished.

"I pre-ordered the deluxe edition of Jedi Survivor and for the first few days, I had all the extra content", u/Tae17Yong wrote on Reddit. "Got on yesterday and all the DLC content has disappeared. I bought the game on EA so I tried repairing the game and that didn't work. I've restarted my PC, turned it on and off again, and deleted the game, and re-downloaded it. Still, all the content is missing."

Subsequently the missing items reappeared, only to vanish again as mysteriously as midi-chlorians vanished from the Star Wars movies. Players have reported the same issue in the DLC's Steam user reviews

A community manager at EA has said they are "aware of the reports and are investigating the issue." As a potential solution, they suggest "it is recommended to try to repair the game files to see if that restores access to the bonus items for you, or make sure that the DLCs are installed correctly".

The preorder bonuses are a "Hermit" cosmetic and lightsaber set that let you dress Cal Kestis up like Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi: Survivor takes place at the same time as the Obi-Wan TV series), and a combustion blaster set. The deluxe upgrade contains two cosmetic packs, one inspired by Han Solo and the other Luke Skywalker.

Previous patches have resulted in some performance improvements, though it seems like there are still plenty of bugs to be dealt with as well. Other problems players have been reporting include a particular enemy who can kill you in such a way your XP goes flying and can't be recovered, and a boss who, if you kill them at the same time they kill you, will be impossible to defeat on subsequent attempts

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