Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 12 of the 30 Day Horror Challenge: Demons – They’re Not Just for Possessing Little Girls Anymore

Day 12 - Your favorite horror film involving the occult –

“What the hell happened to Rosemary?”


When I was finally able to read (and I assure you dear readers that that occurred at least ten years ago if not sooner) I began to discover movies in a little periodical called Fangoria. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Maybe you’ve actually read it. Most likely you’ve read it more in the last few years than I have, but we’re changing that one subscription at a time. When I went to Walden Books in the Hackettstown Mall (when there was a Walden Books and when there was a Hackettstown Mall) I was very much inclined to let me parents do their shopping at K-Mart while I would scrounge through the comic books, collectors guides and movie magazines. Most likely during this time I could be seen scouring the floor for loose, Penthouse subscription mailers to add to a grow collection of “almost porn” items…. Whoops… I’m afraid I have revealed too much. Back to Fangoria…

Demons 2 was featured in a particular issue that I was actually allowed to purchase (I haven’t as of yet firmed up which issue, but will do so I’m certain in a future Fango Fright Night entry… bwahahaha). I was fascinated by the man ripping off his “blue” face. I didn’t understand at all what plot device might reveal such a glorious still, but I knew I had to find it and fast. A trip to Long Valley Video, and we have our answer… a not so great sequel. We’re missing an important step though. Where was the classic Lamberto Bava/Dario Argento concoction that started it all? Not at my video store. The sequel was definitely there because I watched and was dreadfully confused by it. It made me very hesitant to see the first movie and one might speculate that I might not have gotten into Italian horror if my interest in this genre had been based on this sequel alone. I want to iterate here that I do not have a problem with Demons 2. I simply have a problem with not understanding it based on not having seen the original Demons.

Years will go by. I will not find Demons on a movie shelf until Video Plus (also in beautiful Hackettstown, NJ) somewhere around the eighth grade. I will watch Demons. I will love Demons. I will love its soundtrack and 80’s styling as much as I will like the rip ‘em up special effects and the stereotyped actors from every clique/walk of life. It’s almost like watching the breakfast club in Italy while somebody protractedly lifts up a nun’s habit and pinches her arse. I love every second of it. I will bring myself back to a time when I first watched its sequel and didn’t understand what exactly I was watching only to understand completely (still not having watched it since then I may want to do so sooner rather than later). What I’m trying to say is that it’s a great flick.

It’s my favorite horror film involving the occult probably because there are Demons being summoned via movie theatre/film viewing. Honorable mention for this day of horror would be Ninth Gate (which was so close to taking this entry that I almost want to include a YouTube clip to give it the proper respect). Hellraiser might even work. I might even really want to put Friday the 13th the Series in this slot if the series could be remotely entertained as a movie. I can’t wait to start reviewing that frickin’ show by the season somewhere later in this everlasting blogstopper.

Enjoy the soundtrack if you can find a complete version or if you can find yourself a phonograph. Until then take a gander at this bemusing selection from the bowels of the internet.

Play this one backward if you want to get a claw mark facial.

-Dr. Terror

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