Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 14 of the 30 Day Horror Challenge: City of the Living Dead or What If Someone Had Given that Damn Priest Prozac

Day 14 - Your favorite zombie film –

“From the bowels of the earth they came to collect the living… “

If you asked me what my favorite zombie film was about a month ago I probably would have said Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. I would have been telling you the absolutely truth. I might have been thinking that The Beyond was my favorite zombie picture, and I’d probably be trying to figure out if I thought it was a true “zombie” picture. (It is.) City of the Living Dead aka The Gates of Hell aka Paura nella città dei morti viventi is also a zombie picture in that regard. I mean… it’s not Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Living Dead… it’s not on that scale, ya know? It’s clearly an undead picture. Before I go any further let me be perfectly honest that I will change my favorite zombie movie with the season and really a Top Five listing ala Hi-Fidelity is more in order for this kind of genre selection. It’s probably important for every question of the 30 Day Horror Challenge. I’ll be content with my selection for favorite zombie film for now… let me tell you why.

I’m a fan of watching people throw up their own bowels. I think it’s funny. In this particular picture it’s exceptionally well done. It’s a great gross out and I love just how “moist” the intestines look coming out of that lady’s mouth. It’s probably important to ask yourself if you need Binaca to kiss someone who’s just thrown up their guts… I’d say that if you’re kissing someone who’s just thrown up it’s their responsibility to do the spraying, but quite honestly, when the person you’re about to kiss is dead or possessed, you’ve got to be the one who takes initiative.

This entry by Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy along with the Beyond and House by the Cemetery have been considered somewhat difficult to interpret. I’ll tell you that from the first time I watched 7 Doors to Death I had a bitch of a time getting around the plot devices in these damn Fulci pictures. The movie teetered like a friggin’ top. Loved it. Teetered though. City of the Living Dead doesn’t quite do that. You can follow it at least up until twenty minutes before the end when all the dead start running around seemingly without reason. When the gates to Hell open up, you’ll have no idea what the Hell is going on. I guess that’s part of Hell’s charm right? The art of perfectly resounding confusion.

I’ve heard that initially this picture had a happy ending. The little child runs to the adults who have just survived damnation and is smiling. There’s no screaming. Changing it was courageous. Made the picture for me. Glad to see that the Hollywood ending didn’t make the cut especially since there’s more Italian names stuck to this picture than the Godfather (one or two mind you).

So I like this zombie picture enough this month to call it my favorite and when I change that you’re note allowed to make fun of me (to my face). When you read a future blog that indentifies another zombie film as my fave... Well, that’s ok. I’m not cheating on Fulci.

Top 5 Favorite Zombie Pictures:

Dawn of the Dead
City of the Living Dead
The Beyond
Return of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead

… but what about Zombi? What about Day of the Dead (Romero’s!)? What about Return of the Living Dead pt 3 (and Mindy Clark’s boobies). The remake of Dawn of the Dead… Shaun of the Dead… I love zombies. I love zombie movies. I dream of a zombie apocalypse. I hope you do too.

-Dr. Terror

Note: No zombies were injured in the creation of this blog.

Other Note: Go read Jamie Russell’s Book of the Dead. Skip the political subtext and go straight for the super high quality, glossy photos (but the word are good too… tee hee hee).

Note to Notes: Fabio Frizzi does the soundtrack so you know you’re going to piss your pants (and not on command like when David Hess tells you to do it neither).

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