Monday, March 19, 2012

You've Got Yellow On You: The Giallo Challenge Lives!!!

We had hit a road block recently in the Giallo Challenge. I was having difficulty getting movies from Netflix so I turned to the internet to being purchasing movies. When I couldn’t even find some for sale I quickly turned to my FaceBook buddies who gave me some great advice about where to look. The challenge lives on for now. Sorry if I frightened anyone into thinking that we might end this endeavor early. You don’t write a horror related blog without being just a little dramatic.

This week had a few great films although I’d say lesser known in the grand scheme of things. One of my favorite moments in the challenge thus far was a brief discussion with the writer of Tomb It May Concern writer David Z. David is an Italian movie aficionado. His brain is filled to the brim with jungle bush and leather gloves. Make sure to go check out his blog HERE. There are so many great photo spreads, movie reviews and recollections of the Italian persuasion. Truly a master of writing and one of my favorite things to read on the toilet (kidding? Not sure… make sure to knock).  Also make sure you stop by and pick up David’s book HERE. It's called Tough to Kill Vol. 1.  This is a bible for fan boys and girls of Italian action cinema.  

The  issue in question was whether the giallo genre was closer to Skinamax aka softcore pornography than horror. My argument was that the plot seemed ancillary to gratuitous boob shots and that the violence level weren’t up to par for a horror flick. He responded that there are genres in Italian cinema that are much closer to softcore. Gialli are thrillers. Even American films have the boob and sex show in their thrillers/detective stories. More true words have not been spoken and we thank each and every boob that grazed the silver screen. I think that my conception of giallo pre challenge was skewed by some of the more popular works/directors. People like Argento, Fulci and Martino did use a fair amount of violence to tell their tale; Same level of nudity, but more gore. I have adjusted my conception of the genre accordingly and will enjoy the skin and the groovy prog rock. 

Now for this week’s watch list: 

Murder Rock: I haven’t enjoyed 80’s work out outfits this much since Friday the 13th part IV. The music is perfectly strange with 80’s sensibilities. My gripe: the kills are kinda boring. Every once in awhile I wonder what Lucio Fulci is doing when he directs a movie like this, but then I remember that movie making was about the bottom line for him. It’s all about the Benjamins which is just fine as long as you’re making an entertaining film. 

Death Walks at Midnight: It’s nice to see some gore and quality kills in a giallo picture. I’ve noticed more often than not that this style of film is quite different than the sum of the popular director’s who have given it a name in to us horror dorks. Good music. Not entirely boring. 

Amuck: I love the way movies in the 70’s and 80’s tried to tackle the subject of ESP. It’s one of the topics featured in Phenomenon with great success. This movie doesn’t exactly thrill me, but it isn’t the worst the challenge has seen. Stick around for the lesbian shots and ample boobage. You won’t be disappointed.  

Delirium- Photo of Gioia: My pick of the week and maybe the best giallo I’ve seen this month. Where to begin… let’s start with the best credit sequence featuring pictures of a most attractive nudie then take that credit sequence and fill the flick with almost and hour and half of the same. For the 80’s skin mag fan in all of this, this Lamberto Bava classic does the trick. The POV kills sequences are well executed with changes of color to let you know just how fucking mad this person is. Add in topless women with insect heads getting swarmed by bees and you have some of the best kills in the entire challenge. Keep your eyes out for the mummy photo shoot with the voluptuous topless girl. It’s worth watching the entire movie just for that image. Didn’t Girls and Corpses do something like that recently?

The next time we get together it will be very much like Mr. Rodgers. You'll have things you'll want to talk about. I ... Will... Too.

-Dr. Terror

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